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Status: Finished

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A free life is one that no longer exist for humans. We are all a form of slaves, and we are all nothing but lowlifes. Whipped into submission, tased for perfection. Our lives are nothing more than a past thought, all that matters is our bodies. We are that of moving furniture, nothing more nothing less.
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A free life is one that no longer exist for humans. We are all a form of slaves, and we are all nothing but lowlifes. Whipped into submission, tased for perfection. Our lives are nothing more than a past thought, all that matters is our bodies. We are that of moving furniture, nothing more nothing less.

Chapter1 (v.1) - his graciousness

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Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 25, 2017



Scrapping the moss of the side of the sky hut. Looking over the balcony to see the commoners move around. Watching the little bit of light that glows on the canopy, signaling morning. A cold gesture of false happiness to the man who brings the Lundal bird for tonight’s dinner. I did all of this because it was my life, this was all my life was, serving. I didn’t get to be myself, I didn’t get to be young, I didn’t get freedom, I was owned.

My manager had walked towards me while I skinned the Lundal bird. She got to tell me what to do, she got to tell me what to say, because what’s a lowlife to someone who complied.

“You’re being transferred today, I know it’s a day early but you’ll be going a long way. So go clean up, and be prepared.” My manager said as she walked away with grace and ease. I hadn’t been able to walk to well that last week because of a beating to my ankles.

I went into the large sky hut, stumbling past my old room, the one I had grown on. I unwrapped myself of my brown leotard and stepped into a bucket of lukewarm water, the Marsh was so hot that cold water was a luxury that lowlife’s would never get.

A new house, another new house, this one is probably worse than my last house. After my first moving day I learned it goes by better without struggling, everything was easier when you complied.

I covered myself in my leotard to stare at my horrifying reflection in the water. It was like looking at myself from another body. It gave me a sharp stab to my reality, causing me to step away from the water and not look at the thing that stared back at me.

And I left I left my home again, that things that I grew to always seemed to pull away from me. Maybe I should try attaching to life, maybe then I could finally die.

“Step on, if you struggle you’ll get the staff.” I hated her, she was the one thing I couldn’t wait to leave behind. A stone-cold bitch, she made sure all the servants were doing as they were told. I had plenty of other managers, but she was the worst. If I twitched I would get the end of her stupid staff.

Getting moved was a pain in the ass, literally. You had to step on to a platform then have your limbs tied down. Lastly, they would put a gag in your mouth and a blind fold over your eyes and to top it all off they would put a glass case with little holes in it for air over you. The whole thing was painful and usually a long journey to your next destination.

“Sad, seeing you go, you were the best servant we had. Then again that’s the problem with being the best, the best want you as well.” My heart started to speed up, we never knew who we went to before we left. Only right before we walked into the new house did we know who we were going to be working for.

“The best?” I asked, it was out of turn and I was ready for the hit of the staff, but it never came.

“Yes, Prince Lona requested for you. He left his mother’s palace and got one of his own. He wanted only the best for his new palace.” She said as she finished strapping me in to the platform. “Oh, and that was out of turn.” She said as she stabbed me with the end of her taser, sending an electric shock through my blood. She probably always wanted to do that to me, she never had the chance before. Like I said she’s a stone-cold bitch.

The transportation after that was not as bad as it had been before. I used to be locked away in a type of dark box truck, but this one had a space for the glass tubes. And it had air conditioning, before I used to fog up the glass and be blinded by my own breath. I heard a girl once had a heat stroke while getting moved.

The door sild open and pulled me out, the palace was huge. It stood on top of a hill and had four towers. The middle of the towers came to a point, then it hit me. No wonder I was brought here. I’m definitely not the best servant there is, the palace is just so big that they would take anyone who did an okay job. Which means the manager is going to be stricter than ever.

“Alright get her up to the Master’s house he’s wants to meet them.” Said one of the transporters to the other. This was all strange, the manager meets us first, then we go on working as if we had been working there from birth. Why was he going to meet us?

