The truth of lies

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: inside the broken heart
I once was in love but I soon find that it was all lies and she lied.

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



I thought that she was the one I guess I was wrong She had me going for a second leaving me clueless for the future she talked about. Did she plan on breaking my heart or lying and crushing the little bit of trust I still possessed? Why with all the memories that come back to haunt me had to even happen. Is it to punish me? What have I don't wrong? I've been punished my whole life, abused, kicked and tossed around like a rag doll or an old toy. And now to lose what I had left, they throw in this girl who I thought was saving me but had broke me down even further then can be possible. I lie in bed and think of the time she had given me flowers cause she heard about my dream of receiving one so she did. The risking being late to class and having to do push ups just to walk me to mine ending with a long, tight hug. The first time we kissed and the last. The times she promise will never leave. The time she sat in the rain with me when I couldn't breathe or move until I could again. The words when I would smoke and she stated 'thats 7 seconds less I have with you're cause cigarettes are killers. The times she would call me crying in agony and pain for hours and me to her. All the secrets and moments and laugh and dreams and when she jokingly said I guess we were meant to be. And sharing what we wanted most and how we would work together when we got older. And being late to her dorm to so she can as she said "spend every second she can with me". The way I bragged to my friends about her and they would say I am finally happy. All those moments leading to never talking again. Lost to never be found. And hope never regained. How quickly she moved on and me who was so distraught I broke up with my girlfriend of three months cause of fear. And blocked all love out. Out of fear . Fear I would be left and abandoned when promised they won't. I told her she would and she said she wouldn't. Why am I so prone to be alone. The truth is she lied. And with that I am sorry I wasted your time. But glad you are happy.

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