The Hunter Chronicles: Nathan Hunt

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Chapter Eleven - Change In Leadership

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Submitted: September 08, 2017




“Who…. WHAT is she?” I asked. I half expected The Reverend to talk me in circles.


“She is old. Very old. And she is a vampire. She is incredibly powerful. Other than that, I cannot say.” He explained.
“Well shit. I may have fallen into a trap.” I confessed.


“What do you mean?” Kas asked as she walked over from the television set.


“Sophie told me to bring her here and that you guys would protect her. Why else would she tell me that? She has a plan and it can’t be good.” I explained.


“Well, fuck. I don’t know what to do. We can’t send her on her way. But we can’t keep her here either.” Lucien replied.


“Yes, we can.” The Reverend, “If I know Sophie the way I think I do. This isn’t such a bad thing. Something could have gone wrong on her end and it was the only way out.”




I felt relieved to say the least. I mean if Sophie’s plot wasn’t as sinister as I originally thought, that was probably a good thing. For now, we had Abigael on our side. She was a natural born hybrid. One of a kind. Different from Kas and I. Then we had Warren, the little rabid rabbit, who knows how to escape from prisons. Geez wouldn’t that have been helpful a while ago?



It had been long day. A lot had happened. For now, Abigael was safe and we had another new ally… if Warren could be called that. He seemed more like reluctant participant for the time being. None of that mattered. I still had to find my soul, then figure out how to get it back.




That night I fell in to a deep slumber. I began to dream, but the dream felt so real that it was hard to tell that I was dreaming. I was locked in a cage with nobody around, like how Karla kept me imprisoned except there were no bars. This prison had four walls, none with a door, with a roof and a floor. It seemed there was no way out. I stood up. In the shadows cast by an unknown light source, I saw a person huddled in the fetal position in the corner. I heard the faint sounds of crying. I wasn’t sure I should approach them but something told me that they needed help.




I paused a moment but before long their crying was replaced with laughter. I stepped back from this person. When they stood up, they stepped out of the shadows, revealing their face. It was Karla. The crazy bitch was still giggling menacingly.


“Welcome Nathan. Welcome to the cage. This is a place that you have grown very familiar with as time goes on. It’s the location of your soul.” She explained.


“My soul? So, you did steal my soul from me. Where is it?” I demanded.


“Your soul is in my possession. It’s always near. One could say it’s right next to my heart.” She answered.


“Next to your heart. What the hell does that mean?” I shouted.


“Nathan, it’s time for you to choose. Who shall you run to?” She asked. A spot light turned on over her head, then in two of the other corners of the room, spot light flicked on. These lights revealed two other faces that I recognized. One being Sophie, and the other being Kas. What the fuck did she want me to do here. How do I choose?




As I stared at each of them, my heart raced. I didn’t know what to do here. What did she mean by Who shall I run to? Once I got there, what was I supposed to do. I looked Kas in the eyes and she stared back at me blankly. Sophie was the same way. Karla was the only one who showed any emotion. I didn’t care, I turned to Kas and ran. I grabbed her in my arms and squeezed. Kas pulled away from me and looked me in the eye.


“Who the fuck are you?” She asked. She had a confused look on her face.


“Kas, it’s me, Nathan. What’s wrong?” I asked her in return.


“Nathan? You look like fucking Freddy Krueger.” She replied. I looked at my hands and they were covered in horrible blisters and burns that extended all the way up my arms.


“Kas, I need you to listen to me. Somehow, I need you to help me. We must get back into Castle Red to steal my soul back. Karla has it.” I explained.


“We know Karla has it but that’s not much to go on, numbnuts.” She answered.


“I know that but she gave me a hint. Its next to her heart. I don’t know what that means but it’s gotta be something.” I continued.


“Well how do we get out of here?” She asked.


“I don’t…..” I trailed off. A moment later I was lying awake in a bed.




I checked the clock next to me. It was a little after midnight. I stood up from the bed and looked around. The lights were out but I could see as clear as day. Being a nocturnal creature had its benefits. I left the room and found my way to the room where Kas was resting. The problem was that, what I opened the door she was nowhere to be seen. I searched the bunker and she was nowhere. I found my way to the tube with the ladder and climbed up. She left no trail that I could follow. Where the hell could she have gone? I walked through the woods until I reached my car. I started her up and drive out of the wood. I had to think of where Kas might have gone. I made a B-line for Riddleton.




I arrived at my apartment complex. I got out of the car and went up to my apartment. When I opened the door, I was greeted with a silver pistol in my face.


“About time you found me. I thought I was going to have to storm the Castle without ya.” Kas taunted as she lowered her gun.


“Well, I was bound to find you here. It’s the only place I know you would go.” I explained.


“Enough excuses. Are we going to do this or not, Freddy Krueger?” She teased.


“So, you did see what I saw. So, what’s the plan?” I asked.


“Storm the castle and kill as many asshole vampires and werewolves as we can until we find Karla.” She suggested.