They never took me out of my glass tube, they just took off the blindfolds. I was wheeled into the house along with four other girls. All of us were in our former Masters attire, I could tell who was in what house, we all came from aristocratic houses.

Being moved didn’t mean you were bad at your job, just that someone with different skills came in, someone with a new look, or someone raised you a price for your lowlife. Like a couch, nothing wrong with the old one, but look at this new one.

The new Master walked in covered in golden and white clothing, it matched the rest of his palace. He had hair the stretched past his own body, he must have just woken up. The aristocrats only keep their hair down when they first wake up, I used to care for one’s daughter and had to do her hair every morning.

He glanced at all of us, looking us up and down and nodding. “Perfect, aren’t they? I think I did a good job choosing them. Take them out of their tubes.” He asked excitedly, I never had a Master excited, they always seemed annoyed by us. We didn’t know our way around the house, we didn’t do this or that right. Then again this is all different, maybe it’s because he is the top of the hierarchy.

All the tubes were lifted out of place, making me and the others panic. The gag on the girl to my right was taken off and she began to cough and breath heavily, she must be new. Mine was taken off and the latch around my neck was taken off, I could finally move my head. Master Lona walked up to me and looked and my side. I was out of turn, oh god, he saw the burn in my clothes. We usually get burned in the neck so it doesn’t ruin the clothing, but my old manager didn’t care since I was being transferred.

He lifted my hair from my neck, and ran his hand around my neck. He was feeling for scarring. “Only two, now three, tell me why did you get stung.” He asked, it was a personal question.

I kept my face straight and said, “I spoke out of turn my Master.” I said, he smiled and poked me in my burn mark with his long nail. I tried to hold back my scream but he dug deeper. I screamed and began the routine you say when something bad happens. “I’m sorry, it was my fault, I’m a worthless human that should’ve been more appreciative of your kindness. I wasted everyone’s time and except no food for two days.” When someone in the aristocratic tier has a defiant lowlife, they go two days without food, it’s just standard at this point.

“Why would I starve you? I just wanted to hear what you sounded like when you scream, I’m not mad for you speaking out of turn, what were the other two for?” he asked with a smile, I had tears falling from my eyes and he just wanted to hear me scream?

“I killed my first Master, and bit the second ones finger off.” I said, both very true statements. I pushed my first Master out a window and tried to run but was caught, and almost killed but I was pregnant with an aristocratic child. Only fifteen and pregnant with an alien’s baby. The baby didn’t live and when my new Master tried to take him from me I bit him.

Master Lona pulled away and moved on to the next girl and then the next. When freed we were given the white leotard we would wear for the rest of our time here, along with a golden cloak.

Master Lona left the room to most likely go get ready for his day, he left us standing there with nothing but our old clothing and each other.

The girl who was ungagged next to me was crying, she seemed to be in so much pain. A young one she was, maybe fourteen at the oldest. I walked over to her and bent down a little. “Hey, I know this is hard, but if our new manager walks in and sees you crying, she will beat you, or sting you just for fun, so you need to hold it together.” She started to choke back the tears and straighten up.

“Get in line ladies!” the new manager was already yelling at us. We all lined up against the wall and she paced in front of us. “Which one of you is Emerald?” I shook a little, my name hadn’t been used in a long time.

“I am madam.” I said, she grabbed me by my arm and dragged me out of the room. I turned and looked back at the three other girls. The one I cared for started to walk forward but one of the others held her back.

I was brought to Master Lona’s chambers. She threw me on the floor and said I was to obey any order that I was given, as if I needed to be told.

“I need my hair done.” He said after a minute of me being on the ground. I got up and realized “I don’t know how to do hair of royalty.”

“It said in your file that you were taught to do hair on earth. So, do my hair however you feel.” He said turning back around. I parted his hair with two large sections to hang in the front, then separated the bottom and pulled the top into a long ponytail. Finally, I finished with a waterfall braid on the lower section. Then I remembered he is royalty. “Oh, hold on.” I said as I grabbed a gold clamp that would clamp around his ponytail. Royalty were expected to have something flashy on their heads, but that was all I could find.

