Unbreakable Premonition

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Truth Revealed

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



That night I have a pretty crazy dream.  I dream that I am being forced down on the bed by a couple of shadowy figures and slowly stripped of my clothes.  I try to fight them off but they are both way too strong.  Then the figures slowly take shape as Wayne and Tyson.  Tyson is holding my hands above my head while Wayne is leaned over forcing himself on me. 

No matter how much I struggle I can't seem to get free.  Then I look to the right seeing my reflection in a mirror.  But it is not my reflection looking back at me but Ariya's.  Wayne starts kissing down her neck and I see a tear roll down her cheek as she closes her eyes.  As her eyes close I jump awake with a loud gasp.

When I wake up I see a very attractive well figured Asian female straddling me kissing my neck.  She is wearing a very tight revealing maid outfit.  She smiles to me saying,

"Time to wake up niichan."

I hear laughing coming from my door as she climbs off of me.  She picks up my clothes off the floor throwing them in a hamper.  At my door I see Mikey laughing pretty hard wiping tears from his eyes.  I point to the maid asking,

"Who is that?"

He laughs again saying,

"Were you dreaming about having sex with Wayne?"

I sit up,

"Shut up, it was a nightmare.  Who is this girl?"

"Yeah nightmare my butt, she is my illusionary servant Akane."

She bows to me and they both walk out.  I hear him call out to Markus,

"Markus you missed it, it was hilarious!"

I growl getting out of bed and go take another shower cleaning the sweat from the nightmare off of me.  While I am in there I am leaned against the sink staring into the mirror.  That nightmare affected me in ways I couldn't expect.  I am not sure if it is her emotions or mine at this time but a tear runs down my cheek.  I quickly wipe the tears away and splash water on my face wondering what is wrong with me.

When I finally finish in there I get dressed and walk out to them.  They are both sitting down eating at the dining table.  A book is floating in front of Markus as he reads it while he is eating.  Akane is straddling Mikey's lap feeding him.  I notice they already have a plate of food waiting for me to come eat.

I sit down to eat trying to ignore the Mikey and Akane show that's going on across from me.  After a bit there is a knock at the door and they both glance to me expecting me to go answer it.  I sigh standing,

"Fine, I got it."

They go back to what they are doing and I walk over to the door opening it.  As I open it I get slapped in the chest with a piece of paper as Jason and David both step past me inside.  They both look around in awe of the place and David says,

"Holy crap, you have got-"

He stopped in mid sentence and I turn looking at them wondering what made him stop talking.  Then I see them both staring at Akane bent over cleaning the table.  I roll my eyes saying,

"Calm down you two, she isn't real."

Mikey gasps and covers her ears saying,

"Hey she has feelings"


Jason turns to me pointing to Akane,

"How do I get one of her?"

"Be a perverted illusionist."

Mikey gasps again,

"I am not perverted"

Markus lets out a quick laugh,

"Whatever, you are more perverted than a succubus in a room full of naked men."

I laugh and look at the paper they gave me and its my new class schedule.  I notice my first class starts in 20 minutes.  I say to them,

"Shit, I have to go.  David and Jason these are my roommates Markus and Mikey.  Later"

I quickly leave sprinting over to the school and down the hall to my first class.  As I am running  I get a sudden vision of a backpack swinging at me.  I put my arms up just in time to block it.  The force of the hit sends me flying back into a wall.I look up in time to for a knee to hit me in the chest knocking the breath out of me causing my to fall to my knees.  Tyson crouches over me as I try to stand.  He places his huge hand on my shoulder and squeezes causing me to groan in pain kneeling again.  He says,

"This is for talking crap to my boy in class the other day.  You seem to talk a lot of smack but you aren't nothing but a punk."

I groan in pain saying,

"What they can't handle their own shit so they have to get you to do it."

"Nah, I wanted to see how tough you were myself, but you aren't nothing. Now I am going to beat your face in."

Then we both hear from behind Tyson,

"Tyson, let me have him."

Tyson turns to look and its the guy I threatened in class yesterday for making fun of Ariya.  Since Tyson is distracted I waste no time and punch him in the groin.  He roars in pain leaning over and I reach up wrapping my hands around the top of his head and drop straight down causing his chin to slam into the top of my head.  This sends Tyson falling backwards as I quickly stand.

The other guy dashes forward swinging at me and I catch his hand, while lunging forward with an elbow to the guys nose.  Then I get a sense of danger from behind me and side step as Tyson's fist flies by hitting the guy in the face again sending him flying back into a wall.  Continuing my movement I spin around Tyson punching him twice in the back and kidneys.  He roars again with a spinning back elbow.  I barely have enough time to bring both my arms up blocking it. 

