This is Top Secret

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Satan is an 19 year old girl, who doesn't remember anything from her 18th birthday. She is an assassin and a spy. She and her friends are trying to stop Mangia from taking more kids. What will happen when they seem to avoid their every move?

Submitted: May 25, 2017

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Submitted: May 25, 2017



Chapter 1

“Okay, Mrs. Berkley, I am going to need your husband’s first name.”  She sniffed and said, “His first name is-” “His name is Josh. He currently has 7 wives, 8 girlfriends, and 16 kids. He lives in Larands, New York going under the name Tranton Hunter. I can get you a plane ticket, but I have to warn you, your, I’m guessing, new ex-husband, has several felony counts against him. armed robbery, financial fraud.” She looked at me, a surprised and determined  look on her face. “Buy the plane ticket, I want give him a piece of my mind.”

“Ok, your plane ticket is booked for this Thursday, at 4:30. The cost was three hundred and thirty.” She smiled at me thankfully, automatically taking out the money. “Thank you, Satan.”  I smiled and nodded as she left the room. I leaned back in my chair. I ran my hands through my waist-long, curly, fire-red hair. People call me Satan because of hair, and I don’t want people knowing my real name. I groaned when my bluetooth rang. “Hello?” I paused when I heard my assistants heavy breathing.

“Rachel? Are you there? Rachel?” I gathered my bo staff that contained a sharp enough point to cut someone’s head off. I also gathered my daggers and sharp throwing knife I nicknamed ‘RedHawk’.  I stormed into the entryway of my office. I stood there, looking for a culprit. I whipped around and held a knife to the guy behind pillar and tried to get me. I also kicked the guy sneaking up behind me in the gut, hearing a sharp gasp. I cut the guy in front of me with my bo staff, dropping him to the ground. I kicked the guy behind me  in the temple, dropping him to the ground instantly.

I smiled at the third guy before I dropped him to. “I see why they call you Satan. You have absolutely no qualms about taking people down a notch.” I whipped around to see a young man standing behind me.  I got into a fight ready stance, all my hidden daggers in a reachable distance. He cocked his head at me, looking strangely like a dog. “Why have all your daggers in eyesight? Very reachable, don’t you think?” My method is I will never attack first. But this guy is pushing my limits. I grabbed my dagger and threw it behind me without looking behind me.

I heard a sharp gasp, and thunk. The guy just looked at me calmly. “You just took down one of our top agents. Without even looking. Yasemin, you could be one of our top agents.” I growled low in my throat, my eyes starting to glow red. “How the hell do you know my name?” He just smiled at me. I was really starting to want to kill him, and I don’t get that urge much. I smiled evilly as I attacked.But I could already tell that we were evenly matched. I swung my bo staff, cutting of his right hook, but ending up getting hit in the shoulder. I growled, knowing my eyes were glowing many colors. He cocked his head.

He suddenly held his hands up in peace. I took a step back in shock. My eyes must be going crazy, I thought, cause he seems most interested in these. “Satan, you have something in you’re system called Jellicoe. They give you heightened senses and razor sharp instincts.” I looked at him evenly. “So,it's like steroids?” I asked.

He didn’t seem perturbed at my sarcasm. “Yes. And that makes you on top of our list for recruits. You’re considered a weapon.” I just looked at him.

“And, pray tell, what do you want to recruit me for? If it's the army, i’m out.” “No, Satan, this is for a secret organization called U.A.”  I sighed. He looked at me curiously, like I was a weird science experiment. Which, in a way, wasn’t wrong. I leaned on my bo staff, a supposedly relaxed position, when really, my body was tense. “What’s your name?” I suddenly found myself asking the young man. “My name is Tranton Hunter. Or, aka, Josh Berkley.” I just cocked my head. “Your a slut.” I said. “I can’t believe you have 16 kids.” “That was a decoy, that is my alternate personality. Just like this is Rachel’s. “So, do you guys always use your real name? Or are they fake?” I asked, looking over at Rachel, who was checking her nails. She looked up and smiled apologetically at me.  

