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Lungs Of The Infinity

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A monologue told from the point of view of a nameless entity, who reflects on the purpose his creation's existence and that of his own.

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Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017






Tell me, child, have you ever considered the purpose of your breath? The very meaning behind the beat of one's heart? Have you ever taken a closer look the rigid surface of a tree, and the little critters who call it home?

often i ponder and question the purpose of the ones who breathe and the organic things which grow with perfect color.

I wonder, sometimes, why life must dye the infinity of colossal suspended stone and why it’s many shades must be as marvelous as they are horrendous

In my time, child, I have seen a variety of worlds, which have birthed countless civilizations, coloring them with culture and with history.

Out in the universe exist homes with skies that glitter and sparkle with colorful displays.

I visit these magnificent cradles of motherly rock to observe the ones who dwell upon their faces, and often, I wonder what it would be like without the colors of life.

Who would be there to witness the fading flame of an approaching dusk, and awaken to the glow of a cool morning dawn? What purpose does the body of celestial light serve if there is no flesh for it to warm? What do these falls of water and mountains of rugged green have to show, if there is no audience for them to awe?

In my timeless existence, I have pondered at my purpose, and that of the ones who breathe, and now I think I understand.

Now I know my purpose, and that is to provide a purpose. To create a heart and mind for the worldly wonders to entertain, to father a soul that will accompany the lonely cradles of motherly stone, and to build a body that will bloom before the celestial light.

I believe the purpose of life is to provide purpose to the universe. To be entertained by the wonders within and beyond our reach. To understand and utilize the complex elements and laws of our worlds. I believe our purpose…

Is simply to provide purpose.

I believe we must give life to that which does not live, that we must bring color to this infinity of cradling stone with meaning, through love and hate. Through life and death. Through culture and science.

I believe this to be the meaning of life and the very purpose for the ones who breathe.





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