The force of his hit sends me sliding back into the wall once more.  As we start to advance on each other everything freezes.  I cant move, Tyson cant move, and all the cheering along with the people around us are frozen as well.  Daniel and Minerva walk up at this time.  Daniel looks to each one of us saying in a stern voice,

"What do you 3 think you are doing?"  His gaze turns to me as he asks "Who started this fight?"

All of the sudden I can feel myself able to talk.  He walks up to me glaring at me in anger asking again,

"Who started this; Fabien did you do this?"

Angry that he automatically assumed it was me and he would probably take their side anyways I just glare back at him silently.  Then Tyson says,

"I did"

Daniel turns to him,


"Because he is a serf, he has no place with us."

Daniel begins to respond then the guy on the ground holding his bleeding nose says,

"No, I told Tyson to fight him because he embarrassed me in class yesterday.  So it is my fault."

Daniel says,

"Well boys, the serf is here to stay.  If you two don't like it you can write a letter to the Arcanum Syndicate yourselves.  Also if you have a problem with someone talk to me or one of your trainers we will handle it.  If you feel you need to handle it yourselves through fighting you take it off school grounds and into the training yard.  If I ever catch any of you fighting on school grounds again you will be expelled.  Do you understand me?"

They both say,

"Yes sir"

He looks back to me saying,



He looks to the guy holding his face,

"Now Joseph, go see the nurse about your face.  The rest of you return to class, now."

We all can move again and I rub my chest where Tyson hit it.  We make our way to our classes and when I get there it has already started.  When I walk in everyone gets silent and looks to me.  The teacher says,

"Ah Fabien welcome,  Daniel said you were running late.  Please take your seat next to Miss Edwards."

He motions to a chair next to Traci.  I walk over and take my seat.  Traci clicks her tongue sliding her desk away from mine.  Sitting on my desk is my text book titled 'Guide to Invulnerability the Abjurer's Spellbook.' 

I lean back in my chair and start listening to the class.  It seems pretty interesting, right now he is going over the basics of Abjuration.  As I am listening I get another flash of a vision in my eyes and now I see Melissa talking to me saying,

"I just heard Fabien just got jumped by Tyson and Joseph Sanchez.  I also hear someone went to the infirmary, I think it was Fabien."

Then I feel anger and concern coming from Ariya as I hear her voice come from me saying,

"Oh god really?"

I quickly realize I am looking through her eyes.  She then takes off running to the infirmary and as she opens the door I flash back to my body.  My chair slams back down and I grab my eyes as they feel like they someone rubbed soap in them.  Traci looks to me like I am crazy and the teacher asks,

"Fabien are you okay?"

I blink my eyes looking around as they adjust back to normal,

"Yeah I am good, I just got a little light headed."

I finish out the rest of the class and I look at my schedule noticing my next class is the Good Vibes and Relaxation class.  I sigh and start heading to the crazy man's class.  I hesitantly walk in slowly and he greets me again in his awkward yoga outfit.  He hugs me saying,

"Welcome back brother, I am glad you decided to come back."

I sarcastically say,

"Yeeah, me too."

He motions to the changing room,

"You may go change."

I look and see a few of the girls are here already and we smile to each other as I head to go change.  When I finish and walk out Ariya is coming out of hers at the same time.  I stop looking at her loose fitted clothes remembering all the rumors I heard about her.  She stops and looks at me,

"What are you looking at?"

I just just look away and we hear some of the girls chuckling.  We start out the class with some more meditation and I keep seeing Ariya glancing over at me with a bit of concern.  I look at her asking,


She looks away again,


Then we move on to yoga moves and the different poses.  This isn't that bad seeing the females getting in these different poses.  Ariya catches me looking at some of the girls and calls me a pervert and all guys disgusting in her head.  I smirk to Ariya then the teacher comes up behind me placing his hands on my hips to help me get into a better pose.  He says,

"If you would pay more attention to the poses than the girls you would get it right."

Ariya chuckles silently and I look to her unamused saying to him,

"Sorry I am just not that flexible."

"Sure you are, let me show you."

He begins helping me more and it just gets more awkward after that.  Then he wants us to break up into partners.  He says,

"Which of you ladies wouldn't mind partnering with Fabien here?"

About 4 of them raise their hands and Ariya rolls her eyes.  I end up getting partnered with this very attractive Hispanic girl.  She has to be a guardian because of how nice and firm her body is.  He has us sit back to back and reach back placing our hand on one of each others knees or thigh.  Then we would pull our body that direction to stretch our back out.  Her hand slides pretty high up my thigh.  The teacher says to her,

"Sofia, your hand is too far up his thigh can you move it down a little."