Beginning to shake I asked, “Is this all you have?” He looked at it and laughed.

“Oh yes, I don’t like the flashy look, that will be fine.” He said looking back at himself in the mirror.

I made a face of confusion and frustration, not knowing what to say. He looked at me and frowned.

“What is the problem?” He asked looking at me with a stern look. “Master, I don’t mean to speak out of turn, but I will be beaten by my manager if she sees you looking like just an aristocrat, your royalty and this isn’t right.” I was so confused and frustrated at his actions, breaking the mold wouldn’t be put on him, but his lowlife’s.

He grabbed the clamp from my hands and put it in himself and walked out leaving me standing in his quarters. While I was there I decided to be a good machine and make his bed, find the duster for the lowlife’s and clean the higher tops of the room. As I was scrubbing the mirror clean my new manager walked in with a staff, not the taser, but the staff. It was a long stick that when whipped with it hurt for weeks after.

She pulled me by my hair and began hitting me with the staff, I screamed and pleaded with her. My first day and this is what I get for trying to make sure my Master doesn’t make himself an embarrassment in front of everyone, this is what I get for trying to avoid it.

The young one appeared in the door with her hands covering her mouth. “Please I don’t think she can handle it anymore, please stop.” She pleaded with our manager. And for it the stone-cold bitch turned and whipped her in the face.

I screamed louder at that than I did at my own whipping. Crawling to her I held her in my red and soar arms. It was only half day and this was my treatment.

“Never do something so horrendous to the Master’s hair again, he looks like a fool because of you. But because of his graciousness he said he wanted it that way. You are so lucky to be living in this house, how dare you do something of the sort.” I continued to cover the other girls body with my own, the manager left and slammed the door.

I sat up with her and we both went back to the lowlife quarters waiting to be summoned. When we arrived, I made sure she sat down and grabbed the treatment for being stung with the taser. It helped with scarring and infection and would help me with my new marking. The others walked in and I noticed both flinched when they turned their heads.

Being the eldest and most knowledgeable of the system, I knew they got stung on the back of the neck. Our manager probably wanted to dominate over them, also they seemed a bit young so they probably said something.

“Come here” I said as I sat on my bed. One with blue eyes sat in front of me and lifted her white hair. “What happened to your hair?” I asked her as I rubbed the gel on her neck.

“Customizing, my former master said I would look good with it. It would make me stand out from other lowlifes, I used to have red hair. I miss it a lot, though, I never thought I would. I used to dye it blond till everything happened.” She must have looked beautiful before, she would have had beautiful color to her.

“My name is Olive by the way, I assume your Emerald.” She said, I liked her a lot already, she was probably sixteen.

The next one sat down, she was blonde and had two different colored eyes as her modification. One black, one red, she was quite scary to look at.

“I’m Janette, I’m fifteen. How old are you?” She asked me, “I’m eighteen.” I said, I turned to the young one next to me.

“What’s your name?” I asked, she looked frightened, and had no customizing. I was jealous of her natural looks.

“I’m Orchid, I’m only thirteen, will they make me get a customizing?” she asked shaking. I was only a year off, but still not good to have her here.

“Like did it hurt getting it, will mine hurt?” she looked at me, of course she thought mine hurt. I had tattooing on almost every inch of my skin, intricate patterns tracing everywhere except my face.

“You will only have to get it if Master Lona decides he wants it for you. He chose us because of how we looked and our records, which is strange considering how different we all look. The sub groups of aristocrats usually only trade within each other. Royalty will usually just buy new lowlifes and have them styled to their liking.” I said, we were a strange bunch. I could tell Olive came from the Blue lands where they prided themselves on pale colors. Albino lowlifes were so profitable, a dealer wouldn’t have to work after selling one. Janette came from the Fire lands, they liked the stranger things. And I came from the Marsh, the lowest level of aristocrats. Orchid was fresh, I assumed she was sold because of her dark skin. Black people were profitable because they were able to fight off many of the aliens considering Africa had to many diseases that would compromise the fighters.

