Jonathon Jaacko Jabari Jabez Jabulani (Or Jimmy for Short)

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This is just a character summary for my character named Jimmy. He is a bit of a Gary Stu. This was for a drama project.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Jonathon Jaakko Jabari Jabez Jabulini (who likes to go by Jimmy)  is a Canadian explorer who took after his parents, who had the same occupation. As a baby, Jimmy was taken everywhere by his parents, and as he grew up, his parents trained him to SCUBA dive, mountain climb, kayak, and probably everything he needed to know for his future. By the time he was 12, Jimmy was taken into the Amazon Jungle with his family to explore. Let’s just say there were a few complications, and eventually Jimmy got lost, and had to survive in the jungle for three years. It was difficult, but because of his training with his parents, he pulled through. He stumbled upon a major drug corporation, who thought it would be a good idea to have a “trade deal” in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. Jimmy was welcomed into the corporation by being captured and tortured, beaten senseless, and essentially held hostage for a year. He finally made a miraculous escape, which was thought to be impossible, just to find out that he was in the middle of the mountains. He then survived in the mountains with major difficulties for three years. He eventually stumbled across civilization, and was escorted back to Canada. That was when he was 19 years old. He decided to write a book about his adventures, just because he was bored, and it became an international best-seller. Because of his harsh life, he completely forgot his name, except that his parents called him Jimmy. He wrote under the pen name Jonathon Jaakko Jabari Jabez Jabulani just for fun, and the name kind of stuck. It was then legally changed. He would have asked his parents what his name was, because he never saw his parents ever again. Jimmy didn’t know what to do, so he decided to get a job. One that involved exploring. He decided to become a photographer for National Geographic. He eventually got relatively famous, and disliked the attention. To “get away”, Jimmy decided to go on a mountain climbing adventure with his friend, Michael Williams, and 5 other people. There were seven people in total. Jimmy saw a group of climbers climbing near them, who were a bit suspicious. As it turned out, they were people from the same drug corporation that wanted to kill Jimmy a while back. They were there to finish the job. They didn’t get Jimmy, but they did get 4 of the 7 members of the expedition, not including Michael. To escape, Jimmy climbed the mountain faster than he should have. He developed severe altitude sickness, which caused him to go temporarily blind. Because of this, he stumbled a bit off of the path (it was a lot off of the path), and fell off of a cliff. He somehow survived, with an insane amount of broken bones, and internal bleeding. Because of the major drop in altitude, Jimmy’s altitude sickness did not kill him. After a very long time in the hospital, he continued living life normally, putting all of that pain behind. He still loves exploring, including mountain climbing, and is still a famous photographer. He is now 31. He is tall, really strong, caucasian, good looking (sorry, I had to make him similar to me somehow), and is 13 generations Canadian. He has no hopes or dreams, because he ran out of things to hope and dream about. He’s content with the life he lived, and is not afraid of death. He’s Roman Catholic, and believes that he doesn’t need to see his parents when he’s alive. If Jimmy was an animal, he would be a mountain lion, because he loves exploring, is majestic, powerful, and all of that while still staying humble. He is also an amazing mountain climber, and an amazing climber in general. To survive, he depended on hunting, just like a mountain lion. The character’s dominating body part are his arms. They’re decently muscular, just like the rest of him, and he uses his arms the most. When Jimmy walks, he walks quickly, and like he’s ready to either attack or be attacked. He’s always ready for everything, and he walks like it too. He does all of that while keeping an element of calmness and grace to his walk, in an attempt to hide/ignore his past. Jimmy would be described as brown, blue, and a little bit red. He is strong and ambitious, yet is shy, likes a peaceful life with close friends, and is a little bit emotional and sentimental, and has a lot of empathy. Jimmy is a high status character, because a lot of people know his name, and look up to him. They are inspired by his resiliency, skills, personality, and probably everything about him. People always love to meet him, and think of it as a privilege to be in his company. Jimmy is phlegmatic and sanguine, because he is carefree, loves adventure, yet is calm, reserved, and is very attached to his close family and friends. One thing that really defines Jimmy is that he’s humble. He manages to be amazing at all of these things, yet still stays humble about it. The things he says about himself are that he’s just normal, but he still likes talking about his adventures, which were “Nothing much, really.” Other people, on the other hand, say that he’s amazing in every way, and is humble, and so cool, and has an amazing life and backstory, while people who dislike him claim that he’s, “Too much of a Gary Stu”, and is, “Too good to be true. Obviously all fake.” This character is different from me, because they are respected by almost everyone, and almost everyone likes him. He’s also humble, which is very unlike me, and does not appreciate fame, which is also very unlike me. He also has an awesome, cliche, extraordinary life, and is a Gary Stu, while I only have an awesome, yet ordinary life. He is also quite strong, with well defined muscles that aren’t too big, yet aren’t too small. That’s similar to me (of course), but not exactly me. Okay, fine. It’s just a little bit like me.

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