The other girls chuckle again.  The class eventually ends and as I am following Ariya out Sofia comes up to me saying,

"We should be partners from now on."

I grin,

"That sounds good to me.  I would really like that."

"Yeah I am sorry about my hand being a little too high up your thigh"

I smirk to her saying,

"Now why would you be sorry about that?  Your hand wasn't there on purpose now was it?"

She grins looking away.  Then Ariya pushes me out of the way as she walks by,

"You are both disgusting."

It's lunchtime again, Ariya and I part ways again.  This time when I start heading to the cafeteria, I see Jason and David standing out front talking to each other.  I walk up greeting them and convince them to come eat with me.  They are hesitant at first because serfs aren't allowed in there but finally decide to join me.  When I get my food I get a little extra to share with them. 

While we are sitting down eating I can hear all the whispers and people looking over at us.  Most of the people don't like that they are eating in the cafeteria with them.  I try my best to ignore their rude comments about the serfs, me, and my friends.  It seems to work for about 5 minutes till a teacher walks up and motions to them saying,

"You two need to leave, you aren't allowed to eat in here."

I say,

"These two are my friends I want them to eat with me."

"You should know serfs aren't allowed to eat in here with the regular students"

I stand getting irritated by this already and say,

"So are you saying my friends aren't good enough to sit in this cafeteria?"

Jason stands between me and the teacher placing a hand on my chest saying,

"It's okay Fabien we will leave."  He looks to the teacher "Sorry for causing trouble"

Jason and David start to walk off and I grab Jason's wrist stopping him.  Then I get closer to the teacher as he gets a little nervous seeing me so close to him.  I say,

"I am a serf, why aren't you making me leave?"

"Sir, you shed that title once you became a guardian.  I am sorry, the rules say they must leave."

I turn grabbing my tray off the table and say to Jason and David,

"Come on apparently our presence is interrupting their meal."

The teacher steps away saying,

"Sir, you must eat here.  This is where the students eat."

"So now you are telling me, I can't eat where I want too now?"  He flinches thinking I am going to hit him as I toss my tray back on the table spilling some of it. "Fuck this, I don't want to eat around all you stuck up bitches anyways."

I walk off bumping the teacher out of the way almost knocking him over.  As I am walking out I see Wayne grinning at me and waving bye to me.  When I get to the door the meditation teacher is waiting for me.  He holds his hand out to me and I step away saying,

"Don't even think about it"

We finally make it outside and I am still fuming about what happened.  I am pacing back and forth while they are both trying to calm me down.  They tell me that I shouldn't have done that, they know they weren't supposed to be in there.  I argue back at them telling them that serfs shouldn't be treated like they are second class citizens.  I would rather starve then have my friends treated that way.

There really wasn't enough time to do much after that.  We talk for a bit longer till lunch ends.  We part ways again and I head to my next class, History of Warfare.  Still pretty pissed over what happened and I don't want to deal with this teacher's crap I just sit back quietly and listen to him.  Ariya keeps glancing over at me seeing the mood I am and doesn't say anything.  Then my stomach growls so loudly that even Ariya heard it.  She looks at the teacher acting like she is paying attention then she says to me in her head,

(If you weren't so stubborn and hardheaded you could have eaten.)

I keep my eyes on the teacher and quietly say,

"You should 'really' not talk to me right now."

(You just had to defend those serfs knowing they weren't supposed to be there in the first place.)

I turn towards her leaning in and say,

"Those serfs are my friends.  You might want to stop talking."

She looks to me and mentally says,

(Maybe you should try making some friends who aren't the help)

That comment pushes me over and I slam my hands on her desk as I stand.  She flinches covering herself thinking she is going to get hit.  I look to the teacher saying,

"I am not feeling well, I got to leave before something ugly happens."

I glare to Ariya as I begin walking out.  Now she wont even raise her head to look at me.  I head down to the restroom to throw some water on my face and calm down.  When I walk in I smell the familiar smell of cigarettes.  I turn the corner and see a serf crouched down guarding himself.  Andrew is standing over him threatening to burn him with the cigarette.

Without thinking I charge over grabbing Andrew by the back of his head and slam his face into the sink.  Blood and a couple of teeth fly out of his mouth as I punch him a couple more times in the face.  The serf gets scared and quickly runs out of the restroom.  I stand looking down at Andrew's unconscious body bleeding from his mouth and nose.  I sigh picking him up and throw him over my shoulder carrying him to the nurses office.

