Unbreakable Premonition

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Unfortunate Event

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



I get me a new mop and pail of water then begin making my way over to his class room.  Most of the students have went home by this time so the hallways are pretty bare.  When I get to his classroom it hasn't started yet and there are only a couple people inside.  As I push my pail inside I accidently kick over a goblet of dragon's blood someone decided to leave on the floor getting some of it on my pants and shoes.  I scoff looking around seeing the few people in here just ignoring me and talking to each other.  I say to myself,

"Who was the dumb ass that left this here?"

After I am done cleaning up that mess I push my pail and mop out of the way till everything is done.  His classroom is one of those huge stadium seated lecture halls.  I decide to sit all the way at the top away from everyone and just wait for it to end.  Most of these bonding rituals can take hours depending on the size of the class. 

Eventually everyone starts arriving and taking their seats.  He begins to explain the steps on how to conduct the ritual and the order the students will be going in.  I have seen quite a few of these over the years.  They used to be pretty interesting to me but now its just a good time for me to sleep. 

The main tool in this ritual is 'Dragon's Blood'.  They say that all magic originated from the dragons.  These dragons then passed their magic down to the kings and queens of the past.  This magic was then passed down throughout the years through the bloodlines.

Now how this ritual works is, they draw a large summoning circle on the ground with the dragon's blood and other ingredients.  The would be guardians paint their body with magic runes using the same dragon's blood.  The last part is the Noble would step into the summoning circle and says some incantation.  Then they would take a drink of the dragon's blood.  Doing this is supposed to summon the spirit of the dragon which just looks like a burst of golden light radiating outward from the noble.

The spirit of the dragon then searches through all of the marked guardians for a suitable match for the Noble.  My favorite part is when 2 people get bonded that hate each other.  When the two get bonded they say it links their souls together.

The guardian once bonded with the noble, their strength, speed, and senses all increase by a lot, pretty much making them super soldiers.  This is usually why I try to avoid confrontations with bonded guardians.  The guardian is also empathically linked with their noble.  This allows them to sense whether they are in trouble or in some type of emotional distress.  The last thing is for the Noble.  They gain the ability to instantly summon their guardian to their side if they are in danger.

About an hour goes by and I am dozing in and out of sleep till I hear them call Ariya's name.  I sit up in my chair, I just have to see which of these unlucky fools gets bonded with her.  As much as I hate her she is still decently popular amongst the students here.  It probably has to do with who her brother is.

She starts the ritual and it seems like she has done it perfectly.  As soon as she drinks the blood the burst of energy goes off shooting through the whole class.  About 2 minutes go by an nothing happens.  This causes her classmates begin to chuckle as she looks around embarrassed.  She looks to the teacher hoping he knows what happened and he just shrugs to her.  Then one of her classmates says,

"Maybe you are just destined to be a fortune teller."

Everyone laughs at his comment and she gets even more embarrassed almost to the verge of tears.  The reason everyone finds it funny is, Ariya's sphere of magic is divination, pretty much as he said it makes her a glorified fortune teller.  People make fun of it because it's not really a combat sphere its more of a support sphere.

I lean back in my chair laughing at her misfortune. (No pun intended) Just as I start to go back to sleep a searing pain begins on my chest. It feels like my skin is on fire and I can even smell my skin burning.  I fall out of my chair grabbing my chest yelling in pain.  I can also hear Ariya yelling from below.  After a few minutes the pain fades and we are both lying on the ground smoking.  The class is really laughing now.  I hold my chest in pain saying,

"Holy shit that hurt.  What the hell?"

I begin to stand looking down at my chest.  The front of my shirt is burnt away revealing a hourglass shaped brand with a dragon coiled around it over my heart.  I glance down seeing Ariya hunched over also holding her chest crying.  With my new empathic ability I can feel she is crying more out of embarrassment and shame then actual pain.  It's kind of weird feeling her emotions.  It's kind of like they are my emotions but I know I am not feeling that way.  The professor silences the classroom and points to me saying in a stern voice,

"You serf, get down here now!"

I slowly make my way down to him still with my hand over my chest.  People are chuckling and whispering comments about us.  When I get up to him he grabs my hand and forcibly pulls it away to look at the brand.  He then crouches down next to Ariya and says with a soft voice,

"Ariya my dear, may I see the brand on your chest please?"

She slowly moves her trembling hand away revealing it to him.  Once he sees that it matches mine he sighs and his gaze turns back to me like it is my fault this happened.  He stands saying,

"You boy, help her up.  We are going to see the headmaster."

"Really, I just came from there."

"Shut your mouth and come on."

I sigh and lean down holding my hand out to Ariya to help her up.  She slaps it aside and scowls to me saying,

"Don't touch me, I don't need your help."


We walk out and I can feel Ariya staring at me in disgust.  I just ignore her looking down at the brand.  Then I flinch as I feel a dull pressure in my head.  Her voice echoes loudly in both of my ears as she says,

(I can't believe I got bonded with that, a low-born serf.  It's so humiliating.)

I groan rubbing my forehead and look to her walking in front of me unsure what just happened as I say,

"Excuse me I am not a that.  If you knew how to use your magic right this wouldn't have happened."

She stops looking at me with uncertainty,


"You heard me.  If it wasn't for us low-born serfs you -"

She stutters out,

"Wait, d-did you read my mind?"

"What, no?  I heard you call me a that and you didn't want to be bonded to a slave like me."

"I never said anything, I thought that."

"Well whatever, you are still a bitch and I don-"

Before I could finish my sentence the professor spins around slapping me hard across the face.  He says,

"How dare you speak to her like that boy.  Now apologize."

I scowl at him rubbing my cheek where he slapped me.  It didn't seem to hurt as bad as it sounded, but the shock of him actually slapping my angered me. Then I turn my gaze to Ariya who has an mocking smirk on her face and I say through gritted teeth,


We finally get to the Headmaster's office and are told to wait outside while the professor goes inside to explain the situation.  She sits down on the bench and I lean against the wall beside her while we wait.  She looks up to me seeing how close I am and slides to the other side of the bench.  I just ignore her rubbing my fingers over the brand feeling how sensitive it still is.  Then again I hear her think to herself.  My eyes close tightly at the pain in my head and the loudness of her voice,

(Did he really hear my thoughts, guardians can't do that?)

I rub my forehead and eyes in pain still not looking at her as I say,

"Yes, yes I did. Now stop thinking that hurts."

She gasps looking at me,

"You stop it, get out of my head."

I look to her,

"Oh believe me, you are the last person's thoughts I want to hear.  You little brat."

She jumps to a standing position as I feel her anger rising.  My eyes close as I brace myself for another slap.  Suddenly the door opens and the professor steps out telling us to enter.  She growls turning walking in saying,

"You're a jerk"

I follow her in behind her saying,

"Yeah I know"

The professor closes the door behind us and leaves.

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