“If you struggle they will make sure it hurts, trust me it was the worst decision I ever made.” Said Janette, the thought of having my eyes taken out and treated, then put back in with little pain meds made me shake.

“Mine, didn’t hurt really.” I said trying to relieve Orchid. “But Janette is right, do not struggle. The only thing that hurt is when I was released from the customizer facilities. It depends on what he will want to do with you though.” I said, I didn’t want to make customizing seem romantic and like a fun time. It did hurt and was not looked forward to by anyone.

Later on, that night we were summoned to different rooms, I was to organize the studies book cases. I was the last to finish considering how many books needed to be put on the shelves. I bet he hasn’t read any of these and keeps them for show, he and all the other aristocrats love to show off what they have.

“Do you read?” Master Lona asked as he entered the room, he was wearing long white pants with a matching coat that was lined in gold lace. His looks were very compelling and to be honest quite beautiful. Besides his long hair he had a greenish blue flush to him, almost like he was sick, but somehow it suited his kind.

“I did read Master, however not anymore.” I said trying to avoid his gaze.

“Such a shame, humans always were strong minded, made strong from reading. Would you like to read one of them?” He asked with a smile and large excited eyes. Yellow eyes that seemed to glow and rip through any personal walls.

“No thank you Master, my manager wouldn’t want me to, I shouldn’t waste my time with something such as reading.” I said pulling myself away from his glossy eyes.

“If you ever do find time away, consider reading this one, it’s my favorite.” Master Lona said as he pointed to a blue backed book. He gave me a flash of a smile and turned to grab a book with a gold spine, it had something to do with the kingdom. Maybe it was a book of finances, maybe it was a file on me, who knows it didn’t matter because I had no right to ask. He owned me and was allowed to tell me where I stood.

Days of organizing the giant palace was agonizing, with only four lowlifes we had almost no time to rest. We were constantly working overtime and eating very little. However in the chaos of organizing I got to know the three girls better.

Olive was very into looks and design, a product of the Blue lands. But she was sweet and had much emotion to hold onto. She ended up being very understanding towards anyone, even the guards who hardly spoke to us.

Janette was the most patient and but when she was agitated she would stop asking and start demanding. She was much like the strong arm to our mission while Olive was like a soft loving hand.

As for Orchid, we all probably loved her the most. She was a loving and caring being, all she did was care for anything and everything. The loving girl was like a cushion to our pent-up rage towards the system we lived in.

I guess you could say I was the ring leader of the group. I told them what to do and how to do it, considering they were very young and wanted a leader besides our manager.

I spent one day constantly cleaning the objects that would fill the Master’s music room. Once I finally finished organizing sheets of music in alphabetical order and put everything in its proper place I could finally go back to the lowlife quarters to eat.

When I returned, I saw Olive and Janette trying to comfort a crying Orchid. “What is wrong?” I asked her softly, I had no idea how she was going to work through this.

“She asked what he will customize about her, he said he wants to do something like what you have. But instead of tattooing, he wants to do scarring.” Said Olive, her customizing was probably the easiest, if anything just itchy. But I had seen what scarring did, it was horrendous. My first master wanted it done to me but didn’t have the money to pay for it. So, he got me tattooed, later on though one of the other lowlifes got the scarring done and she couldn’t move for over a week. I was out of commission for five days before I was put on easy labor, but she couldn’t move for so long. When we would change her bandages, she would scream so horribly, it was my least favorite thing of the day. She was in so much pain that I hated him for everything he had done to her. Then when he personally hit her with a staff I pushed him out the window.

“It’s going to be okay, I’ve cared for scarred victims, I can take care of you. She looked at me with so much fear, I looked away knowing the pain she would face would be horrendous.

I went to bed with so much anxiety that I woke up from a nightmare of cleaning Orchid’s damaged body. I went back to sleep and woke up to a cold room.

When I looked around Orchid was nowhere to be found. I woke up Janette and Olive and asked if they knew where she went, they both shook their heads and I left the lowlife quarters.

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