The Hunter Chronicles: Nathan Hunt

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter Nine - Fuck, Kas, Why?

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Submitted: September 02, 2017



I laid strapped to a table with my clothes stripped from me. My body covered in hand painted symbols. The symbols began to glow. More symbols appeared on the walls with a bright blue glow. A portal appeared over my table and a pair of large skeletal hands came forth… I woke up in a fright. I turned to look at the clock, it was 3 A.M. I had been asleep for long enough. Plus, it was time for me to report back to the castle. I stood up from my bed and walked out the door of my bedroom.

The apartment was filled with a wonderful aroma. Kas had to be awake. Was she cooking? I walk a bit further out to see Kas in the kitchen, cooking….actual….food. What the fuck, I always did the cooking. I didn’t think she even knew how to cook.

“What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” I asked playfully.

“Steak and eggs. Almost done, have a seat.” She replied as she pointed back to the table and chairs in the corner of the kitchen.  I didn’t reply, I simply sat down at the table. I only waited a few minutes before Kas brought over a plate of food. Half a steak and two eggs were on my plate. They were steaming deliciousness. I dove right into it and devoured half. When I looked up Kas had barely touched her own food. She just had a wicked smile on her face. That was when it hit me. Something wasn’t right. My head felt woozy and hazy.

“How is the horse tranquilizer, Nate-o?” She asked.

“Fuck, Kas. Why?” I replied but I never got an answer before I blacked out.


When I finally awoke, I had no idea how much time had passed. I was in a different room. Must have been concrete walls. Were we underground? I stood up from the bed I had been placed on. It was more of a cot that anything else. I walked to the door in the small room and opened it. Kas and Lucien were sitting at large folded out table with matching chairs. Lucien wore his long black coat, with black pants and boots. Kas wore her normal attire of a black hoodie and black tight pants. I slowly walked up to them, cautious of what my next move would be.

“Kas, what the hell?” I demanded. She looked at me with a smile.

“Sorry, Nate-o. But after all that talk of joining the vamps….. I just couldn’t do it. Not even to pretend. But this, THIS is our new plan.” She replied as she stood up and spread her arms to show me the room.

“What is THIS?” I asked as I mimicked her arm gesture.

“It’s a rebellion. The Reverend has orchestrated this whole thing. He plans for us to join him in the fight.” She explained. A smile still spread across her face.

“What fight? Against the monsters?” I asked looking dumbfounded.

“No… The fight against the hunters. Do you remember the prototype that Lucien mentioned?” Kas asked.

“Of course, I still remember it. What is IT?” I asked in return.

“It’s a device that allows us to capture and train monsters to fight along side us in the battle against monsters.” Lucien said as he stood up.

“So, you enslave our kind and force them to fight?” I asked.

“Yes, but that’s what this rebellion is all about. We plan to stop this from happening. The Reverend is in Europe right now. He is working with the inventor of this device. The hunters don’t have access to the full schematics, so they are making due with what they do have. Making a much more dangerous device. We need to stop the development of these devices entirely.” Lucien explained.

“So, why do you need us?” I asked,

“Because Karla is working on her own version of the same device, and we will need you to infiltrate them to relay back any progress, or plans they come up with. We need to be read for this fight on all fronts.” Lucien explained further.


“Wow, alright. Let me get my head wrapped around all this. So, it’s our small group of misfits against the world? Does this sound about right?” I asked sarcastically.

“That’s an accurate description of our situation.” Lucien replied.

“And how do we hope to win?” I asked.

“Well we have three of the best hunters in the world, and the best werewolf we have ever found.  And now with you and Kasula turned hybrid, we are that much better off.” Lucien explained.

“I’m the best werewolf you have ever found? How long have you been tracking me?” I asked slightly confused.

“For decades Nathan. My family had been keeping track of the most powerful monsters we know. Keeping an eye on their progress. You are one of these monsters.” Lucien said. I was tongue twisted. I had no idea how to respond to all of this. I just got sucked into a fight I had no idea existed.


A loud cranking noise was heard across the concrete walls. I looked to the direction of the sound and only heard the quieter footsteps coming down a ladder. There was a hole in the ceiling and a ladder stretched upwards. When he reached the bottom, an older man with grey hair turned and faced me.

“Good you have Nathan aboard. This is good. All we need now is Warren. Lucien find him.” The old man ordered.