“That’s it. Go all suicide squad and try not to die?” I asked.


“Yea, that’s pretty much it.” She replied.


“Fuck it, let’s go.” I said before turning and leaving the apartment. Kas followed shortly behind me.




When we both arrived in the parking lot, I hopped into my car. I looked to Kas and signaled for her to join me and she hopped in.


“So why are we in the car? Isn’t it a little bit loud?” Kas asked.


“Yea but that’s the point. I want them to see us coming. Karla will know that she meets her end tonight.” I explained.


“Nate-o, I like your style. Let’s do this.” She agreed. I backed out of the parking spot and floored it out of the lot, drifting sideways on the way out. I drove as fast as I possibly could until we reached the castle. It was a magnificent stone structure in the light of the full moon. I parked directly in front of the wooden gate that opened up to the inside of the castle. The engine revved as I prepared my attack.


“You ready?” Kas asked.


“Are you?” I replied before I shifted into drive and floored the gas pedal. I didn’t plan to stop. I drove as fast as my car could take me before crashing through the large wooden gate. I held the gas pedal down and plowed through the castle, mowing down as many assholes as I could. I came to an abrupt stop when I smashed into a solid stone wall. I hopped out of the car and Kas did as well.


“What the fuck was that Nate-o?” Kas said with a slight smirk curved onto her lips.


“That was my plan for taking out as many as we could before we got inside. What do you think?” I asked with a chuckle.


“I think you got balls of steel, mate.” She replied.


“I think we should split up. Covers more ground that way.” I suggested.


“Righto. I’ll just go this way.” She replied as she pointed to the hall behind her.


“Alright, I’ll go this way then.” I said and she immediately ran down the hallway.




I snapped my head to the left when I heard footsteps coming from down the hall.


“They are coming.” I said aloud.


“How many do you think there is?” Kas asked.


“At least six. Go now!” I demanded.


“No. I want some of the action too.” She replied.


“You will have plenty of action. Just go, I got this.” I ordered.


“Fine!” She shouted as she turned and ran into the darkness of the dimly lit castle hall. I turned to face my enemies. As the guards slowly came into the light, I saw one much larger vampire knight. He seemed to be leading the rest of them. He stopped about ten feet in front of me and waited as the others surrounded me. There were exactly six soldiers, including the large one.




“Well, well, well. Look what we have here boys. It’s the pet mutt.” The large one said.


“And who are you?” I replied with a smirk.


“I’m knight captain Regina—” He started to say but I interrupted him with a fist in his chest. I grasped his heart and gave it a slight squeeze.


“Dead, Knight Captain Dead. That’s who.” I replied.


“Please, don’t. We can work something out.” He pleaded. I just smiled as I watched a single tear roll down his cheek.


“Yea I think you are right. We need a change in leadership. Goodbye.” I replied. I let out a small chuckle before I yanked on his heart, freeing it from the confines of his ribcage. I looked around to the rest of the soldiers, “So who’s next?” Without saying a word two of the soldiers lunged at me, swinging their swords wildly. One grazed my skin and shaved a bit of hair from my arm. I smiled at them and lunged one hand at each. Before they knew what happened, I had my hand in their chests gripping their hearts. “Three down, three to go.” I said to them before ripping their heart out. I watched as their bodies dropped to the group.




The remaining three grouped up together and backed up slightly. It seemed as if they were planning an attack. I waited for only a moment before charging them. They weren’t surprised but I didn’t want them to plan too much. I clawed for their chests but each dodged my attacks as they flanked around me. One remained in front, the other two were on either side of me. All three of them lunged at me at the same time. I dodged each of their attacked and their swords locked together where I originally stood. I turned until I faced two of them. I powered my fists through their sternums and grasped their hearts. Before I could pull it out, I felt a sharp pain to my shoulder blade. I looked down and saw a long blade had been lunged through my right shoulder. It burned and stung like hell. I growled something fierce and ripped out the two hearts in my gasp. The vampire knight behind me pulled his sword out of his chest. I turned to face him. My eyes were full of anger and he was shaking in his boots. I could see the fear in his bloodshot eyes. I smirked one last time before I charged him. He lunged his sword at me again but I deflected it and knocked it out his hands. I didn’t grab his heart as I did the others. Instead I placed both my hands around his neck and squeezed firmly.


“Tell me where Karla is!” I demanded.


“Never! You’ll have to kill me before I tell you.” He shouted back.


“That can be arranged.” I replied to his comment before I pulled upward with a swift motion. His neck snapped and muscles tore as his head was ripped clean off his shoulders.




As blood squirted from the top of neck and his body fell to the ground, I looked down at my shoulder. The stab wound was already healing. I nearly had full movement of my shoulder in a matter of a few minutes. I looked down the hall opposite of the one Kas went down. I could see a loan candle in the distance. My head began to itch until I heard a voice.


“Go, Nathan. Follow the light.” A faint woman’s voice called out to me.


“Who, or what was that?” I asked aloud.


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