I walk inside and she is leaned over working on another student who hurt his leg.  She glances to me seeing Andrew's body draped over my shoulder.  She stands in shock asking,

"Oh god, what happened?"

I flop his body on to one of the empty beds saying,

"I slammed his face into one of the sinks."

She hurries over to him and looks down at him, then back to me,

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I don't know.  But don't worry I am going to see the Headmaster now"

I walk out and head straight to his office.  I don't wait to be invited in and just walk right in.  Daniel and Minerva are already in there discussing something important.  They both get startled by me busting in.  Daniel stands saying,

"Fabien I am busy at the moment, you-"

Minerva stands holding her hand up to Daniel and interrupting him,

"Hold on Daniel, this looks important lets see what he has to say."  She holds out one of her hands to me  "Come baby, come sit next to me."

I take her hand and sit beside her.  She looks at my hand seeing some blood on my knuckles.  Again just being near her seems to calm all the anger I have built up inside of me.  I look to Daniel saying,

"You might want to suspend me or kick me out.  I just beat up Andrew and he is in the nurses office."

Daniel sits asking,

"What; why?"

"Because I am sick of all his shi-."  I glance to Minerva not wanting to cuss in front of her for some reason.  "Crap. He bullies and hurts all the serfs.  This time I caught him burning one with a cigarette.  I am just sick of all these people treating the serfs like trash and picking on them never getting in trouble.  And your sister is one of the worst."

Minerva says,

"Baby please calm down. What about the other fight you got into?"

"That's something different.  I can handle that"

Daniel says,

"Hopefully not by more fighting?"

"I can't-"

Then there is a knock and the nurse immediately enters.  She look to me in anger then looks to Daniel motioning to me,

"Daniel, you need to do something about his temper, he really hurt Andrew.  His front teeth were knocked out and his jaw was broken.  You better hope his parent's don't press charges."

Minerva says,

"Yes Fabien just told us what he did.  We are discussing his punishment at the moment."

The nurse glances to me again saying,

"I am not saying Andrew didn't deserve something.  Fabien just needs to show some restraint, especially since he is a bonded guardian now."  I look to her confused by this change of attitude towards me and they just nod agreeing with her. "I have seen so many serfs and younger students come in hurt by Andrew.  We really need to do something about his bullying as well."

Daniel says,

"We will discuss it, thank you for coming in and talking to us Rita."

"You're welcome."

She glances to me with a look of disappointment one last time before she leaves.  Daniel leans back in his chair thinking as he looks to me. 

"Fabien, I understand how you are feeling."

"No you don't, you have no idea what it is like as a serf."

Minerva says,

"You're right, but I do.  I have went through pretty much everything you have.  I've dealt with all the prejudice and the hate towards us as well.  You just have to brush it off and keep looking forward."

"I can't do that, I am not like you and just sit back and take the abuse.  I just want to go back to being just a normal serf again."

"Baby, you have too.  Its not going to stop anytime soon.  But you have a chance to change things.  You can show all these people just how valuable you are.  Let these people know that a serf can do anything these spoiled rich kids can do and better.  They want you to fail and give up.  Completing this training will be like you spitting in all their faces"

"I do want to spit in their faces"

Daniel smirks at my comment,

"Fabien how would you like it if I held a school meeting with all the teachers and students to talk about the abuse that has been happening to the serfs?"

"Will it help?"

"I think it will.  But you have to promise me no more fighting and assaulting the students.  If you have a problem with someone come see me or one of your instructors."


"I will talk to Ariya as well about her prejudice against the serfs as well.  But just stick with it at least till the year is up.  If you still want to break the bond after that then we will discuss it."

"Okay, so no punishment then?"

"Oh yeah you are getting a punishment.  You will be spending your lunch break in Mr. Drake's Good Vibes and Relaxation class" I scoff hearing that and he smiles then motions to Minerva "You will also go talk to Minerva every day after your classes are over.  Also all of Andrew's doctors and dental bills will be payed for out of your checks."

"Okay.  Can I ask why you two are pushing so hard to keep me here and finish my training?"

Minerva says,

"It's not just us, its the Syndicate.  You being a savant is a rare occurrence and with you having two spheres they want us to see how you develop through your training. I think this bond will be good for you and it might also change the way society views serfs.  But with you aways resorting to violence isn't helping."

"I guess"

Daniel says,

"There can be no more fighting.  It is getting really hard for us to keep covering for you."


