Soil My Insanity

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taken from my book, "Must You Find Out?"

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Soil My Insanity


As slow as the hands of time

I milk your brain and you taste fine

I run laps around your head

I'm not getting dizzy yet

But as I make my way into my grave

I realize I'm not getting buried

And stop myself in my tracks

The daunting laughter that floods my ears

In the sharp dance to fuck some girl

My heart is lost in her world

Where magic slaps me silly enough to cry

Happy tears come falling falling down down

It's like no one else is around

So nobody has to see me this way

Until the drops of pain splatter all over the place

I will wash out thee anxiety and unhealthiness

What's measured so poorly can kill me someday

And I'm never gonna be ready to die

So the happiness turns into sadness

And I crack up into my sick sick madness

Who could help me know what's wrong with myself?

I just peck my way into her heart

And grab her by her ass and fall apart

She is the sappy gross freedom that I don't wanna know about

So I will grab her by her heart

And squeeze the love out of her

Death to her mad feverish ways

Of making me want her this way

As soon as I run around all of my brain

I will grow so tired that I'll just collapse

Do what you want

Kill me if you can

I don't want to live anyway

I just want to love the way I'll die someday

And maybe get lost in the sounds of luckiness

As I am drenched in Fritos

Bound to be laid by a bag of corn chips

Just as ever so carefully

As a stained heart in my chest

Empty of all the love she's given me

I can't walk away from thee insanity

I must love her madly

And forever be this way

If it's too late to know what the birds are singing

I'll forever miss the mark

And be marked for death

As the laser pointed at my head targets me

I'll make no attempts to be a miss

Screw the world and fuck this bitch

You couldn't tell me I knew no good

To any of the news that's been spilt across the town

I'll be thee only sharp knife meant to cut you all

And when you die your deathly death

Remember how the cookies tasted

The ones you never ate to begin with


05-23-'17 #2

D. L. Cannon

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