Bedtime Story

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This story I want to read to my future grandchildren.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



A bedtime story

Once upon a time, it was a little girl. Her name was Annabelle. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, she was very cute, but very shy. She always stayed by herself in her room, or closet. She lived in the small town near the ocean with her parents and grandparents. When she was around one year old, her parents received a job in the different town, and they had to move. Annabelle’s mother was a teacher and she got a job in the private school in town 4 hours away. And her father was a doctor. So they moved, and Annabelle stayed with her grandparents. They loved her so much, she was like a daughter to them. They treated her like a flower and allowed her to do much more than her mother will. When Annabelle was 7 years old, it was time to go to school. By that time, her parents came back, and Annabelle went to school, where her mother worked. Annabelle’s mother was a very strict woman, especially when she was working. She was screaming a lot. But Annabelle was a very smart and intelligent girl, and everybody at school said so, because her mother didn’t believe her and always pushed her to be better. Annabelle had a lot of friends at school but her best friend was a girl, whose name was Danielle. From the moment they met, they became inseparable. They were always together, in good time and in bad times. When something was going on, they fought together like warriors for something they believed.  Even when they got married, their children were best friends. They treated each other like sisters, because both of them were the only children in their families. Annabelle, just like Danielle, always had a dream that she will have a sister to play with, or protect her from the bad things in the world.

Now both of them have that dream come true. Annabelle became a doctor because she wanted to help everyone, and she was a very gentle person but very kind one. When her grandmother became sick, she became sick too, because her grandmother taught her everything and without her Annabelle couldn’t live. After that she became determined to find the cure for the diseases, so more people can be healthy again. Danielle was a nurse, and she worked together with Annabelle in the same hospital. In the end, Annabelle and Danielle liked helping each other. They were together for many years. They inspired their children to become the doctors as well. And they lived happily ever after in peace and harmony.


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