my love

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my journey of love

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Once upon a time, two individuals met each other on a trip unexpectedly, fought but didn't knew that they would be spending the most precious and beautiful moments of their lives till a certain time together...A time came when the boy wanted to talk to the girl initially to be in touch with the girl but little they both know that they would become best of friends with each passing day...Things led to each other and there they were standing on the threshold of love without even proposing to each other...Both could spend hours talking to each other, so mesmerized by each other's personality...Both of them had each other's back and thus noone could hamper their relationship ever...But it was one such month that they really came close to each other and spent days together which were a boon since they had always been in a long distance friendship and relationship...The mental and physical intimacy then had made them inseparable...They used to talk as if they were husband and wife only waiting for that official legal tag to Happen...
Both of them excelled in their studies and we're on the verge of starting a great career ahead when lightning struck them...A deadlock had appeared in front of them...The belief to stay together could only keep them strong but it was deteriorating day by day...From a time when both of them couldn't spend a single day without talking to each other, came a time when a week passed by without any communication...Both of them have different problems and varying attitudes to solve as per their thinking...
He may not say it but she is the most precious gift given to him by God...The only reason he still asks God, give them a second chance, Instill in her the belief that this was as important as anything else and for one last time try to stand for him and by him when he really needs you the most, give him the strength he needs not the rejection he is getting with each passing day...

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