The Hunter Chronicles: Nathan Hunt

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter Six - Lucky Me

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Submitted: June 09, 2017



There was an awkward silence between all of us. Sophie seemed to have gotten nervous and got quiet on us. She took a deep breath and exhaled.

“So, I guess Abi figured it out.” She said aloud.

“Who else has been here the longest?” Abi asked rhetorically, “I was bound to figure it out eventually.”

“This is true. It matters not. Nothing is changed. They still want me to bite Nathan.” Sophie explained.

“So, what do we do then?” I asked, “I don’t really want to get bit.”

“I say we make them wait for it. They’ll get what they want, we know that. But why not milk it for as long as we can?” Kas suggested.

“I can do that.” Sophie agreed. I nodded in agreement and we waited.


Day after day we waited for nothing to change. Things, no matter the situation, always boil down to a routine. Even with our miserable boring lives, we found ourselves falling into a routine. I would pace in the morning. For several hours. Then I would do a basic workout. My accelerated regeneration still allowed for me to build muscles in this condition. So, I kept myself in shape. Kas kept herself in shape to. She always competed with me during every workout. If I did 50 sit ups, she did 60. Such a competitive little shit she was. It was weird how imprisonment becomes a normal thing after a while. Waiting for the unknown became kind of exciting in a way. They even stopped shoving silver down my throat.


Kas and I would practice throwing things at each other between the bars. After a while we got pretty good. We even stopped losing things outside the bars. It was mostly little rocks, or nuts and bolts we found. I would talk to Sophie nearly every day, to help calm her hunger. After a while though we couldn’t even sit next to each other without her going for a bite. She started to sit on the other side of the room and stay there. All day she would just sit in the corner, only moving to use the toilet which wasn’t often because we never had food or water. The poor girl was overly starved. Her eyes were bloodshot and nearly glowing red. I tried not to make eye contact with her. It only seemed to provoke her more. After a while we had to stop talking about it.


It had been over two weeks since they locked Sophie in here with me. Finally, somebody came to check on us. It was Karla and she had a rapid wolf on a leash. I watched as the foam dripped from its mouth. They were in their beast form and they had jet black matted fur.

“What the hell are you doing?” I asked aloud.

“Well, if you want to play games, I can play games too.” Karla taunted, “It’s Kas’ turn to get bit.”

“You are going to be sorry, Bitch.” Kas snorted.

“Oh feisty, I like you already. I do hope you survive.” Karla replied sarcastically.

“You better hope your mutt survives.” Kas snapped.

“Cocky too. Oh, this should be fun.” Karla said as she opened Kas’ cell door and pushed the wild mutt in. She quickly locked the cell afterward.


The beast snarled and growled at Kas as they circled each other. There was foam and drool dripping from his mouth. Kas went wild-eyed, as veins began to bulge in her eyes. They even started to glow red. They were both hungry beasts itching to kill something. The hound’s eyes glowed yellow with rage. He lunged at Kas, claws deep in the concrete floor. He flew across the small room with relative ease as Kas just did all she could to dodge him. He came at her ferociously, claws destroying everything they met. He knocked her to the ground with a blow to her back, knocking the wind out of her lungs. She coughed and strained on the floor. He immediately pounced her tore into her shoulder with his teeth. Kas screamed in horrible agony but managed to pry the beast off. He swooped in for another bite but this time his eye was met with a fork as Kas jabbed it as far in as she could. He backed off and roared in pain. Kas stood up and grabbed her shoulder, unable to life her arm. Before the beast could recollect himself, she charged at him and drove her hand through his chest. She gripped his heart and yanked it out. I watched as the dim light in the wolf’s eyes faded from existence.


“Nice one, Kas.” I said aloud.

“Of course, did you expect any different?” Kas smirked. Her expression quickly changed to concern, “Nate-o look out behind you!” I heard Kas call out but it was too late. I felt a massively sharp pain in my shoulder. I heard the mixture of growls and satisfied groans come from behind me. I reached back and it was Sophie. When our eyes met she immediately pulled off and backed into her corner. I used all the strength I could muster not to transform but it didn’t work. I transformed and charged Sophie. I managed to stop myself as I stood over her. My claws were dug into the walls around her. My rage boiled with such intense passion that I felt like I would explode. I restrained myself with all my might and slowly started to revert to human. I just stood there over Sophie, panting while I tried to collect myself.

“Nate-o. Are you okay?” Kas asked quietly.

“Are you?” I asked in return.

“What? This is only a flesh wound. My new werewolf powers should clear this up right away.” Kas replied with a chuckle.


“Well, well, well. I guess there is no need for Sophie to be here. My mission was accomplished.” Karla said as she peeked her head back around the corner, “Peek a boo!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You both got bit. That’s all I needed. I’ll send somebody to pick up the trash later.” Karla said as she walked down the hall.

