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My first story (Almost a semi-novel). This will be longer after extensive proofing

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



PART 1: Dark Skies

The desolate, barren lands of a rundown shanty town braces for another sandstorm. The sand cloud more than twenty feet tall, looms in the distance as the town occupants scurry into their homes. The sand is much closer and the sound of sand scraping metal rings throughout the town. Miners, scavengers, and traders all huddle in their homes as the sand blasts its way through the town. The violent storm of sand shakes the foundations and scrap metal from the homes exposing some unsuspecting townspeople from within. As the sand clouds pass, the occupants once again have lived another day in the wasteland they call home.

A tall, lean young woman brushes off the sand from her clothes and helps the towns folk. As of seventeen years of age, she has been hardened by the spoils of combat and the rugged wasteland. Her name was Kaisa, only daughter of a war survivor, known as Jack. She had only heard stories of life before the wasteland age, pristine cities made of glass and life of luxury without fear or pain. She could only dream of such things, but she knew the wasteland was unforgiving and relentless. She wore a faded purple hooded jacket that has almost appeared black with the amount of soot and dirt covering it. She loved that jacket, always wearing her hood, covering her dark black hair folded into a ponytail and tucked into her jacket. Her blue miner pants were shredded with rips and tears around her legs and thighs. She wore a belt that held her compass, canteen, and her father’s hunting knife fastened into a leather sleeve.

She enjoyed scavenging with her father as it fueled her thirst for adventure and bloodlust. The adrenaline after a kill always satiated a darkness within her that she could never control. In the wasteland, there were always rogues who turned on each other, yet Kaisa has always anticipated her prey’s betrayal and before long, her double-crossed challenger was stripped of their valuables and a slit throat. Her impeccable timing and calculation always got her the kill and helps her escape dire situations. A rabid animal had no chance against Kaisa. Though having her father’s hunting knife, she despises using it as it is somewhat sacred to her, instead she enjoys using her sniper rifle crafted by a blacksmith out of scrap, for the right price. Her sniper rifle, known as Artemis, was crafted with tempered steel and gold, a one of a kind weapon.

Kaisa approached her home and began welding the scrap metal back onto the wall. the scrap welded cleanly into the wall as Kaisa finished up a couple of touch ups. The clouds have dispersed and the sky was clear orange color with a big bright red colored sun radiating heat to the planet. With her home maintenance done, she decided to head to town to help the others.

It was only then did Kaisa realize the blue and purple orb hovering above the city. The orb seemed to be pulsating and releasing shockwaves of heated air into its surroundings. The amount of pressure radiating from the orb has begun causing the closest buildings to crumple into flat scraps of metal. The entire town is now entirely covered by the orb. Scavengers begin to rise into the air slamming into debris and one another. As the motionless victims rise higher, a hole opens from the orb. From the hole, an entire city shaped in a grid is visible. Kaisa just stares in awe as she is overwhelmed by the sight of the city.

“HEELLLPPP! I CAN’T CONTROL IT”, screamed a female voice in the distance. Kaisa, startled by the voice, reawakens back to her senses and begins to edge closer to the massive cavity in the sky. Kaisa urges on as shrapnel and people are being whirled around her. A hand appears from the hole reaching out as if to ask for assistance. Calmly, Kaisa steadies Artemis into her arms and aims towards the hand. The scope follows every inch the had moves. Kaisa takes a deep breath and fires.

A scream of pain is heard through the sound of the storm. The orb begins collapsing upon itself and squeezes the debris into it. The debris falls and the sky is once again clear. Kaisa pulls Artemis’ bolt, releasing a bullet casing, and slings it over her shoulder. She begins walking back to her home.

The metal shack she once called home was now in ruins. The building had crumpled into a flat rusted metal sheet buried into the ground. Underneath, Jack lay motionless pinned down by his lower torso under the metal scraps. Kaisa screamed at the sight of her dying father as she ran to his side. Piece by piece, Kaisa tears off the scraps in attempt to free her father. With a sudden jolt of pain, Jack’s eye burst open and he body begins to tremble. He reaches out to Kaisa and says weakly, “Go with her, live a better life”. Kaisa wipes away the tears from her face and comforts her dying father. “What do you mean father, go where? Have you forgotten where we live?”, Kaisa asked.

“Oh Kaisa, I wished I’ve told you”, Jack sighs, “You must go with her, you must survive.”

