Staying In Touch

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A brief phone conversation between Mom and Daughter that ends a little different.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Hi Mom, boy it is nice hearing from you.


Yes, it has been awhile.

Well yes, thanks, you always remember birthdays. I think you sent cards the last few times.

Oh I'm fine, I guess. I'm just feeling a little un-loved because no one else seemed to remember that today is my birthday.

I know Mom, maybe I am just feeling forgotten and maybe you are right. Maybe they just haven't called yet.

Although my Hubby did have flowers delivered and they are beautiful, but I have a sneaky suspicion that he just uses that birthday APP they have now.


Yes, I guess that he could have stopped at the florist, or called in the order himself. But I would bet that he has no idea that he sent me flowers today.

The kids? --- Oh they are doing great.

Karin just remarried, I think she picked a good one this time. He's an engineer, I think, or a design engineer, maybe it's just designer; anyway, he's employed and has his own home.

Tyler? --- He left the Air Force and took a job with Boeing; yes, the airplane maker.


No, he doesn't work in a factory, Mom, he flies some kind of Drone that they build. It's all very hush, hush.

Yes, isn't that exciting, our little Tyler is a pilot now!

God, they grow up so fast.

Anyway, Tyler and Ann have the three children now, two girls, April and Amber, and their latest is Tyler Junior.


{The woman speaking on the phone hears a horn honking and glances out her front room window; she suddenly becomes very excited.}


Good grief, Mom, speaking of the kids! --- All of them are in front of the house, and my Husband are standing in the driveway next to a brand new car, the car has a Red Bow on top.

Well you were right Mom; I guess they didn't forget my birthday after all.

Yes, I love you too, thanks for calling and cheering me up; Goodbye.


As this Mom rushes outside she ends the call and disconnects from "Staying in Touch", a App.

This woman's Mother died three years ago.



D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  05-23-2017

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