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I like this poem as it is a request for the person exceptional in every news media all across the globe. Some tells that this is so worth done for how different is a times ahead. May you like it. :)

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



My dear president,
I am easy to forget the most pressing need to remember everything in this life,
Our very day feel an effort may simplify yet add something new here?
How far you like to reachout to this world,
I listen its beautiful song shining in every sunrise,
Where events welcome back for a role model you will inspire this new generation,
I feel this very guidance so fallen speechless to deliver us this gift,
When times ahead recreate an equally fortunate greatest challenge we ever had,
Will you reach towards the future our simple things will love,
For those effort we value and trust others may unlock this greatest success,
How happiness becomes its leadership edge for your important guest at home?

I ask your inspiration here,
May not divide a timely action towards exploits here,
When your reach travel towards the poorest and undernourished,
Why will you feel emptiness still working for greatest welfare affortable for all?
My deepest request you may not discontinue reserviors of the main fuel that run our healthcare benefits for all.

I question my illiteracy here,
Where laid down in my deepest thought,
What has more failed humanity to do anything for the will to survive?
My time request you may extend support for improving comfort level that bring philanthropic effort directly to the poorest and needy.

I argue my importance here,
When this arguement draw our existence towards the borders of negotiations,
Are we the legistimate source of another dimension in making a gift of challenging choices?
My message request you may help some effort towards the future where everyone has a home so loved to inherit a better world for all.

I nourish my steps here,
Waking myself in this inspiration for the love that cares others who do their best for all,
Your collection rest on never looked back time restoring these kindness of a rich heritage we have,
May years to come give you countless importance may comfort every legacy where respect come creating and offering this compassion for service we must enact here,

I deliver my ignorance here,
Where brightest of creation love an inheritance born to feed any success with savings,
You may know problems lie within a question we must ask ourselves,
Why this youngest courtesy of our source may always accept the unpreparedness when your challenges will award our planet prosperity giving an opportunity for all in today's complex world around?

I collect my talk here,
Here timeless roots before us shape towards a future guiding an unseen achievements,
Where everywhere for the commonman make any dream a worth one,
Our vast uncultivated competency still shows leadership challenges locally for a change we need investment to contribute anywhere,
This has lot in my land where no climate of helplessness acquire every dynamics of an important role in our lives.

I figure your time here,
Our global village own wonderful values loyal for every family in this society,
A better life before your awareness connects all solutions at the best of a home we ever loved here,
We dont steal any piece of this sacred union all of us expected to live together for a better world,
Thanking within your reach we do live harmoniously for all contribution spent on the road,
For our culture considers one universe as our global community life,
More for a call this progress travels a help for every answerable responsibilities back home,
Made for a respect this willingness humble our cliams to learn from new shores of possibility,
All contracts we have made in your land oblige this mindset everyone who puts in honest work,
When we considered a friendly westerner always a guest intimate at home,
Before a favour I view your aspect of professionalism request to benefit this independence on belief we all are one,
Touching upon an INDIA silent before the time we can offer to be a significant player of a global initiative,
I remember any knowledge of this instrument request your protectionist mindset,
Today one source of big exchange serve the day everyone wholeheartedly prevail on one global friendship anywhere,
This currency only ask you may leverage a difference to a single creation,
Where all humanity belong to the religion called coexistence,
Your policies will be the successive afterlife of this promise,
May you honor this commitment days ahead as one prime global citizen beyond any words.

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