The Effects of Getting a College Degree

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This an essay about The Effects of Getting a College Degree.

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



How many people wish to have a high position in a company or industry and have a great salary? This is not easily accessible. The way to have it, is to work hard and have the at least the college/university degree, then it will open many doors to everyone who has it in the field of work. It's possible that they may say to have their own business or trading, but do you know what will happen if somebody get a college/university college?

First, getting the degree from a college will learn and gain experience during college study. It will help in your job field very much, because studying in college teaches the patience, intensity, control of time, self and others. For example, when somebody is under work stress, he will know how to deal with it, because during the study in college he certainly faced these pressures during exams especially in the last weeks of the semester. Consequently, this degree will open mind and will learn new lesson to overcome the work stresses.

Another effect of getting a college degree is that he could have high job position. This means that he will get better features and special courses. For example, if somebody has a safety engineering degree, he could be catch the safety coordinator position, also he could have chances to attend many safety courses and training. However, working hard in the college study; feeling better in company job.

Finally, getting a degree from a college will extend the community network. it will create a lot of friends, academic life, self-developing, and more. For example, who has a college degree, he will communicate with the people more confident. He will care himself more to live in peace, because he has nothing to fear about. Therefore, these points mentioned are important to everyone who wants to have a happy life.

In conclusion, everyone wishes to have a good job, a stable life, self-interest, and raising awareness. These cannot everyone to have them, but at least who has a degree from a college will enjoy most or all of them. These effects will enhance the self-developing, and these are some; there are many, so don't hesitate to discover them around the college people. After all, when you have a college degree, you will feel that you can do more.

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