A House of Hidden Secrets

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It emphasizes on my return to home.

Chapter 100 (v.10) - Back to home in West Bengal, Howrah after a number of years being away from home

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



I said previously that after I came out of the Airport I called for a taxi and left for my home. My house was situated a little far from the Airport and it took nearly 45 minutes to reach my house. Everything had fully changed. I couldn’t properly identify the locality after being away from my surroundings a couple of months. I gave the money to the taxi driver and went to my house. As I rang the calling bell my mother opened the door. I was very happy to see her after many days. My mother couldn’t properly recognize me when i gave her my identity. She was amazed and very happy to meet me. I entered the house and talked to everyone. They were a little angry upon me as I haven’t contacted them even for once. I told them of the pressure on my work and the deadly incident I faced. They were amazed to hear all that I said but believed me by seeing the spots of injury in my body caused due to the blow of a sword. They prayed to god that I was save and back home properly. After that I took some rest as I was very tired after the journey. At evening I met with my relatives and neighbours. Everyone was happy to see me back. I was also happy to see everyone after a couple of years. Everything is fine now but whenever I remind of the deadly story I faced a current passes to my whole body. 

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