The Hunter Chronicles: Nathan Hunt

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - Chapter Ten - The Razzmit

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Submitted: September 03, 2017



The wind against my fur felt wonderful. I hadn’t ran free like that in a long time. The cool, refreshing, crisp air was glorious in my lungs. It reinvigorated me with a sense of renewal. I found my way to Castle Red and entered. The castle was a maze of halls and doorways but I knew my way around pretty well. I walked directly to the throne room where I found Karla sitting.

“Do you ever leave that seat?” I asked.

“It gets so cold without my warmth.” She replied.

“You are dead. You don’t have any warmth left.” I said.

“Do you have anything to report?” She asked.

“One thing. A message from the hunters.” I replied before I took a deep breath, “The prototype is nearly completed.”

“What?! You are sure of this? Who was this hunter? What else did they tell you?” Karla demanded.

“His name is Lucien.” I answered, “He said nothing more of importance. But he did seem to know you. Said something about you being pleased with this information.”

“Damn Van Helsings. They always know how to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. He is correct about one thing though. I am pleased with this new-found news.” Karla said. We both stood quiet for a moment. I wasn’t sure what else to say or do.
“If there is nothing else I’d like to return to my room please.” I requested.

“One last thing. Did you kill Kas yet?” She asked.

“I have not. I feel like she would be worth convincing to join us. I just need time.” I answered.

“Time?! You have been gone from home for at least two days. You are running out of time. Kill her. NOW!” She ordered. I shrugged it off as I turned to leave the room. I opened the large double doors and stepped through. My room was to the left. Goosebumps formed on my skin when I thought about killing Kas. I was going to have to fully commit to one side or the other soon enough. I wouldn’t be able to play on both sides of the field for much longer.


I laid on my bed trying to relax as I thought about what I was going to do. One hand I had to team with the people who tortured and experimented on me, making me become a new kind of monster. The other hand had me teaming with Kas and some of her friends. I just didn’t know if I could trust these friends. Lucien was a mystery to me. I couldn’t get a good read on the guy but that was probably because I haven’t been in a room with him for more than a minute or so. The Reverend was a piece of work. He demanded things of somebody he had no clue about. He acted like he knew me or something. Maybe they have been tracking me for years. Maybe they knew what would happen if Kas went after me. I had no clue. I did know one thing. I needed to know what this prototype was.


I heard a knock at my door. I sat up on the bed and looked to the door. Again, I heard the knock.

“Come in.” I called out. Much to my surprise, Sophie waltzed into the room arm in arm with Abigael.

“Nathan, there isn’t much time. I need you to go. Go to your hunter friends. They will keep Abigael safe.” Sophie said abruptly. I was taken aback by this but I didn’t question the order. I felt it in my gut that something was off. I stood up from my bed and grabbed Abigael by the hand. We bolted out the door and slowed to a brisk walk down the halls of the castle. Abi was directly behind me, following. We walked through the castle without anybody noticing us.

When we were outside, I looked to Abi with curiosity. Abi smiled at me as we started to walk away from the castle.

“Abi, what’s going on?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Sophie came to me and unlocked my cell. She dragged me out and told me that I needed to leave and that it wasn’t safe. She also said that you were the only one who could protect me.” Abi explained.

“She told me to get to you my hunter friends. How does she know about them? Who is Sophie, really?” I demanded.

“I don’t know. I wish I could tell you more.” Abi answered.

“Alright fine. Let’s go.” I said, “First we need to go to my apartment and get my car. We have a long walk ahead of us otherwise.” With that being said, I led Abi to my apartment and luckily my car was still parked out front. I sat down in the driver’s side and Abi climbed in on the passenger side. I started the engine and shifted into reverse. I pulled out of the parking place and floored it out of the parking lot. The car slid sideways but I had it under control. I spun the wheel around and straightened myself out. I had to get back to Kas and The Reverend as soon as possible. I was sure The Reverend would know what to do. I powered all the way through Haven, ignoring anybody I saw. Once I reached the south end of town I turned east and hauled ass over to a dirt road on the side of the main highway. This was where I found the road when The Reverend sent me off. I drove down the road for a way until it ended and we had to continue foot. I did my best to remember how to find the tube and I felt like I was getting us more lost but I finally found it. I climbed in first and had Abi climb in after me. I had to make sure it was safe inside for her before I let her in fully.

“Abi I want you to stay up on this ladder until I tell you to come down all the way. I need to make sure everything is fine first.” I explained.

“Understood.” She replied.  I approached the last few rungs of the ladder and stepped off.


“Hey, Rev.” I called out. The Reverend didn’t respond at all. Kas was sitting across the way on a chair watching TV. “Yo, Reverend!” I called out louder.

“Yes, Nathan? Can’t you see I’m busy?” The Reverend replied as he held a newspaper out in front of him.

“Sure, okay but I have a guest. Can she come in?” I asked.

