The Drought of Love

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Erasmos, a strong warrior in Greece was in love with Athena, the goddess of war. However, they were broke apart by Poseidon...

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Erasmos, a tough teenager, loved to fight and he dreamed of becoming the greatest warrior in Greece. His eyes were full of passion, desire, and they became sharp when he’s facing his rivals. Erasmos was quoted as the “Man of Victory” as he had never lost a single fight.

“I need you to go and kill the cyclops that lives beside the sea in Patras,” said the king of Greece.

“He’s been killing my people and ruining Patras!” shouted the king of Greece.
“Yes, my lord,” said Eramos with great confidence,
“I would not return before the cyclops is defeated.” Erasmos made a promise to the king and decided to go on his own.
After hundreds of days of walking and hundreds of fights with other people, Erasmos finally arrived at the cyclops’s cave in Patras. As Erasmos walked to the other side of the cave, the cyclops took a long step in front of Eramos, and it was too late for him to escape. For a second, Erasmos looked into cyclops’s eyes. As Eramos had never encountered such fearless eyes, thus he was shocked. The cyclops reached out in the direction of Eramos and ready to grab him. Suddenly, the cyclops turned into a big rock and then collapsed.

“Athena.. the goddess of war...” said Erasmos in his heart.

For days and days, Eramos had dreamed of meeting Athena. For days and days, Eramos had dreamed to witness Athena’s power. For days and days, Eramos had dreamed of Athena noticing him at once.

“Erasmos, I know you well as a great warrior,” Athena said as she came down from the sky.

“But there are still people who do not fear you,” Athena looked into Erasmos’s trembling eyes, and then she kissed Erasmos’s forehead to bless him.

Erasmos had not said a single word. Every time he breathed he could feel the strength inside his body with a tinge of Athena’s aroma. Eager to see Athena again, Erasmos went to many different places to fight. Whenever he fought, he let his rival attack him first to see if Athena would come and help. However, Athena didn’t show up. Until one day, she couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Erasmos, you’re not fighting seriously,” sighed Athena.

“I know. But I...” Erasmos’s face turned red as he realized that he had been regressing as a warrior. All these days, he was only thinking about Athena.

“Eramos, I know you want to see me, but this is not the way. I want you to change back to who you used to be, the one I used to admire,” said Athena as she looked into Erasmos’s eyes.

“Then, I will always stay beside you and bless you,” promised Athena. Athena kissed Erasmos’s cheek and his lips as she left.

After this, Erasmos’s eyes were bright, his mood was pleasant, his body became stronger, and he smiled with delight everyday. He had never felt this way while he felt that nothing is negative and nothing is that important to upset him.

“I will make Erasmos suffer if you refuse to be mine!” shouted Poseidon with an extremely red face.

“Poseidon, I have no choice!” shouted Athena with tears and hatred in her eyes.

“You do not give me any choice!” Athena looked sharply into Poseidon’s eyes before she turned her head and left.

For several days, Erasmos did not receive any respond from Athena.
“Athena! What’s going on? Why aren’t you answering me?” cried Erasmos.
“Shut up and stop calling her! She’s mine now. Mine! If you dare call her again, I will make you suffer forever,” said Poseidon while he grasped Athena beside him.

Erasmos didn’t reply Poseidon but he took his last chance to look at Athena. He tried to search Athena’s eyes for clues, but all he saw was hatred, grief, and fear. Athena’s lips moved and he knew what it meant. He no longer called himself the “Man of Victory” as he knew he’s a coward deep inside his heart. He never lost any fightings but he did not dare to start a war for Athena. But when he decided to start the war with Poseidon, he thought of what Athena had said, then he stopped. None of these were right things to do. Erasmos, Athena, and Poseidon were all torturous. Loving a person who doesn’t even love you, Poseidon became easily irritated and painful in his heart. Every time when he felt unbearable, the drought happened in his vacuous heart and on the land where human lived. In Erasmos’s lifetime, he continued fighting for Greece as an ideal figure of the man. Despite having great physical strength, Erasmos was dead. He was dead in heart and there was nothing in his eyes. “Nothing” just as the drought. 

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