Peter Out

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Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



He was cruising down the interstate with one hand on the wheel of the minivan that his wife convinced him was necessary to transport their three children, while the dual-screen display wired to the DVD player that would distract them and ensure otherwise memorable trips together throughout the Pacific Northwest played a carefully selected compilation of pornography he had amassed since originally breaching puberty and feeling the first budding urge of an erection for a specific purpose in mind.

Few men possess an instrument capable of triggering such intense nostalgia as this montage brought him while he cycled through fetishes and fixations he had long forgotten, transported back to an earlier, simpler time where, despite the confused emotional state and inferior social status of adolescence, he always retained a seemingly infinite catalogue of women to lend him a hand in a time of need.

The idea of ever handling the female form, much less a woman, was once both as unbelievable as handling this vehicle that he now used to transport himself to the past where he had such naive impression of how he would handle either.  Left solely to the devices that propelled him to his end, though all evidence suggests that death came first, he looked back at the reeling sadness and realized he had climaxed much too soon.

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