We finish out our discussion and I head back to the class.  I decide to wait out the rest of the class outside.  The class eventually ends and Ariya walks out seeing me leaned against the wall waiting.  She says,

"Are you okay now?"

I stand off the wall and we start walking,

"Yeah, I had a talk with your brother and Minerva about some issues that need to be dealt with."

She says in a mocking tone,

"Aww, did I hurt your feelings so you had to go tell on me?"

"Nah, I told them whoever replaces me after we break this bond will probably either kill you in your sleep or kill themselves"

She stops and just looks at me,


"Nothing, just go."

We begin walking again and she says to me in her head,

(I really hate you, you're a jerk)

"That's what I have been told."

We walk the rest of the way to class silently. We are meeting in the school's massive gym today. As we get there Tyson and Wayne are standing outside like they are waiting for someone.  Wayne sees us walking up and smirks turning towards us.  Tyson still tries to look intimidating with his bruised chin.  Wayne just walks past me taking hold of Ariya's wrist leading her away saying,

"Babe we need to talk."

Not wanting to get in another fight and still irritated at her from before I just ignore this and keep walking.  I can feel the fear rising from Ariya again the further I get away.  I walk inside seeing most of the class sitting in the bleachers just waiting for the class to start.  Just as I walk in I hear Ariya say in my head,

(Fabien please come back, I am scared.)

I stop in the doorway and sigh contemplating if I should really go back or not.  Then I remember the nightmare I had about her and rub my face with frustration shouting,


Everyone turns to look at me as I turn to head back.  She is backed up against the wall looking away from him in fear.  He is leaned over her whispering something in her ear with his hands on both sides blocking her escape.  Tyson is turned looking my direction blocking my path to her. 

I growl under my breath and charge over to them. Tyson crouches a bit preparing to stop me and I feint like I am going on direction causing him to step that way.  Then I spin the other direction around Tyson.  I quickly get up to Wayne pulling him away from Ariya and stepping in front of her.  Tyson walks up saying,

"Back away boy, you don't want to get beat on again."

I smirk at him motioning to my chin,

"That isn't how I remember it going down."  I look to Wayne "Wayne you should leave.  Ariya doesn't want to talk to you right now."

He smiles looking to Ariya,

"Aw come on, we were just having a friendly chat, right Ari?"

Ariya keeps her head down leaning it against my back.  I say,

"Well its over now"

Tyson begins to step forward and I step up to Wayne feeling her still gripping the back of my shirt and I quietly say,

"I know what you did to her and if you don't leave now I might have to have a chat with her brother."

His eyes widen a bit as I feel her grip tighten on the back of my shirt.  He holds up his hand to stop Tyson.  Ariya says to me in her head,

(How do you know?)

Wayne steps back holding up his hands in surrender saying,

"Look I don't know what you think I did.  But we will stop if that is what she really wants."

Ariya just stays silent hiding behind me holding my shirt.  I just glare at Aaron ignoring Tyson beside me.  They eventually give in and walk away.  I turn around looking at her and her face is all flushed with tear filled eyes.  I ask,

"Are you okay?"

"Thank you for coming back for me."

I turn walking off again saying,

"I am your guardian, its my job right?"

We head off to the locker rooms to change into our gym clothes.  While I am in there changing I hear her think to herself,

(How does he know what they did it me?  Did he read that from my mind too?)

That pretty much confirms to me that the nightmare I had was an actual memory she had.  I finish getting dressed head back to the gym.  Our school gym clothes are all pretty much the same.  They are white and yellow gym shorts or pants and a white t-shirt with the school logo on it.  The school logo is a golden hand clutching the sun.

As I am waiting I notice the females walking out in their clothes.  I don't know if it was intentional but their gym shorts were skin tight and their shirts hugged their body emphasizing every curve.  Most of the guys just stood there and marveled at how good the females looked.

Then Elizabeth walks out with Ariya and Melissa.  They are talking and laughing about something.  These clothes show off their bodies perfectly and their tank tops barely cover their belly buttons.  Except Ariya's again seeming a bit more conservative.  She is wearing long sports pants and a t-shirt. They fit her body well showing a bit of her curves.  I can't help but stop and say to myself,


I hear a laugh as someone pats my back and quietly says,

"It's a magical sight huh?"

I turn to see Ronald and he guardian Jesse.  He smiles to me then looks back to the ladies walking up.  Then his gaze turns to Ariya and says,

"You know it's against the rules to date the person you are bonded too."

I give him a look like he said something stupid,

"Yeah I know that, believe me she isn't my type."

"What about her?"

