a wish chapter 2

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continuous..... a wish chapter 2

all the students stays awake in the night time in the village in order to note down the mischievous behaviours in the night time, but there were no such things happens.

 at morning all of them decided to go into the forest. suddenly an old lady came from nowhere and told, that don’t enter into the forest, if you enter into the forest definitely some of them will die. as soon as she told like this arumugam said that he will stay here itself. after finishing the breakfast in the village all of them decided to enter into the village except arumugam. all of them started entering into the forest, after a few distances they noticed that they were keep on wandering in the same area. vijay asked everyone to go in different directions, he also told to make some specified hint marks in your ways in order to return in the same direction to reach the meeting spot. all of them went in different directions.

after a few minutes later manoj and ganesh join together. suddenly they here a voice of madhavan say (please some one help me). both ran in the direction where the sound came from ....they ran ran ran suddenly manoj came in front of ganesh; he was totally shocked to see manoj. ganesh thought that it was a ghost, but then only he realise that the past manoj is only a ghost.....ganesh was totally scared.

he then told manoj what was happened. manoj was not able to believe what ganesh told. they both started to walk again.... after a few hours all of them reach the meeting spot. ganesh told what happened in the forest. after hearing that karthick and pradeep told they saw a house inside the forest with the lights are turned on. then vijay told don’t be scarred, and he also told, don’t tell this to arumugam he will be get scared. all of them returned to the village as soon as they returned manoj tell the incidents to arumugam. he totally gets scared.


 at night 8 pm karthick and  pradeep goes for walking in the village, suddenly a girl came running and hit both of them, they all fall down. karthick saw the girl she is very beautiful. he started to feel some changes in his heart. (love started). pradeep asked the girl why you are running. she told that she heard some screaming sound near his house. both of them went to the girl house to see what has happened.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



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