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A literature to bring clarity to the relationship between Mary and Jesus Christ

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



In acts 17:11, the Jews of Berea were considered as more open-minded than their counterparts in Thessalonica, because they listened to the message with more eagerness, and every day studied the scriptures to see if what Paul thought was really true. And it is based on this scripture I would implore all of us to also crosscheck and verify what the Lord really says about this topic.

When Joseph was informed by her betrothed wife of her pregnancy, he got really trembled; because the penalty of pregnancy before marriage in the then Jewish tradition was stoning to death; on top of that, he the fiancé had never had intercourse with her before, so he could not fathom how and why Mary could possibly get pregnant. But through the, angel Gabriel, they got informed that the Holy Spirit had been responsible for that pregnancy, “for that reason, the child would be called, Jesus, the son of God” (Luke 1:35). In sum, Mary and Joseph had to labor through thick and thin to ensure that, Jesus Christ, the future savior of the world would be born.

Joseph and Mary were undoubtedly the parents of Jesus Christ. However, there are different types of parents the world. We have biological parents, parents in the Lord, parents in sin, and adopted parents among others. Apart from Adam and Eve, every human being came to the earth through the womb of a woman, and for that reason, every human has once had biological parents. A biological mother is the one who carried you for nine months and thereafter delivered you unto the earth. But, it is also very significant to note that there is only one conventional way in which biological mothers can get pregnant, namely: through sexual intercourse with biological fathers. Nonetheless, the story surrounding the pregnancy of Jesus appears to be novel. On the latter score, however, I wouldn’t want to belabor.

When Mary visited Elizabeth during her pregnancy, Elizabeth got really awed. And through revelation, Elizabeth told Mary that she was the “most blessed among women” since she had been chosen to give birth to the saviour. She also said among other things that she been really honoured that the “mother of the Lord had visited her” Luke 1:42-43. And that, I think, is the basis upon which many continue to hail Mary and even worship her.

Indeed, Mary was a great woman to be adored, because even though the penalty of getting pregnant in the then Jewish tradition was stoning to death, she stood defiant and ensured that the word of the Lord would come to pass; but Joseph was also equally very instrumental. When Mary informed him of her pregnancy, he indeed got very frightened. But because he was also a God-fearing man, he obeyed the word of the Lord and ensured that our, Lord Jesus, would be safely delivered in Bethlehem. So what about him? Is he not equally worthy of celebration?.....

Throughout the scriptures, one would realize that even though Mary had been informed of the purpose of the child she would be giving birth to, she virtually forgot when he finally appeared on the scene. When Jesus got missen at the festival and they later found him in the synagogue with the teachers, they got really angry as every parent would do. But when they questioned him for his supposedly bad behaviour, Jesus questioned them if they had forgotten what the angel told them during his pregnancy that, “Didn’t you know I have to be in my father’s house?” Luke 2:49

Again, when Jesus was preaching and Mary and his ‘biological brothers’ came to look for him, he pointed to his disciples and said they form his mother and brothers, because “whoever does what his ‘father’ in heaven wants is his mother and brother” Matthew 12:46-50. And, based on the latter score, it is important to highlight the fact that When Judas bemoaned about the fact that Mary Magdalene had broken an expensive perfume and cleansed the feet of Jesus with her hair, Jesus retorted with a very entrenched declaration we seem to have forgotten.

Even though it is neither blasphemy nor demonic to occasionally take characters in the bible and emulate their ‘faith’, it is only Mary Magdalene Jesus himself admonished us to “always” remember. In Matt 26:13, he said, “truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her”.

The fact that many people still hold the belief that because Jesus came to the world through the womb of Mary, she can intercede on their behalf is what has piqued my interest the most to scribble this literature. Because I find that as not only unscriptural, but at once unforgivably disobedient. Why? There are countless occasions in the scriptures where Jesus himself noted that he is the only way!

In 1 timothy 2:5 for instance, scripture categorically states that, “for there is only one God, and there is only one mediator, which is Jesus Christ”. Jesus also said in john 14:6 that,  “I am the way, the truth and the life, ‘absolutely’ no one gets to the father except by me!”

 I have also heard others make the argument that since the prayer of the righteous availeth much; they are passing it through some saints in order to get their prayers through to God expeditiously. But who is a saint? A saint is simply a joint heir with Christ. As a believer, all your sins have been duly underwritten by the eternal blood of Jesus. He said your sins will I remember nomore! So which saint is more than you? Aren’t you also justified as a saint by grace?

Jesus, when some disciples wanted to quickly inform their families and come and follow him, he said that “if you want to follow me you have to deny your parents”. He doesn’t do family things. Indeed, after the resurrection of Jesus, mother Mary herself had also crossed from the dispensation of law to the dispensation of grace; therefore, she had to also accept Jesus as her Lord and personal savior. When Jesus rose up and Mary and Martha wanted to touch him, he told them not not! , because their relationship had then changed, so he had to firstly go and show himself to his father in heaven.

 Hence Mary cannot be substituted as a mediator. Her assignment was to serve as a vessel through which, Jesus Christ, the spiritual being who was there in the beginning (John 1:1) would come unto the world in the form of flesh (John 1:11), and for that assignment, she distinguished herself creditably. She must therefore be emulated for her submission, obedience, respect, chastity and faith. For the mediation and intercessory department, however, Mary cannot save us. Only Jesus can save! Only way! 

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