“You’re not making any sense, dad”, replies Kaisa

“All in due time daughter”, says Jack, “Oh it’s been so long, I can barely remember.”

 “Go my daughter, they are coming once again.”

“Father, I will never leave your side. I will fight till the death if it means being with you.”

“So naïve, my daughter, but soon you will learn”

“I don’t want to lose you, father” Within those last words, Jack slumped to the floor. Kaisa, clutching Jack’s hands, sat in silence with the slightest sound of whimpering.

“PLEASE”, the female voice boomed from the sky, “He’s dead, my brother is dead.”

Kaisa, puzzled by the voice, turned to the sky to see the orb retuning. This time, shadow-like clouds emerged from the orb crashing down into the wastelands. The shadows tear through the building and cover the land in its dark wake. Kaisa, aware of this newly found danger, stood up, now filled with anger, pulls out her father’s knife and readies for a fight.

In the distance, a bright pink light pillar appears from the shadowy sky piercing into the ground. From the light, a young woman falls from the sky, into the desolate wasteland. Kaisa surprised by the light falls off guard and is struck in the abdomen. Kaisa falls to the ground to be greeted by a shadow thrusting from the air above into her face. The shadow, unlike shadows Kaisa has ever known, has a physical presence and strikes her in the face. The impact was like a direct punch to the face. The shadow begins to rise again, finding an opening to attack. This time Kaisa was ready, watching the shadows movements and searching for patterns. Its movement was similar to a snake as it weaved through the air. The shadow compacted into a tighter form of shadow and propels itself towards Kaisa. Kaisa, anticipating an attack, rolls to the side and begins running towards the pink light. Looking back, Kaisa notices the shadow has split into two streams and has begun to chase her. With knife in hand, Kaisa awaits for the next attack. The shadows attack simultaneously in front and back of Kaisa. Within the moment the shadows condense, Kaisa strikes the forward-facing shadow and shatters the shadow into a black mist. As the second shadow turns behind Kaisa, she ducks nearly missing the attack. Soon after ducking, Kaisa slings her rifle into her arms and fires into the shadow as it tries to regroup into an attacking position.

As Kaisa stands, shadows envelop her like chains. She notices her shadow begins to move away from her until it begins emerging from the ground. A man in a carbon fiber armor emerges from the shadow, his eyes glowing red, and his mouth covered by a gas mask. Pure anger and hatred in his eyes as he looks upon Kaisa. With a bright pink flash, a girl in a blood-stained sailor shirt and black leggings under short shorts appears next to the man, striking him with a short rapier glowing pink. In agony, the man dissipates into shadow and shoots skyward. “Get ready, he’s coming back”, says the young woman to Kaisa.

“Huh? What is going on?”, Kaisa replies puzzled.

“No time, just move!”, exclaimed the woman.

The shadows begin to collect above them creating a black sky. The man once again appears from the shadows, hovering over the town. With a slight flick of a hand, a rush of shadows demolishes the rest of the town. Unamused, He materializes shadow daggers and drops to the ground. While dropping, he launches some daggers towards Kaisa’s direction. Kaisa’s reflexes kick in as she nearly misses the daggers. The young woman begins glowing white and disappears. Kaisa begins to make a run towards a hill to have some sort of vantage point over the situation. Little flashes of white and pink flutter across the town, followed by black mist. The man was still near the center of the town, Kaisa readies her rifle, setting her sights on his upper torso. She fires and the bullet slightly cracks the armor. Instinctively, the man launches daggers towards her direction. Kaisa rechambers her next shot and sees the daggers. Something is wrong, thinks Kaisa. The daggers are moving at an extremely slow pace. There are no more flashing lights, instead, a single light is beginning to fade. Kaisa focuses her scope towards the light and sees the young woman from before slicing through daggers with her rapier and almost transparent. As Kaisa realizes time has slowed down, she notices her left arm is glowing purple and trembling. She slings her rifle over her shoulder and steadies her knife in her right hand.

Kaisa begins running towards the man with her bloodlust uncontrollably present. She reaches the man and plunges the knife into his throat tearing out flesh and bone. As the blood splatters over her face, the time around her normalizes. The man teetering back grabs Kaisa by the throat and slams her into the ground. He stabs Kaisa in the chest with a newly materialized dagger. Before Kaisa can react, a familiar pink blade pierces his chest. In agony, he dissolves into darkness and rises to the sky. The shadows envelop the hole in the sky and disappear completely, leaving a once again bright sky.

