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Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



Alice walked down the hill out of the forest, dry leaves scratching her bare feet. The sky was brown from the smoke of the distant fire. She brushed leaves and thorny twigs off her white skirt and out of her hair, stepping now onto the asphalt of a country road. The first house she came to was dark. She stood and observed it for a long time. A crow called from the top of a dead tree. Then she walked around to the back. She unhooked a low gate and crossed the lawn to a back door. She stood, staring through her dark reflection into the living room. Hearing nothing, she tried the door. It opened very easy. She entered a dark living room, went upstairs, and listened before taking each step.  She went to a large bedroom, and she found women’s clothes in a walk-in closet. By the time she was downstairs, it was late evening. She had on a complete change of comfortable clothes. She had gone from a cold and businesslike white to a warmer, more welcoming appearance in blue tones. She carried a purse and wore the shoes. It was dark when she continued down the road, the rising moon was almost red from smoke in the sky.

Soon she sat alone in a roadside diner, drinking tea and eating ice cream. The people came and went, some of the truckers looked at her from the counter. Eventually the wait-staff came to refill her cup. “Now you are going to pay for it, aren’t you David?” she said. A waitress with weathered face heard Alice speaking and walked toward her with a teacup.” David, do not make me angry. Do not make me angry, David!” Alice continued. When the waitress saw the girl was talking to an empty seat, she stood and stared. “Do not just stand there, honey,” Alice said. The waitress snapped out of it and pour the liquid into Alice’ cup. “Are you expecting someone?” waitress asked. Alice looked at her until she poured the second cup. The waitress went back to the register and whispered to a coworker wearing navy blue skirt and cat- eye glasses.

Meanwhile, Alice drank her tea and whispered across the booth at other seat,” David, not one of them made it! Not one of them! They are not going anywhere! All the money is gone”.  A policeman came into the diner. “How is going, Jane?” he asked the first waitress. The policeman had a round, smiling face, he glared over at Alice. After small- talk with the waitress, he walked toward the booth where Alice was sitting. She got up and walked back in the direction of the restroom. “Miss! Excuse me, Miss!” the policeman said but she did not turn around, pushing open the door into the ladies room at the other end of the diner. Instead of going after her, the cop waited by her seat, staring at the purse on the table but not touching it.

When the policeman sat down in the booth, more time passed. He stuck his fat finger in the melted vanilla ice cream on her plate and licked it.” I figured if I did that she had to come for sure!” he said. He chuckled, “Hell, I should eat the rest of her dinner”. “Maria went back there to check on her”, Jane said. The policeman picked up the fork and took a bite. And another. “I am eating your dinner, lady!” he shouted “if you do not come out of there soon there will not any left!”

Alice came out of the bathroom and walked past Jane and the policeman, not looking at either of them. She walked right out of the diner. “Hey!” the cop shouted. He struggled to get up out of the booth. “She did not pay!” screamed Jane. “She did not pay for anything!” The policeman rushed out the door. Jane went to the window and saw Alice wearing a navy blue uniform. She even made out cat-eye glasses. “Maria!” Jane yelled as her teapot dropped to the floor and broke down. She ran back to the ladies room, opened the door and screamed when she found Maria’s body.

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