Unbreakable Premonition

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Chapter 32 (v.1) - End of it All

Submitted: September 18, 2017

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Submitted: September 18, 2017



That night a big storm hits but we were just sleeping soundly through it.  But we are both woken by our phones going off.  We both answer hearing that a large amount of pirates have appeared attacking the base.

We both jump up quickly getting dressed and rush back to the base.  We were quite a ways off and it takes us almost an hour to get there.  The place is seriously messed up there is fires in different parts of it.  Parts of the buildings have been blown up.  There are bodies of students and pirates littering the hallways as we try and find where the combat is. 

We hear explosion coming from the training field in the back.  We rush that way following the trails of bodies along the way.  When we get there we both stop looking at this sight in fear.  It is almost exactly like from her dream.  Dead bodies cover the ground then we both see standing in the middle of the field with one of the pirates lifeless bodies lifted up in front of him is my twin.  All the tattoos on his body seem to have a blueish glow to them.  A golden colored mist flows from the pirates body into his making his tattoos glow a bit brighter.

He drops the pirates body to the ground turning towards us with a wide smile.  Even his eyes and teeth have an eerie glow to them.  He says with a energy filled crackling voice,

"Hello brother."

We both look around in horror seeing everyone lying on the ground lifeless.  All our friends some of the instructors.  Daniel and Minerva are also dead before us once again.  Ariya falls to her knees saying,

"We killed them, we could have stopped all of this but I didn't let you."

The guy begins laughing a deep gutteral laugh which seems to carry  through the air.  He says,

"Oh they aren't all dead yet.  I wanted to save that sight for my brother.  I want him to see everything and everyone he loves die in front of him."

I say,

"Why are you doing this? Just because of me?"

"That's right, its our destiny.  Plus once I kill both of you and absorb your mana into me.  Nothing will be able to stop me."

"But if you kill me you die also"

He laughs again,

"Is that what they told you?  My gullible brother, they just wanted to keep you from killing me so they could run more tests on me.  Learn to harness and control my power. They should have known you can't control a god."

I look to Ariya who is still on the ground in shock then say to him,

"Well I will not let you kill anyone else.  I will kill you before that happens."

He laughs,

"Brother, you have seen the visions.  You know how this will all end.  I am going to take everyone you love from you-"  He points to Ariya beside me  "-starting with her."

I say to Ariya in her head,

(Ariya pull it together, we can save them all.)  She doesn't respond just keeps shaking in fear. (Ariya, get up)

He holds out his hand as lightning shoots down from the sky hitting him as he says,

"Say good bye"

I charge forward at him yelling in Ariya's head,

(I need you, we control their fate.  Get up!)

He shoots a bolt of lighting at her as I run in front of it shielding myself as I continue forward.  I punch at his face as he laughs and rapidly shifts behind me in a blue blur of speed.  I quickly spin with a back hand and he catches my wrist.  He laughs again as electricity begins to surge into my body.  I scream out then use my magic to quickly make myself immune to the damage.

He raises his other hand up to my chest releasing a pulse of a different kind of energy sending me flying backwards across the field.  He laughs,

"I thought you would be stronger than this."

Again he blurs across the field up to me then rapidly hitting me multiple times before I could even react.  His fists and kicks come at me from different angles then I get kicked tumbling further away.  He moves up to me grabbing my hair lifting me off the ground,

"These people had so much faith in you, but you are pathetic.  It embarrasses me to call you brother.  Maybe I will kill you first."

He draws back his fist and goes to hit me.  Just as his fist was about to connect with my face I disappear and appear next to Ariya.  She is standing there glaring at him and says,

"Not if I have anything to say about it"

She says to me in my head,

(Would you quit letting him hit you and kick his ass)

He blurs towards us as I dive out of the way and she side steps kicking him in the chest.  He immediately stops crouched over holding his chest.  He looks up to her with uncertainty,

"I felt that"

She says,

"Good feel this"

She goes to punch at him again as he quickly dodges it.  He tries to retaliate with a blast of electricity at her.  I summon her to me as the blast shoots off in the distance.  He growls rushing up to us.  Now that she is up fighting with me, I can seem to anticipate his attacks more.  We are both dodging and blocking his attacks.  We both use our mana to create shield or make us resistant to his attacks.

We would both be attacking him from both sides.  One of us would go to attack him and  he would rapidly shift away hoping one of us would hit the other.  One time I go to attack and I get a quick premonition of him shifting behind her.  I quickly summon her beside me as he shifts thinking he would be behind her.  He gets hit with a few rapid blows from both of us before he blurs away again.

We waste no time giving him a chance to recover as we both charge at him. She punches at him following it with a kick to his stomach.  I reach up trying to grab hold of his head.  He twists out of my grasp turning towards me raising his hand again at my chest.  Just as he creates the burst of energy to send me flying away I appear next to Aryia.  He growls again,

"That is getting really annoying"

Now he does something unexpected as he flies up in the air.  I waste no time as I run forward and jump.  I get enough height to grab on to his legs.  He quickly blasts me off him as I fall to the ground and slowly begin to stand again.  He waves his hand towards Ariya sending a bolt of lightning her direction.  Again I call her to me.  Ariya gets a quick premonition of the blast hitting Samantha lying on the ground where Ariya was just standing.