“You better mean this mutt in my cell, Bitch!” Kas screamed.

“Oh, he will be your new cell mate for the time being. Have fun.” Karla remarked before she closed the door behind her.

“Well fuck.” I said in frustration, “What’s next?”

“I guess we just wait.” Kas replied.


A few hours later they removed Sophie from my cell and left us to rot. I had no idea what would happen to me now that I had been bit. I had no idea if I’d even survive. The pain on my shoulder grew with each passing day. My werewolf regenerative abilities should have fixed that by not but it had not. Maybe it was because of the bite but I had no idea. The wound seemed to get infected and fester a bit. This had me worried because in all my life as a wolf, other than when I’ve been hit with silver, I’ve never had an infection. Kas seemed to be doing alright, but that’s just what she said. It didn’t mean it was true. My hunger for blood raged through my like fire to gasoline. I was starting to feel the change. I could hear hearts pumping all around me, but Kas and Abigael’s hearts were immediately close. So, I tried to only focus on those two. The rest made my head want to explode. Beat after beat, pump after pump, their blood gushed through their bodies.


After the fifth day, Kas began to really change. her wolf form was starting to come out. She did everything she could to hold it back but sooner or later the wolf would break free. Kas had claws start to form on her hands and fur slowly protruded from her flesh. It was overtaking her and there was nothing I could do to help. Finally, I heard a monstrous roar from her cell. The wolf had taken full form. She was a magnificent red-haired wolf. A moment later she collapsed to the ground and her body reverted.

“KAS! Are you alright!?” I screamed at her. I heard nothing in reply, “Kas! Please tell me you are okay!” Tears started to stream down my face when I had the thought that Kas had died. We only just started our partnership and I didn’t want it to end just yet. Amidst my sobbing I heard a soft sweet voice.

“She is fine. It’s part of the change.” Abigael said aloud. She went silent afterwards. My crying slowed to a stop and I stood at the edge of my cell nearest Abi’s.

“You’re sure?” I asked.

“I said she is fine.” Abi replied.

“I know you said that but how can you be sure?” I asked again.

“I went through it. I know Kas will survive. I can feel it in my soul. Her life force is still strong.” Abi explained.

“Alright, if you say so. I can’t really do anything besides wait anyways.” I replied.


The change started to affect me on the sixth day. Kas was still unconscious on the ground of her cell when it hit me. I was sitting on my bed, my shoulder still in agony. I reached back and touched the wound, it was leaking profusely. Blood and puss ran down my back. I stood up and ripped off my shirt. My shoulder began to pulse wildly and I couldn’t stand the pain any longer. I fell to the ground and spasmed while I tried to regain control over myself. I couldn’t regain composure and soon blacked out.


I awoke in a daze but standing in the bathroom of my apartment. I stared into the mirror and saw my face. I scanned the area around me and two other mirrors appeared next to me. Each showed my face but they were different. One showed me as a small boy, another showed me as my current age, and the last showed me as an old man. I was confused by this and had no idea what it meant. I turned to leave the room but the door slammed closed before I could reach it. The room got hot and steamy, the mirrors covered in fog.  When I wiped away the fog from the center mirror I saw myself once again but this time I had one glowing red eye, and one glowing yellow eye. When I wiped the mirror to my left I saw my child self with two red glowing eyes. When I cleaned off the last mirror it showed my old self with two bright yellow eyes.


When the fog covered my faces again they spelled out something. Each mirror held one word. Together it said, ‘Chose Your Fate’. In that moment, I knew what I had to do. I smashed the mirror to my left and to my right. When only one mirror remained, the fog cleared up and it showed my face in my current age with one red and one yellow eye. I stood there silently waiting for something to happen but nothing did for some time. While I waited I heard a noise in the vents and when I looked I saw smoke coming through. A moment later, I blacked out once again.


When I awoke this time Kas was pacing around her cell. She seemed normal but now I could see the blood running through her body. I could even see Abigael’s blood system through the concrete wall between us.

“’Bout time you join us ya mutt.” Kas said with her normal snarky attitude, “You have been asleep for at least three days since I woke up.”

“How are you? Do you feel different?” I asked.

“Hell yea I feel different. I’m having major heat flashes, I’m starved. You know, worse than normal. Plus there is this gnawing itch behind my ear that I can’t seem to satisfy.” She replied.

“Okay good so all the normal signs. Anything so far conflicting with… your vampireness?” I asked again.

“Not yet, what about you? How are you feeling?” Kas asked me in return.

“I feel normal except that I can see your blood system pumping through your veins. The light kind of burns my eyes too.” I explained.

“Good all the normal signs. That should fade in time. I really don’t have experience as a vampire because I’ve only been one for a couple of months but still.” Kas replied. I did feel strangely empowered now, like I could punch through a brick wall if I wanted to. The feeling was amazing. I must have survived the change, lucky me.

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