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Teachers come in many forms. In my life many have come in the form of being authors, and writing important words. The written word can have a dramatic impact on the way we live, through the words of wisdom that have been written down through the ages. I have been impacted by Rabbi Abraham Heschel with these words.

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said "I would say to young people a number of a minute I would say, Let them remember that there is a meaning beyond absurdity and let them be sure that every little deed counts, that every word has power and that we can do every one our share to redeem the world, despite all the frustrations, all absurdities and all disappointments, and above all, remember, the meaning of life is to build life as if it were a work of art.  You are not a machine, and you are young. Start working on this great work of art called your own existence."
I strive for meaning in my life, firstly in the relationships that I both create and am graced with through encounter.  It may be in friendship, good conversations, having fun together, the impact of playful times, humor through creating new words, you know, anything real, truthful, and coming from an open heart.  To me, my life is meant to be a "force" to help redeem those in the world, to be a helper to friends whenever possible, and to create an environment of peace, reason, and acceptance of all without judgement.  It takes discipline to keep a positive mindset at all times.  Does this mindset every fluctuate, yes of course, i am human too. BUT in having the resolve to make a decision to be a certain kind of person, that helps to attach "meaning" to the elements of our daily lives. It also helps us to build character traits that are honorable, and focused on positive humanity.
Not only does meaning affect our personal relationships, but it also makes our "work" a very important element of our lives.  I love work.  I love the opportunity that work gives me to make myself into a better person, and also to make a contribution to society.  I find joy in the positive connections that I make at work, and I find a sense of satisfaction in doing a job right, and completing it well, all the time. 
"This great work of Art that is our existence"... needs constant evaluation and re-evaluation.  What color do I add to this picture?  Is it as beautiful as it can be at any one time?  Is there a flow and a reasonableness to it?  Does it portray an honesty? Great works of Art are beautiful, show great depth, inspire and take your breath away.  That is an awesome thing to aspire to. 
Integrate meaning into your life....  "You are young, 8 as a matter of fact", enjoy the day, and remember to play!  A playful attitude and mindset will make life better, all the time.
These are some words today that give me peace, even in moments of not understanding......

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