“Nathan, you can’t go around bringing people here. This is a top-secret operation. But sure, lets have a look at her.” The Reverend replied.

“Alright come on down, Abi.” I called up to tube. She climbed down the last few stepped and planted her feet on the floor.

“Abigael Brimms?” The Reverend asked.

“Yessir.” She replied, “Who might you be?”

“You can call me The Reverend for now.” He answered, “What brings you here, young lady?”

“Somebody told me I’d be safe here. But I have a question for you if you don’t mind?” She asked.

“Shoot.” The Reverend replied.

“How did you know my name?” She asked.

“Look, I’ll you the same thing I told Nathan. We have been tracking your progress up until three years ago when you fell off the grid. You were the only person ever born into being a hybrid. I believe that makes you sixteen, right?”


“Oh, did I hear that right? She is sixteen, eh? Such a tasty, beautiful, young morsel. So delectable. Care to play a little game?” A voice echoed through-out the bunker. It was obviously a male voice but I could not tell where it came from. A moment later a young man walked through the bedroom door to the left and stepped out. He has white hair and a black hooded sweatshirt on. He looked directly at Abigael and licked his lips, “Oh yes, very VERY delectable. I haven’t had a decent meal in weeks.” He continued.

“What sort of game?” Abi asked.

“Just a game of dice. Whoever rolls the highest wins. Very simple.” He explained.

“What are the stakes?” She asked.

“If I win, I get you, to do with as I please. But if you win… IF you win, I will join this party of renegades without a fight.”

“What are you?” I asked before they got started. It looked like Abi would dive head first into this cluster fuck without even thinking. I was meant to keep her safe, not to let her fall into the hands of some insane con artist.

“I am called, Warren Snow. What I am…. The simple term is called a Razzmit. And this is what I REALLY look like.” Warren explained before his whole body was covered in black and he began to shrink. Two large ears sprouted on top of his head and his eyes were glowing red. He appeared to be some sort of demon rabbit creature.

“That’s it? A rabid rabbit?” I taunted. His appearance rapidly changed back into his more human look and he glared at me.

“A rabid rabbit? Do you not know what I have accomplished? I have done the impossible. No others have managed it.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“How about, if Abigael wins, I’ll join and tell you my story. But only if she wins.” Warren replied.

“Fine, but it’s up to Abi.” I answered.

“I’ll do it. I have to do it.” Abi said aloud.

“Excellent. Here I’ll even go first. The rules are simple, throw two dice and whoever rolls the highest wins.” Warren explained as he reached into his pocket and snagged a pair of dice. He threw them on the table next to him. A four and a six landed face up on the dice, “Excellent start Warren, excellent start. Your turn sweety.”

“Alright.” Abi said as she grabbed the dice from the table. She tossed them with one hand and kept the other at her side. As the dice rolled I saw her wiggle her fingers. A six and a five land on the board.

“How did you do that? You must have cheated. Nobody beats me at dice.” Warren replied outraged.

“It’s the luck of the fall. So, are you going to tell us about yourself now?” Abi replied.


“Okay then, you beat me at my own game so fair is fair.” Warren started, “I assume you know about the device?”

“What device. All I have heard is something about a prototype and nothing more.” I explained.

“Aye, well you need a lesson then. An American living in England developed a device that can capture things like us. he would then train the monsters he captures and fights against us with his new found pets.” Warren explained, “I am the only creature…. Creature, im not sure I like being called that. Im a Razzmit for god sake. Anyways, I am the only one to ever escape from one of those wretched prisons.”

“What does this have to do with the prototype?” I asked.

“It has everything to do with the prototype. The hunters are developing their own version of this device but plan to use it as a genocide tool. They want to wipe all monsters out or enslave them.” Warren explained further.

“This is why we need the help of you, Kasula, and even Warren. We need more than a few ragtag hunters to stop this threat.” The Reverend said.

“Why couldn’t this have been explained earlier? Why so much secrecy?” I asked.

“Because Nathan. Its delicate information. If news of our rebellion got into the wrong hands. We could be wiped out before we even get started. And the idea of hunters working with monsters is unheard of. We could all be executed.” Lucien explained as he walked into the room.

“Then why did you want me to pass on this information to Karla? Doesn’t that give valuable information to the wrong side?” I asked.

“Whether she knows it or not, we are on the same side. Monsters just want to live, and we want to make that happen. Yes, we are hunters, and we kill monsters. But nobody mentioned slavery or genocide. We just wanted to stop the overly active monsters.” Lucien explained.

“Wow this has my head spinning.” I complained.

“Nathan quit whining. We have work to do. Now that you brought the kid here, were have more work to do.” Kas barked.

“Speaking of Abigael, what are we going to do with her. We are supposed to keep her safe. A Vampire named Sophie sent me away with Abi and I have no idea why.” I explained.

“Sophie. You are sure?” The Reverend asked.

“Yea, you know her?” I asked. The Reverend looked at me with an awkward smile.

“Yes. I do know her.” He replied.

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