“Very well, Reverend.” Lucien replied as he walked away toward the ladder. He immediately started to climb up. So, this was The Reverend. An old man. Great.

“Nathan, you are with us, aren’t you?” The Reverend asked.

“For now. I don’t even full understand what’s going on. Or why I should be working with hunters. Or why hunters want the help of monsters. This is all just too much. On top of all that, you guys ask me to play double agent.” I complained.

“Suck it up, pup. Sometimes we all gotta do things we don’t understand. So, suck it up. Are you with us or not? We don’t have time for second guessers.” The Reverend demanded.

“Yes, I’m with you.” I replied. I made my choice. Now I had to make my move.

“Good to hear.  Now we can put you to work. I want you to find out as much about Karla’s device as possible. We need to know her progress as well as the hunters. You already have an in with her so it should be relatively easy.” Reverend ordered. I nodded in agreement and turned to Kas.

“So, this is where we begin.” I said to her.

“So, it is. Good luck Nate-o.” She replied. I didn’t say another word. I just turned back toward The Reverend.

“Where are we? How do I get back?” I asked.

“Well once you go up to pipe, you will be in the middle of a forest. Take this compass to find north.” The Reverend tossed a compass at me and I caught it. “Go north for about five miles then follow the road west. You will reach a town called Haven, it will be empty. Like a ghost town. About fifteen miles north of that town is Riddleton. Good luck, kid.” The Reverend replied.


I turned and walked toward the ladder and began to climb up. Clink, clink, clink, clink, clink. The walls around me echoed with each step I took. Finally, I reached the top and pushed open the door. It was exactly as he said. I was in the middle of a forest. I finished climbing out of the pipe and jumped to the ground.  I pulled out the compass and Positioned myself so I would be facing north. After rotating I marched into the woods with nothing but a compass and the clothes on my back. My bones began to pop and twist as I shifted into my wolf form. I would be faster this way.


It wasn’t long before I reached the road going west. So, I followed it. For miles I ran along the pavement but that’s when I finally saw it. Haven, the ghost town. Going North through town, I trotted on my paws. The Reverend wasn’t joking, this place was a ghost town. I wondered what happened here. The strangest sight came to me when I ran past a school in this foggy covered town. A small girl appeared to be playing in the yard. Just a lone little girl, laughing and playing by herself. I stopped running and watched her for a moment. She seemed to like climbing the slide and riding it down, then starting over again. After the fifth time, I approached her. I stayed in my wolf form, kids liked animals usually. I wagged my tail and did my best to smile as I walked over. She immediately saw me and tried to run over but stopped at the edge of the yard.


For some reason, she wouldn’t cross the edge of the grass, I ran up and licked her face. She was cold. The warmth of summer was in the air, I even started to pant a bit. She never said a word but made a series of giggles and high-pitched squeals to show her excitement. She grabbed my neck and dragged me over to the slide. I chose to follow her. I even climbed the slide to the top with her. With a slight push, we both slide down the slide together. Without thinking I ran to the back of the slide and waited to climb to the top once more. I nudged the little girl up and I follow shortly after. I sit next to her again and with a slight nudge we are pushed down the slide together again.


After fifth time in a row, I felt something was off. I didn’t know why I wanted to keep riding the slide but I just had to. It was a lot of fun. I felt drawn to it somehow. That’s when I snapped out of it. Instead of running to the back of the slide I ran for the edge of the yard. The little girl chased me. She even pulled on my tail which nearly brought me to a stop. I ran as hard as I could until I reached the edge and jumped forward when the little girl hit a barrier of some sort. She flew backward and her head smacked the ground with a loud crack. I had no idea what to do. I panicked. I still had the urge to play with her but now I needed to help her. But she was not human…. Not anymore. I ran from the school yard and bolted down the street. I avoided eye contact with any of the few people that I saw. I wasn’t sure if any of them were real, or dead, or god only knows what.

I finally made it out of town and continued to run along the road headed north. The Reverend said about fifteen miles. That wouldn’t be too long. The fog seemed to lift as I left Haven and got out onto the main highway. I ran at a full sprint for twelve miles until I could barely catch my breath. I stopped along the side of the road and waited to regenerate myself. I felt a strong urge to vomit but I held it together. After a few minutes of rest, I was ready to run again. I took off in a full sprint once again and ran the last three miles until I saw the familiar forest of home.

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