The young woman, with a bloodied hand, sheaths her rapier and helps Kaisa up. Kaisa, extremely panicked, yells at the woman, “Who the hell are you? What is going on?”

“Whoa, calm down. If I knew you were going to be like this, I’d rather have let you die.”, replied the young woman, “Ok, first of all, my name is Reiya and second of all, who we just fought I have no damn clue who or what he was.”

“So you don’t know either”, said Kaisa disappointedly, “My name is Kaisa.”

“What is this place anyways? Is this Arizona or the Sahara?”

“What’s that?”

“Arizona and the Sahara Desert? Are you kidding me?”

“Whatever those are, we are not there.”

“So then, where are we?”

“I don’t know. We never had a name for this place. I just call it home.”

“Well it looks like a shit hole before I even arrived.”

Girls, please”, says a voice in the distance.

Reiya and Kaisa ready their weapons as they turn around. A withered man in a cloak chuckles at the sight of the girls.

“Who the hell are you?”, retorted Reiya.

“Watch your mouth. Your mother didn’t raise you like that. And you…”, the man replied sharply pointing to Kaisa, “Your father would not be proud of your lack of respect and bloodlust.”

Angrily, Kaisa charges the man with her knife. “Stop that.”, says the man elbowing Kaisa, falling her to the ground. Reiya, already in close proximation, thrusts her rapier towards the man. The man parries the rapier with a back of the hand and a quick jab to the abdomen knocks Reiya on her back.

“Are you ready to listen children?”, the man confidently asks.

The girls both grunt and await what the man is going to say.

“Your abilities are magnificent and you should know how to use them. Just like Life and Death walk similar paths, intertwining at times, you too will undergo similar journeys. A girl out of time and a girl without a home. Yet, the other complements the other, one can control the flow of the universe and the other can control time itself. A balance of space and time within your interactions.”

The girls listen intently as the truth of their abilities are explained, never before have they known someone who knew so much more than they have ever known. Detail by detail, the man explains their abilities and how they create each other’s balance. A reliance of the other’s powers. He explains that there was a third part of the balance, darkness. With light comes darkness, while they have provided the light, someone needed to possess darkness. The darkness was taken over by a man named Visz, a bloodthirsty maniac who has lost his humanity. He allowed himself to be manipulated and eventually gave his existence away to become part of the darkness. In turn, Visz became a shadow of his past self. When their purpose was explained, the man introduced himself as Alexander and disappeared. After Alexander’s disappearance, Reiya and Kaisa created a gateway to Reiya’s home.


PART II: The Fall of Humanity

Reiya and Kaisa were greeted with a city succumbing to ruins. A world where no war nor fear, now has begun to fall into chaos. The skies covered by darkness with shadows raining from above. The sound of screaming and pain fill the dying city. Once tall buildings, are now crumbling and collapsing onto its people down below. Reiya, a funny and loving young woman, now is stone-gazed and emotionless at the sight of her ruined hometown.

The two girls both stunned by the sight, did not detect a group of shadow armored soldiers armed with assault rifles. Kaisa was the first to notice, as her instincts kicked in slowing down time around her. In a world unknown with a complete stranger, Kaisa slings her rifle and fires at the soldiers. She grasps Reiya’s hand begins to run for it. Reiya, confused by the now slowed down time, teleports both of them behind the soldiers. She unsheathes her rapier and pierces through a couple of soldiers. After most soldiers fall, time begins to normalize and Reiya blinks between soldiers, killing them one by one.

A voice booms from the sky, “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“Visz”, both confirming his presence.

“War isn’t a place for children. You no longer have him to help you either. Go home.”

“You ruined my city”, Reiya says angrily, “You killed my brother. You will die.”

Visz chuckles as Reiya sets her ultimatum. “You have nothing, no one. What makes you so sure you can kill me?”

“She has me, you will fall, Visz. Feel the wrath of two worlds, you piece of shit!”, screams Kaisa firing at Visz with her sniper rifle.

Reiya looks over at Kaisa, shocked and says, “Thanks, let’s finish him.”

