How to Fool the careless

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If they really cared they will take the time to make sure you're ok, not just take you're word for it. They would know you well enough.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



How are you? I'm fine "Make sure your voice do not crack, be sure not to blink too much". Are you sure you're okay? "This may cause you to feel a little pin prick in your heart, but whatever you do, do not cry repeat it to yourself as much as needed but only in your head, only to yourself". Tell your friends that you will see them later. "Finish your beautifully dressed lie off with a smile but not too big. If you smile too big they will become suspicious that you're hiding something. Walk away calmly, even when you feel the impulse to run walk, they are always watching". Do not stop smiling until you make it home , if you look it you can be it right, then maybe you can feel it right? Now that you and despair are finally home you can drop the act now he calls out to depression who comes to wrap around your shoulders draping over you like your favorite blanket. Loneliness guides you to the darkest room in the house where you lay down and can't help but weep. "Only cry when you're at home, out of view from judging eyes, do not show the world how weak you can be". You reflect your day you try to make yourself feel better, feel okay, feel normal, you go over everything that is good and for a moment it works depression lifts up like a veil, despair moves over a couple inches but he never goes too far away,loneliness doesn't move a muscle. She is the key to it all.

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