A House of Hidden Secrets

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It emphasizes on the part that after such a frightening night i was effected with mental shock and when i woke next morning i had high fever and my condition was deteriorating so the man who saved my life previous night felt it right to admit me to the nearby hospital for my cure and by the doctor's effort i was save.

Chapter 7 (v.8) - A high fever, admission to a nearby hospital

Submitted: May 28, 2017

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Submitted: May 28, 2017



As I already said, as I woke up my whole body was warm and I had high fever. The man who saved my life tried his best to cure me but my condition kept on deteriorating so at last he felt right to admit me to the local hospital which he did. My condition was getting worse so the doctor decided to check me immediately. By his contribution to try his best to cure me saved my life. After some check-ups and giving me some medicines my body temperature started to fall and I was feeling a little comfortable. After keeping me a few days in observation the doctor discharged me. But I was determined not to go back to the deadly house. My office knew that I was not well as my staff told in the office but he didn’t told them about the mystery of the deadly house so when I asked them to change it they asked for the reason. I said everything to them but they thought that I was joking with them so they smiled and ignored the matter. I decided to proof it to them so I called my boss and along with a few villagers we went into the deadly house. I took them to the hall to show them the hidden passage. The hall room was surrounded by blood here and there which has oozed out from my injury that deadly night. I pulled down the warrior’s hand and as I did so the hidden path showed its existence. Everyone was amazed. Now my boss believed me and gave order to his clients to change my house. I was granted a new house immediately. I felt relieved after changing the deadly house. I felt a little comfortable after the change of the house.  

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