A House of Hidden Secrets

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It emphasizes on my first facing with the deadly spirit and my battle for existence which at last saved my life.

Chapter 6 (v.7) - My first facing with the deadly spirit and my battle for existence

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



As I said previously that a deadly spirit approached me with a sword. But at that time I found a shield beside me and was able to save myself. My condition was not at all good. I was terribly frightened and was in a condition to be unconscious at any moment. But to God’s grace I controlled myself and did all that I could to be alive. It was not only the end. As soon as I tried to escape all the warrior statues that were there started moving and blocked my path. The only thought came to my mind at this particular situation that it was my end and I will never be able to see daylight again. Though I knew that I cannot escape still I decided to fight them back knowing that anything may happen to me. I had only two ways in hand either to fight them back and escape if I can or choose the another which leads to death. Though I knew it may be fatal to me but still I had a chance to escape as I knew how to use the sword for defence and to apply it on enemies which I did. The warriors surrounded me from all sides. The more I blow them now, the more they appeared but I am determined that if I die I would die like a hero and would fight till my last breath. By fighting them back I was nearly tired and had no energy left as it is difficult for any man to fight back a number of uncountable warriors who were all determined to kill him. At that moment a warrior stroked at my back with the sword and immediately blood started coming out. Though I was injured still I stroked them back but like previously as I stroked some down immediately some new appeared at their place and hit me in my leg. But I didn’t gave up hope and kept on fighting when suddenly a huge piece of stone fell down from the roof upon all the warriors smashing them down and I took advantage of this situation and started running as fast my wounded legs could take. At last I reached above and closed the entrance of this secret passage. At that time I heard the bell ringing and ran towards it to call for help. The man was my company’s staff. He came to me for some office related work and when he saw me in such a condition he was amazed. When I told him the story he took me to his house aid me as he was a doctor. He praised me for my did. I was very horrified and my whole body was shaking in fear. He felt my feelings and silently aided the wounds and bandaged it. After that I went to deep sleep due to my tiredness. The next morning when I woke my whole body was warm and I had high fever. The man tried his best to cure me but my condition kept on deteriorating so at last he felt right to admit me to the local hospital which he did. 

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