a tree

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it's a poem based on tree and here the tree is personificating itself and it is saying about its feelings.

Submitted: May 24, 2017

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Submitted: May 24, 2017



I came,I grew; for people,i was new; from the time of Adams & Eve, still I'm giving you.

I want nothing, but just a little care, you take everything from me, from food to what you wear.

You think me as a gift of god, for you to stay alive; But what would happen if I would not be there, how would you stay alive ?

I give you oxigen,I give you food, I give you shelter,I give you wood, You take everything & give me nothing but still I'm giving you.

Some are there to take care of me, some are there to take my advantage, some cut me for there use, and the only thing happens is.... decreasing of environment's voltage.

You people; cut me down, till your heart says, one day would come, when I would not be there, & you would also pass away.

Time is there,take my care, you would pass, but another generation is there. Think for them,how would they stay, what would they eat? What would they wear?

Time is there, take my care....

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