He points to Elizabeth and she glances over noticing him pointing leaned over talking to me.  She looks to me and smiles as I nod,

"Oh she is definitely my type"

He chuckles and turns holding out his hand,

"I am Ronald and this is my trusty side kick Jesse."


We shake hands and he says,

"Yeah everyone knows you; the serf turned savant.  I figured you didn't have a lot of friends out here so I figured I would introduce myself."

We talk a bit longer then the class begins.  Dominicus and his sister walk up as they start explaining what  we will be doing in class. The class will teach us to hone our combat skills and how to use our magic on the fly without very much concentration.  They will teach us to fight alone, with our bonded partner, and as a group.

They divide us into our bonded groups having us line up in 3 rows.  They come around with a bag full of circular plastic chips labeled either A, B, C, or D.  This letter shows what team we will be on.  Ariya reaches in the bag pulling out a chip with the letter B on it.  We have to go around and find the other groups that have a matching chip.

We end up getting partnered with Ronald and Elizabeth's group.  This makes Ariya extremely happy since she gets to be partnered with her good friends Melissa and Elizabeth.  I smile because I feel I got partnered with the best looking females out of the whole class even though I dislike 2 of them. 

The first part of the class we work on our stretching and Ariya refuses to let me help her and gets Melissa to do it.  I end up helping Elizabeth with her stretches which I didn't mind doing one bit.  The stretches weren't that bad and brought us pretty close together.  One of the stretches she would lie on her back and I would crouch next to her lifting her leg as high as it would go.  Another we would sit facing each other with our feet touching and we would hold hands pulling the other person forward.  All these stretches allowed me to see how flexible she really is.

After we stretched we worked on cardio and running laps.  This wasn't too bad but we had to run at the pace of our bonded partners.  I had to constantly slow down to keep the pace with Ariya.  Then they started working with people having them use their magic in combat situations.  Ariya felt kind of left out of this not sure how her magic would help in combat.

She was sitting on the bottom row of one of the bleachers just watching everyone.  Then I notice Domincus and Starr secretly maneuvering themselves on each side of her holding a dodge ball.  Ariya seems too distracted watching her friends practice that she doesn't notice them.  Dominicus throws his ball at her really hard and without looking Ariya leans back causing the ball to barely miss her head.  She turns looking at him with a grin,

"Ha, you missed."

Then she quickly turns to the other side just in time to get hit hard in the face with Starr's ball.  Ariya hunches over grabbing her face and I feel her embarrassment and anger rising to the surface.  They both rush to her side and I can see blood dripping from the hand holding her face.  Ariya looks to them with anger still covering her face saying,

"What the hell!"

I begin walking over as Starr says,

"Sorry we were testing your precognition to see if it could give you better reactions."

Dominicus finishes her sentence saying,

"After seeing that, we think it does you just need more practice with it."

Ariya eyes teared up a bit from the pain and embarrassment saying,

"Next time you should warn me at least if we are practicing."

Starr responds,

"In combat you can never be totally ready for an attack.  But we think with your powers we think you can be."

They both look to me as I walk up looking to Ariya with slight concern.  I want to find it funny she got hit in the face with the ball.  They both say at the same time,

"Can you please escort her to the nurses office?"

I smirk at how in sync they were and turn towards Ariya holding my hand out to her.  She slaps it aside saying,

"Don't touch me!"

"Whatever, get up yourself then."

We start walking to the nurses office and she is a few steps behind me.  When we get there, there is a note on the door from the nurse saying she will be back.  We walk inside and it is empty.  Ariya goes over and lies on one of the beds with her head leaned back.  I walk over sitting in the nurses chair with my feet propped up on her desk.  Ariya speaks to me in her head,

(Thank you again for helping me with Wayne.)

I rotate back and forth in the chair bored saying,

"It's my job right?  At least for now anyways.  So can you control when you speak to me in my head now?"

(Sometimes its kind of like one of my powers, I still don't have complete control over it yet.)

"Oh, that's cool I guess"  She gets quiet for a few minutes and I can feel her nervousness rising a bit. I swivel the chair looking at her asking,  "Something wrong?"

(Can I ask you a question?)

"I guess"

(How do you know what Wayne and Tyson did to me?)

I can feel the mixture of her emotions mostly shame and embarrassment.  Not wanting to add more to them so I decide to lie saying,

"Well Wayne and Tyson were bullying you.  I figured your brother might want to know."

(What, you didn't say-)

The nurse walks in interrupting us.  She looks to me saying,

"Fabien get your feet off my desk.  Why are you-"  She sees Ariya lying down holding her face with a bloody rag.  She quickly heads over saying  "Oh god, what did Fabien do now?"