The three clashed together for hours on end destroying their surroundings. Flashes of pink and purple lit up the shadowy sky as the girls used their abilities to combat Visz. As days passed, Reiya and Kaisa became exhausted and weak until Visz no longer could stay in his shadow form. The three found themselves in a situation where no winner would come out on top.

Frustrated, Reiya began forcing her body to blink around Visz, exerting her energy past its limits. Visz, engulfed in the Reiya’s energy, releases his shadow energy in a blast going all out to beat his foes. Kaisa, aware of Visz’s end game, slowed down time and focused her power into Reiya’s energy. The immense collision of energies created a shockwave knocking down the three and shattered the earth below them. Where they stood has become a pitch-black hole absorbing all light surrounding it. The three fighters unable to fight back, begin being pulled into the black hole without resistance.  Once faced with the black hole, the they collapse due to exhaustion and get sucked into the black hole.

It was only after Kaisa awakens when she realized she was back in the remains of her fallen city. Looking around, she noticed twin bright colored blades emanating from her arms. The blades, phasing in and out of visibility, was a white colored light with a stream of blue and purple fluctuating like lightning within the blade. Kaisa could hear heavy breathing yet no one was in sight.

“Reiya where are you”, asks Kaisa in her new dilemma. With that said, the heavy breathing stopped and replied a familiar voice.

“Kaisa, where am I? Where are you?”

“Reiya…. I’m back home. I don’t know what’s going on”

“Home? Like the crater home?”

“Yeah…I’ve got some blades too”

“Blades? What are you talking abo….!”

Kaisa never heard the rest as Reiya’s scream nearly deafened Kaisa.


PART III: Revelations

“Reiya what’s going on”

“He…he’s back. Hold on let me find you”

Kaisa confused from what Reiya had said is now being swarmed in purple energy and is pulled backward into a pitch-black tunnel. Being dragged through darkness, Kaisa realized she was being pulled through space.

Kaisa slammed into a sand pile, tearing into her side. The sand, black and ash colored, felt cold to the touch. The surrounding area was completely dark without a single star in the sky. There standing between Reiya and Kaisa, stood Visz in a ragged cloak.

“Welcome to my realm of darkness”

“What the hell”, replied Kaisa.

“Get up we need to get out of here”, exclaimed Reiya.

Both girls stood up and prepared for a fight.




Time had gone by so long, Reiya and Kaisa had lost sense of time in the world of darkness. Visz had the upper hand striking down Kaisa with Reiya shortly after. Smug with his victory, Visz materialized a shadow dagger to finish off the girls.

“Now is the hour of your death. Pity you have fallen in this forgotten world I have ravaged once before”

“What is wrong with you”, Reiya says weakly.

“I’ll enjoy ridding the world of your likes”

“They can never fall”, replied an elderly voice behind Visz.

Visz, shocked turned around too late as an elderly man grasped Visz with a kinetic force, shoving him into the ground. The man, Alexander their old mentor, began emanating an immense kinetic force crushing Visz into a crumpled piece of flesh. Alexander shortly collapsed onto the ground, still grasping onto Visz.

The girls now faced with the fate of their mentor, rush to his aid.

“Why, why use up your energy to save us?”, asked Reiya

“A father must protect his children naïve daughter.”, replies Alexander

The two gasp at his absurd claim

“You three have a rough lifetime, separated into different timelines. Your mother hated the thought of you banding together.”

“Wait, you mean…Visz? Are you serious?”

“My father died because of Visz, and you claim to be his father”, Kaisa replied coldly.

“Ah yes! Jack, your father, found you after I lost the three of you. It hurt the most when I had to let an old friend die.”

“You let him die?”

“He was the one who wanted to train you for your fight with Visz. Yet, I didn’t know he got this strong, capable of destroying the entire earth.” Alexander says as he looked upon the ruins of Earth.

“I understand how you feel, I leave it up to you, how you want to live your life”, Alexander says as he materializes two portals mirroring the Present and Future Earth. With the creation of the portals, Alexander slumped to the ground leaving a doorway for his children with his dying breath.

“So, which are you going to?”, asked Reiya edging towards The Present.

“I don’t know, I just… I don’t know”

“Take care, sister, I’ll love you wherever you choose to go”, Reiya says as she enters The Present.

Kaisa, given the choice between her life before and a new life with her sister, steps into a portal, emerging into the world once again.






© Copyright 2019 Alexander13997. All rights reserved.

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