triste (sad)

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commentary - The National is one of my favorite bands and "Sea of Love" is one of my favorite songs by them. Its about seeing the person you love change. I reference the difficulties I had letting
go of my ex and her approval. The last quotes are from the song "stuck between stations" by The Hold Steady.

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017





In “Sea of Love” there's a line that says “when you go under the waves, what am I supposed to say?”

I see your face whenever I hear that song these days

And at the end when it says “I see you rushing by, tell me how to reach you”

I get this romanticised visual in my head

And i feel like I can walk up to the old apartment door and you’d wanna see me again

I know deep inside that I should never allow that

Because my love, you’ve hurt me so bad

I shouldn't write that, admitting you hurt me will bring you joy

I don't wanna see you smile, I kinda hope you have a death in the family soon

I imagine you’ll try to contact me because honestly we were close

Though you like to convince yourself I was forever a monster, that's simply not true

You were my rock, and I was always there for you

When I was in Mexico for a moment  I wished you didn't fuck everything up

I thought about when we’d drive with my family to the Indian casinos by San Diego

I remember when you turned 21

I saved up and we spent a week in Vegas

I wish I would have known then how you’d ruin and betray us

I was 2,000 miles away from home and I wondered if you were ok

Or if you had a crystal ball and knew where I was, but just didn't say

You know no one will love you as intensely as I did

I loved you as a man, but ever since I was a kid

I’m in a strange area now, I’m in the best shape of my life and pretty latin girls are in my bed

But it's a kinda fat white girl, with a weak chin that keeps rolling around inside my head

That line will piss you off...

you think you're so much better than me these days

But I can't keep kissing your ass and praying you'll come back to me

All the other guy's you're sleeping with can have you, I'm done

Cause, if I'm not good enough to pull your panties down, then it’s better for me to let you go

You don't deserve my dark jokes and conspiracy talks

You don't deserve anything at all

Erica asked me a couple times “why do you allow her to ruin everything?”

I answered her in lyrics that remind me of us

“boys and girls of America, they have such a sad time together-

-crushing one another with colossal expectations; dependent, undisciplined and sleeping late”

I remember driving with you up and down the 5

It was always raining hard inside our heads, but you made me feel so alive

I prayed with you over the phone, the last time you ran away from your home

Now, you’ve ran away from me

You took your curves and shitty attitude, you took away so many dreams


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