Unbreakable Premonition

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Good Vibes and Relaxation (6)

Submitted: December 11, 2017

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Submitted: December 11, 2017



I walk out of her office and I see Ariya sitting on the bench outside the office waiting for me.  She gives me a displeased look as she stands.  She begins walking away saying,

"It's about time come on."

I sarcastically say,

"Yes ma'am."

Again as we are walking I can hear people whispering and snickering about us.  Since my senses have heightened I can hear them pretty well now.  Which can be quite annoying.  Ariya says,

"So what did Minerva say?"

"Something about me being something called a savant and I seem to have two spheres of magic.  But she doesn't know what the other one is."

She looks back to me,

"You have two spheres?  How is that possible?"

"I don't know, I guess I am special."

She rolls her eyes looking away,

"You're something, but it isn't special."

I raise my hand pretending like I am going to back-hand her from behind.  Just as I do that she flinches and I look at her curiously because I did that behind her back.  Then I notice someone releasing a water balloon her direction.  I quickly pull her to me putting my arms around her as I spin just in time for the balloon to hit me in the back.

People begin laughing and I turn glaring at the person.  Just as I take a step towards them to kick their ass, Ariya grabs on to the back of my t-shirt stopping me.  She quietly says,

"Don't, you will just get in trouble again."

I growl giving in realizing she is probably right.  We continue walking and as we get close to the person who threw the balloon I step towards them pretending I am going to hit them.  They flinch covering their face and I say,

"That's right bitch you better be scared"

After that I think I see a slight smile come across Ariya's lips as we continue walking.  We finally get to her next class and the doorway is covered in strings of beads and smells of incense. I look to the name on the side of the door and it says 'Good Vibes and Relaxation'.  As we walk in I cough because of how thick the smell of incense is.  I wave my hand in front of my face saying,

"What kind of class is this?"

Then I see a bunch of mats on the floor with students sitting on them.  As I look to all the students I realize every one in this class but me is a female and they are all wearing tight yoga pants and tank tops.  They all look to me and I chuckle nervously rubbing the back of my head.  Ariya begins walking off saying,

"Wait here I will be back."

As I stand there looking around feeling quite awkward in here a older man walks out from one of the back rooms.  He seems to be in his mid 30's with curly light brown hair and a full beard.  He is wearing a multi-colored spandex outfit that seems pretty inappropriate showing off a large bulge where his crotch is.  He sees me and smiles walking over to me.  He hugs my tightly saying,

"Welcome my brother, I am so glad you are here."

His hug seems to linger a lot longer than it should and I tense up feeling even more weirded out.  He lets go looking me touching my shoulders.  I pull his hands off me stepping back saying,

"I am just here to observe"

He turns walking over to a podium with what seems to be a large gift bag sitting on top of it.  He grabs the bag walking back over to me handing it to me.  Inside I see a couple pairs of black and green baggy yoga pants in it.  I hand them back to him saying,

"I think you made a mistake, I am not in this class"

He pushes it back holding on to my hands saying,

"No brother, this is exactly where you are supposed to be.  Minerva told me to give you these when you arrive."

I glance in the bag again asking,

"What about a shirt?"

He places one of his hands on my chest with a smile saying,

"You don't need one."

I step back feeling a chill go up my spine from this guy constantly touching me.  I can hear the girls giggle seeing how awkward I am feeling.  I say,

"Fine, where do I go to change?"

He motions to the door he just stepped out of.  As I start walking over Ariya is walking out of her changing room.  She is wearing baggy yoga pants and a t-shirt. I stop and watch her walk by wondering why she isn't dressed like the rest of the girls.  From what I remember she had a decent body why is she hiding it now.  She sees my reaction and scowls at me,


I shake my head walking off again saying,



She walks over and takes her seat.  The girls lean forward asking her questions about me.  I walk in changing into these pants then look at myself in the mirror.  Apparently since I got bonded my physique changed and I bulked up a bit gaining more muscle definition.  I flex at myself in the mirror for a second grinning then walk back out. 

When I walk out I can see most of the girls faces seem to light up and the teacher looks pleased as well, which is kind of weird.  As I am walking over one of the girls leans over whispering to Ariya,

"Your serf is kind of hot."

Ariya glances to me and I give her a knowing smile.  She scoffs looking to the girl pushing her away,

"Shut up, don't be gross. He's still a serf and that is disgusting."

I glare at her as sit down on the mat beside her and she avoids looking at me.  The teacher begins walking around the room and talking about what he will be teaching us in the class.  He says through the meditation and yoga we will be able to better control our magic as well as our emotions.  All this still seems a little weird to me and I raise my hand.  He points to me,

"Yes my brother?"

Again I hesitate because he keeps calling me his brother.  I shake my head saying,

"Are you sure I am supposed to be here?"

A couple of the girls chuckle again and he walks over behind me massaging my shoulders.  This causes me to tense up feeling him touching me again.  A smile crosses Ariya's face and I can feel the delight she is getting from this.  He says,

"Lady Minerva tells me you are full of bitterness and negative emotions." He crouches down placing his hand over my heart. "She believes my class with bring serenity to your heart."  Ariya almost snorts out a quiet laugh covering her mouth when he does that and I look to her not amused by this at all.  Unable to take it any longer I quickly stand shrugging his hands off me.  He follows me up to a standing position never losing his smile as I say,

"Sir, if you keep touching me I will show you some negative emotions."

Everyone laughs and he just smiles stepping back with his hands up in surrender.  He says,

"Understood, but my class will help you open up your soul purging these negative emotions and filling you will only positive ones.  If you want to master the mana flowing inside you, you must first control the emotions that guide you."

"Whatever, just stop touching me"

The class giggles again and I look to Ariya who is trying to hold back her laugh.  I say to her as I begin to sit,

"This shits not funny."

She looks away smiling and I hear her think,

(Oh yeah it is, this bond might not be so bad.)

I lean over whispering to her,

"Don't tell me you are already warming up to me?"

She gasps pushing my head away,

"Whatever I still hate you, and quit reading my thoughts!"

I laugh sitting back up and we all begin listening to the teacher.  Its pretty hard to stay focused to him with his soft monotone voice and the floor being so uncomfortable.  He begins teaching us how to meditate and I actually start getting into it then of course Ariya has to ruin it by speaking to me in my head,

(Can you hear me right now?)

I keep my eyes closed and just hum out,

"Uh huh"

A few seconds of silence goes by then she says in her head,

(Thank you for protecting me from the balloon earlier.)

I quietly say,

"It's all good."

The teacher hears me and looks up asking,

"Having troubles my brother?"

He begins to stand coming over to me and I wave my hands at him then motion for him to sit back down saying,

"No I am fine, just continue what you were doing."

Ariya chuckles again and I glare to her still unamused.  The class finally ends and I go back and change.  As I walk back out and waiting for Ariya to finish changing one of the females walks up to me introducing herself,

"Hey, I am Anna"

I shake her hand saying,


"How do you like being bonded with Ariya?"

Ariya actually walks out at this time and I glance to her saying,

"You want the truth?  She is an annoying pain in the ass."  Ariya narrows her eyes at me giving me an upset look and I smirk "But it's been okay so far.  I think she likes me."

Ariya rolls her eyes and grabs my hand pulling me away from Anna.

"Don't be disgusting.  Anna you shouldn't talk to him, his stupidness is contagious."

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