Ariya chuckles and I bring my feet down giving the nurse a offended look,

"Why do you automatically assume it was me that did it?"

"Because it usually is you who did it."

I roll my eyes looking away and Ariya chuckles again saying,

"No, it was the teachers that did it.  They hit me in the face with a dodge ball."

The nurse pulls the rag away and begins using her healing magic on Ariya's face.  She asks,

"Why would they do that?"

I say,

"They wanted to show Ariya that she wasn't useless in combat, which 'apparently' didn't work."

Ariya glares at me as the nurse says,

"That's a stupid way to do it."

Ariya agrees saying,

"You think?"

"Next time just call Fabien in front of you letting him get hit in the face.  He deserves it a lot more than you."

They both grin to me as I scratch my eye with my middle finger flipping her off.  The nurse finishes healing Ariya's face and writes us a note to go back to class.  When we get back it is nearly over.  The last part of the class the teachers tell us about the end of the year tournament. It will be a 3 part tournament.  The first part will be between teams A, B, C, and D.  The winners of that part will win tickets for an airship cruise during the summer break. 

The second part will be between the bonded groups in the class.  The winners of that part will receive tickets to see the World Tournaments, showing the best bonded groups from around the world. 

The last one is the school championships.  The top bonded groups from all the schools in the country will be facing off against each other.  They will be competing for a chance to attend Expersia the worlds best military training facility.  Being trained there guarantees them highest positions where ever they wish to go. The group representing our school this year is Donovan and Samantha.

The class finally ends and I go change then I wait for Ariya to come out.  As I am waiting Donovan comes up to me placing his hand on my shoulder saying,

"Walk with me a bit, lets talk."


"I over heard you and Ronald talking about what you thought about the females earlier."

I look to him slightly confused,

"Yeah, so?"

"Well you know it is forbidden to date or have romantic feeling for-"

I hold up my hand stopping him,

"Woah woah, we were just talking about how they looked in their gym clothes."

"I understand, I just wanted you to know there are rules against dating your bonded companion."

I laugh rubbing my face in embarrassment,

"Dude, there is no romantic feelings or anything between me and Ariya.  We will never be that close I promise you.  All I said was she looked hot in her gym outfit."

Donovan grins looking behind me and I can feel slight embarrassment coming from Ariya.  I turn seeing her standing behind me with Melissa.  Ariya's face is flush with embarrassment.  Melissa has a look of disgust on her face and says,

"Wow, pervert."

They walk past us and Ariya cant bring herself to look at me.  Donovan laughs and puts his hand on my shoulder apologizing.  I roll my eyes and leave heading back to my room.  I finish out my day taking a shower then lying in my room studying some more for my abjuration class. 

A couple more days go by and Friday eventually comes.  I am exhausted from school work and dealing with Ariya's crap still.  Nothing seems to be changing with us and we are constantly at each other's throats.  It's one of the major topics among the students and some teachers.  The only good thing coming out of it is when she doesn't want to be partnered with me in yoga class or during our exercises. 

"You're wrong"  I say to Ariya just after she answered a question the professor asked her in our History of Warfare class.

Her eyes close with a silent growl already irritated at the sound of my voice.  She takes in a deep breath and turns to me glaring at me with hatred.  The teacher just looked at us in silence.  He has learned to avoid us after a few other incidents that happened.  I smirked staring back at her challenging her to prove me wrong.  She says,

"Everyone knows its a well known fact that the war of Dispotia was won by the use of the Diviner's ability to see exactly where they were going to attack from.  So they could prepare their defences around how the enemy's assault was going to happen."

"Again you're wrong. If it wasn't for Organen's stealth guerilla tactics assaulting them before they even reaching the base.  General Salvatore would have over run them because of their sheer numbers alone."

Her eyes narrowed on mine as another quiet growl comes from her.  She studied this war more than any other even wrote many papers on it and the Diviner Henrietta.  Henrietta is her idol wanting to be just like her. 

"What would a mere slave like you know about anything dealing with Nobles.  Why don't you just stick with which type of soap you will be using to clean our toilets."

The class gasped and laughed.I wasted no time and fired back my own insult,

"Wow always the same lame ass insults from you.  You couldn't prove me wrong so you had to result to petty name calling and you call me immature.  You are nothing but a spoiled little brat who gained her popularity because of who her brother is."

The class gave another gasp and began to whisper to each other excited to see where this fight may go today.  Ariya couldn't seem to spit out a retort in time as the teacher nervously cleared his throat saying,

"Alright you two calm down before this gets out of hand.  You both sound like an old married couple."  the class chuckles at that  "But both of you are actually right if it-"  The bell rings interrupting him as the class ends. 

