It's Not Over Yet

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Brandon pissed somebody off in the pub. Payback time is coming.

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



"Watch it, mate!" a rough voice hissed in Brandon's ear as a blow sent him reeling against the table.  Open mouthed, Brandon looked up from the phone in his hand to see a muscular man pushing past him.  The man turned and glared at Brandon from beneath a black cap.  "I'll sort you out later," he said, winking at Brandon.  Giving Brandon the finger, the man marched off between the tables of the cafe.

Blinking, Brandon watched the man pass into the shop and then out into the street.  Looking at his phone again, he could see that his hand was shaking.  Something about the man seemed familiar.

Brandon adjusted the haversack slung over his shoulder and quietly followed the man.  His heart pounding, he stepped onto the busy city pavement and looked about.  With a gasp of relief, Brandon saw that nobody was waiting for him and began walking.  

The shock of recognition hit Brandon as he entered the science faculty building.  Two night's before he'd been with friends in the Red Rose when he'd accidentally knocked a stranger's arm.  The man had glowered at him from under a black cap and swore revenge.  It wasn't over yet.


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