Fish Bowl

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Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Fish Bowl


A vibrant fish I might be

in clear-domed security.

Three square meals arrive each day.

Not to starve, there's no dismay.

The water here is pristine;

company, though, is quite lean. 


A cat peers through window now.

How I fear when his head bows.

Green ghost eyes begin to gleam.

White whiskers twitch, gaining steam.

"I'm his next lunch," I had fraught.

And that is what kitty thought.


But his plan at once was botched

For from his post dog kept watch.

Quickly he sprang from feigned sleep

To chase the cat who did leap.

Around and 'round they did go.

I watched safely from my bowl.


How often I, like this fish,

Fret from my cubicle dish.

Dodging competitive cats,

I toil from seat now in tats.

From commanding desk and chair

Boss-dog ensures our work's fair. 

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