Everyone begins to stand making their way to the door as the teacher sighs falling back down in his seat.  Ariya angerily gathered her stuff and jerked on her bag as she started to stand trying to leave the classroom as quickly as possible.  I took a more calm approach almost feeling like I won something by making her so angry.  This allowed me to reach the doorway before her.  I turned back looking at her with a smirk seeing her backpack had found a way to get tangled in her chair.

I chuckled to myself watching her violently jerk at the unmoving backpack.  Ariya looked to me seeing me leaned against the doorway with a smirk waiting on her.  Sofia another student who was also in this class walks up to me looking at Ariya with a smile then back to me saying,

"You really know how to get under her skin.  It's almost like you enjoy it."

"I kind of do.  Seeing her like this does brighten my day a bit."

Sofia chuckles glancing at Ariya once more as Ariya finally pulls her bag free.  She looks back to me asking,

"Well I was wondering if you had a girlfriend or a girl you liked?"

I look to her and hesitate most people in her social group would never approach someone like me.  Just as I am about to reply a guy comes up putting his arm around her shoulder leaning in saying,

"Better watch out Ariya might go psycho if she saw you talking to her man."

I look to him in disbelief as he grins at me.  Ariya scoffs walking up at the point saying,

"Brayden don't be an idiot."

Brayden laughs,

"Man you two just need to kiss and get it over with.  The teacher was right you two fight like an old married couple."

I smirk at Ariya as I say,

"That would be a huge mistake because if Ariya and I did kiss she would instantly fall in love with me and that would be annoying for me."

Ariya gasps stepping up to me,

"Oh you think so?"

"I know so"

"Okay lets find out." 

She steps closer to me and I try to back up but I am up against the door frame.  I totally didn't expect this reaction from her. 

"Woah hold on"  I say,

"No we are going to kiss and get his out of the way right now, so everyone can just shut up." 

She takes another step closer looking up into my eyes and nervousness begins to over take me.  She raises one of her hands bringing it to the side of my face leaning closer.  My gaze turns to her supple glossy pink lips.  Her fingers sifted through my hair as her hand slid around cupping the back of my head.  Her thumb stroked my cheek and my breathing quickened thinking this is actually going to happen. 

Everyone grew silent watching us, even the teacher stopped what he was doing to see how this was going to turn out.  She brings her lips inches from mine, so close I can feel her breath on mine.  Then suddenly she grips my hair into her fist and yanks my head back pulling me out of the room.

"Ow ow ow fuck!"  I yelled as I jerked her hand away pulling her to me with her arm behind me.  Her body bumped into mine as we sneered at each other.  The class laughs as we just glare at each other.

"Okay you two stop!"  The teacher yells out to us as we both separate looking away guiltily.  "You two need to stop fighting and go to your next class now.  And Fabien no more cussing"

"Yes sir" Ariya says as we both turn heading to our next class.  At first we are walking silently with anger on our faces.  Then she says to me,  "Don't ever touch me again and don't think you know more about Henrietta because you don't"

Not even looking at her I say,

"You were the one who touched me.  And I may not know as much about her, but you don't know as much as you think you do.  Because what I said about that war was right and you know it." She growls and we spend the rest of the day not talking to each other. 

About 2 hours go by and I am finally relaxing in my room when I hear the roommates return.  They are awfully loud and it sounds like there are more people with them, even some females which usually aren't allowed in the guy's dorm rooms. When I walk out I see the roommates with Jason and David and 3 female serfs.  One of the females I dated a while back but ended up breaking it off with her because she was way too clingy and overly jealous for me.  She always wanted to know where I was 24/7.  Her name is Ashley.

The females smile to me seeing me in just my pajama pants without a t-shirt on.  David walks over trying to block their line of sight to me and quietly says,

"Come on Fabien, put a shirt on you are making us look bad."

I glance down noticing I forgot to put one on saying,

"Oh sorry"

I start walking to my room and I hear Ashley say,

"Fabien you are looking good now.  You should leave the shirt off."

I shake my head and walk back into my room throwing on a shirt.  When I come back out they are wanting to drink and play some games since it is the weekend.  I pretty much end up playing wingman for them the rest of the night.  They try hitting on me and I say I am dating someone at the moment.  When they ask who I don't know why but the first name that came out was Ariya.  I hesitate looking at the guys but they start going along with it.  I just wish I said Elizabeth instead but keep going along with the lie.



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