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this is my first story that I wrote when in high school so encouragements are sure to be welcomed

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



It was a warm, spring afternoon as Justin glanced at his watch to read 4:30. "Oh My Goodness!! I'm gonna be late for roll call if I stay here much longer!" He yelled in his head. He's got the performance of his life. Firstcomes the laughs,  He must first perform a 2-minute laugh out loud monologue while trying to keep a straight line with his mouth. Then break people's heart later as he goes on and says the lines no one would dare to listen to at a clinic. Wasting no time to stop and think, Justin dashed towards the concrete school building, memorizing his lines for the final time while pacing his breath. Each step making a sound so loud that the people on the top floor of an apartment building can hear it, but it doesn't mind him as he rushed to the stage. Arriving on the concrete school grounds, Justin took a moment to breathe. The cool, fresh air circles inside his limber body, Forcing out all the hot air that he gained on his run. Refreshed from the break, Justin walks in and heads to the stage venue.


The stage was basic: 4 walls cover the front so actors could get ready. And a large, steel front covered with wool to soften the actors/actress hard stomping if required. Justin took a moment to breathe. Familiarizing himself with the stage and figure out how he's going move around. After a few moments, the teacher comes up and in friendly tone says, "yo! I want you to go simultaneously one after another,  and you are going first." "Um sure... it's gonna be tough, but I'll do it." Justin said with a surprise across his face. He'd never thought it'll be this tough. From the cheerful happy guy, everyone knew, to delivering lines no one wanted in a matter of seconds. Justin snapped out of the thoughts in time to hear his teacher, Mr. D, blurt out "that's it! I know I can count on you bro!" Those were tall orders for someone like Justin. But he knew if he wanted to act, he'll need to overcome that challenge that is character switching.


As he watched on his fellow actors practicing their time on stage, Justin figures out how's he going to do this switch within minutes which is a considerably short amount of time to him. This is relatively new compared to other plays that he has done. Before when he would switch. Justin would have time to get into his new character before getting on stage,  allowing him to bond with his character as long as he needs. However, this time it's so short he wouldn't completely mold well. Suddenly, he realized something that he did in his first mainstream high school play: Quixote the musical. "That's it!!" Justin thought "If I transform like how I did with Pepe and Rodriguez near the end. Then this should be a piece of cake!" The thought made him bounce so hard he could break the roof if he wanted to. Knowing he finally found the solution to the problem.


7:30 rolled around and Justin, as nervous as he could be. Tried to relax and takes his time to keep the blood circulating around his tensed body. The audience rolled in, expecting a show of their lives. Soon, the audience seats blasted with tons of people from the friends that he knows personally, to the principal of the school. In fact, when Justin saw the principal he thought "dude... I need to give the best I got! Allows me to give the best first impressions!" He knew he's got one shot, and ONLY one shot to nail this. "Dude, you alright?" Justin turned to find his good friend Will walking up to him. "You seemed quite pale...What's up?" "Yea, I just got the case of serious stage fright, but I should be alright once I start line belching." Both laughing hysterically as he gets ready to hit the stage. As he walked on, Will gave the "everything's alright signal" with Justin nodding, a big smile flashed his face as show time arrives.


Justin stepped onto the soft, squeaky stage in pure darkness. He ignores any other thoughts as the crew silently cheers him on. As the lights slowly brighten on the 6-foot teen. He starts with a little time dragger and smoothly flows his words into his first few words of his monologue. Halfway through, the entire theater went bursting as if some pandemonium swept right through and filled the audience with laughter through the whitewashed faces. The stomping of the stage, Justin finished the funny part to a laughing and clapping audience, who's ready to see more. Shockingly, he smashed right into his doctors uniform and prepares his lines In time for him to get on stage and deliver the lines he needs to shock the crowd. With ease, he gets on stage and sends a wave of sad energy towards the crowd. Earning his place on the acting stage.


The last act came about and everyone applauded. Justin approached the audience last and bowed. "I did it. I JUST DID IT!!" Justin yelled in his head and strolled home with a smile on his face.

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