Just as the blast begins to hit her Ariya raises her hand shouting,


A force field surrounds Samantha blocking her from the attack then quickly fades.  The guy laughs as he flies up a bit more saying,

"Nice save, but you only showed me your weakness"

Lightning begins striking him as he begins shooting bolts of electricity down at random people lying on the ground.  This causes Ariya and I to go full defensive using our mana to shield everyone we can.  He starts cackling maniacally as the continues on.  Finally I say to Ariya in her head,

"I am going to try and knock him down, do your best to protect who you can."

I rush out grabbing a sword along with Donovan's chain weapon.  He looks at me as I chunk the sword at him as he blurs out of the way.  His blur fades just in time for his ankle to be wrapped up by the chain.  I land jerking him down making him crash into the ground.  As he starts to sit up he sees me leaping at him with a falling knee towards his chest.  He barely moves out of the way in time for my knee to hit the ground crushing the concrete underneath it.  I roll back to a standing position.

He appears next to one of the pirates bodies on the ground.  He stomps down on his neck crushing it saying,

"Time to stop playing around"

The golden mist flies up from the pirates dead body entering his eyes and tattoos glow a bit more.  Now multiple images of him start appearing surrounding us.  He cackles again saying,

"Ooh this is going to be fun"

They all charge at us at once as we begin defending ourselves the best we can.  Some of them run by picking up weapons off the ground to attack us with.  I say to Ariya,

"Can you find the real one?"

She shouts back as she kills off two only to have more come at her,

"I am trying!"

After a few seconds she shouts,

"I got him!"

I appear in front of her just at one punches at me only to hit a barrier she made around us.  I quickly reach forward grabbing the sides of his head then head butt him.  I follow the headbutt with a straight kick to his chest sending him flying backwards.  He lands on one knee skidding to a halt.  He looks up to me with a grin as I charge at him as he vanishes from sight.  More images begin appearing attacking me from all sides.  She says in my head,

"Shit he went invisible"  She begins scanning around trying to find him yelling out "Damn it I can't find him!"

I yell back fighting off some images,

"He has to be here"

Then we hear another snap as a golden mist begin flowing out of one of the students bodies into him as he slowly begins to appear.  He cackles again,

"Oh oh even better"

Suddenly I freeze in place unable to move.  The images continue assault me and Ariya tries her best to shield me and her.  Suddenly the images vanish as a bolt of lightning streaks across the field from him hitting her.  She screams in pain falling to the ground.  He blurs over to her grabbing her around the neck lifting her up off the ground choking her.  He turns towards me bringing her in close to him sniffing her hair,

"Mmm the smell of fear smells so good from this one.  Brother are you ready to watch the one you love die before your eyes."

She musters enough strength to spit in his face saying,

"Fuck you"

He wipes his face with his free hand licking her spit off his fingers before trying to punch her in the stomach.  His fist hits a barrier blocking it from connecting.  He chuckles looking at me,

"Still trying to fight?"

She says,

"Just kill us and let everyone else go."

"Now what would be the fun in that?"

He drops her as her body crumples to the ground.  He grabs her by the hair dragging her across the ground towards me as she screams out in pain unable to move only talk. Tears begin to run down my face feeling so helpless right now.  When he gets over in front of me he makes it where I can speak. He says,

"Now do you think I would get any pleasure from just killing you both?"

I feel a bit of movement come to my fingers as I say,

"No matter what you do, I am going to kill you."

He lifts her up in front of me again cupping her face with his hand saying,

"Oh you mean like this" 

Electricity surges down his arm and into her face as she screams as her body begins to thrash.  I quickly protect her from the electricity and the electricity fades then his hand catches on fire.  She screams some more as I smell her hair and skin begin to burn.  He begins his maniacal laughing again.  I yell out for him to stop with tears flowing down my face as I make her protected from the fire.  She falls unconscious from the pain and I yell out,

"I am going to fucking kill you!"

He lets go of her as she crumples to the ground once again.  He then pushes me over and steps on the side of my face grinding his foot into my cheek.  I look to Ariya seeing her face severely burnt with the skin blistered and peeling off it.  He motions to all the bodies around us saying,

"No, I am going to kill all of them and you are going to watch.  Then you die. Now don't you feel stupid for listening to this bitch and not killing me the first time you saw me?"  He spreads both his hands out at his sides as he closes his eyes saying  "Now watch as I level this whole school and the city around it killing all these people you were trying so hard to protect."

The mist begins flowing out of all the bodies around us even Ariya's.  The sky begins going crazy sending endless bolts of lighting into him.  The tattooed runes on his body begin glowing brighter and brighter to where it begins to hurt my eyes.  I get a flash of a premonition of him releasing all this energy he is absorbing in one massive burst of energy from him.  It levels the school and miles around him disintegrating everything in its path.

Ariya's eyes slowly open looking at me facing her on the ground.  One of her eyes is bloodshot completely red.  I see a tear roll down her face and I can feel her so afraid to die.  Tears roll down my face knowing as I mentally say to her,

(I am sorry I couldn't keep my promise.  I love you so much.)

Her eyes widen as I reach up grabbing his ankle just in time for the explosion to go off from him.  I use every last ounce of my mana to put a bubble around me and him containing the explosion inside of it.  Ariya screams as explosion goes off then slowly fades out leaving nothing of us behind.

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