The Differences between Getting the Knowledge from Books and from Experience

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this essay is talking about the "The Differences between Getting the Knowledge from Books and Getting the Knowledge From Experience."

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



How did you know if your knowledge is gained by the books or by the experience? Many people try to read a lot of books to gain more knowledge and many people try to gain the knowledge from experience. It's important to know how are you getting the knowledge, and how you choose the way to get the knowledge, also.

Getting knowledge from the books is very useful, because the authors are trying to write a trusted information. However, if the books are with you, the knowledge will be with you as long as possible, because they will act as a resource that you can access to them anytime and anywhere if you forget the knowledge for a while. Thus, it's possible that you will not lose this knowledge. For example, if you learned how to plan a project from a planning book and this process is classified into five points, but you lost some important points that you can't plan for the project without them, so you should return to the book and remember them to do your work. Some people are preferring this method of gaining because they convinced it's helpful more than gaining from experience.

Another type of people who gain the knowledge is those people who gaining the knowledge from the experience. one of the reasons that they gain the knowledge from experience is they have hard works. For example, if there is an employee has a lot of works, so he may face amount of problems; he has to try many solutions to solve these problems and proceed his works. Thus, he learned and gained the knowledge to solve such problems in his life from his experience.

Another reason to gain the knowledge from the experience is the practice. It is really generating the experience, because he will use the knowledge itself and it is very effective in order to gain experience. for example, a student in Electrical Engineering course laboratory. How to connect and operate the machines is one of the outcomes of the course. He realizes that if he read and study from the book only, he will not get benefit from this course. So he will go, connect the machines and practice how to operate them. In this case, these people believe in this method, because it is useful to get knowledge from the practice experience.

In order to summarize this topic, these people are the ones who decide if they want to get knowledge with books or with experience. This depends on the type of knowledge they want to gain. Then, choosing the method.

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