I glared at her in response. She help her hands up in surrender. “Why do you want to recruit me? I’m only nineteen and I don’t remember anything before my eighteenth birthday.  What use could a teenager possibly be to you?” “ More advanced than our top spies and very useful.” “If you need people with the Jellico in the system, why don’t you just have Mr. goody-two-shoes do it?” He looked shocked. “How did you know I have Jellicoe in my system too? I shrugged. “When we fought, we were pretty evenly matched. Oh, and your eyes, they glow with different colors when your emotions get strong.” I picked at my nails. He looked at me in surprise. “I can also tell that there are 5 agents outside the door carry tranqs in case I say no. I can I also tell there are two agents in my office looking to make sure I am telling the truth.”

“You can tell all of that just by-you didn’t even turn around!” Rachel and Josh looked at me with open mouths. I just shrugged. I walked around the room gathering my knifes and such from bodies and the floor. I caught a knife without even looking. I just threw it behind me and heard a thump as a body hit the ground. “You guys are pretty prepared aren’t you? With the snipers on the roof, and the tranqs in the hallway, you guys have a ton of insurance.Oh, and for someone who has a person with Jellicoe, you guys should know tranqs don’t work. Also, the ceiling can't hold the weight of 3 agents.” They snapped their fingers. Everyone except the snipers came down or in.

They just looked at me in shock. “How did you know all that? None of other agents had known that. Nobody had even thought of that. How did you?” I shrugged. “I can tell by your stance that you are still wary of me. Rachel checking her nails was to relaxed, and when she did that, the agents in the hallway began inching closer to the door. Oh, I also know for a fact there is an agent behind me, aimed at my temple. His name is Preston.” I took a knife out of my holster and turned around and stabbed him in the abodemen. “Anyway, as I was saying, you guys need to be more sneaky than that.” They just stared at me. “How did you know all of that?” I waved my finger back and forth in front of his face. “That would be revealing my secrets, and we don’t want that to happen.” He looked at me in annoyance.

I shrugged and fell into the love seat in my waiting room. “Look buddy, trying to inject me with serums isn’t going to work,” as I took an agent by the arm and flipped him. “And I know that was a memory serum, and I don’t want to take a memory serum. I don’t want to know what the hell happened to me. The only thing I want to remember the family I used to have.” He looked at me calmly. “We can help with that. We have a serum that will only allow you to remember your old family,” My eyes must have flashed in disbelief, because he took a step forward. “It’s right here.” I took It from him and inserted it. Then the whole world went black.

“What the hell happened?” I looked around, confused. “We brought your family here.” And suddenly I was flooded with memories filled with people. And all the people stood before me. I looked at each one of them and felt a connection the little boy with big brown eyes. “Levi? Is that you?” “Yasemin?” asked the little boy. I nodded slowly. Then he ran up and hugged me. “What about me?” asked a sixteen year old girl. “Ava?” She nodded. “I remember you! I used to argue with you all the time.” She smiled tightly. I ran up and hugged her. “Where’s mom?” I looked around and saw her crying in the corner. “Mom? Dad?” They smiled, strained,at me. I took a step back. “Why are you looking at me like that? How long was I gone?” “Honey, you’ve been gone for 5 years.” I took another step back, shaking my head. “That doesn’t explain why you’re  at me like that.” They looked at each other in nervousness.

My eyes must have been flashing blue and red, because they looked at me in terror.  “Um, no, honey, we just want you to figure out who did this to you.” I turned to the agent. “Tranton?” I said with barely contained anger. “Yes?” He said, taking a step back. “Give me that memory potion. Now!” I snapped. He handed it to me. I inserted the potion and expected the blackout, but nothing. And suddenly a sharp pain shot through my head. I fell on the ground, groaning in pain. A bunch of images shot through my head, of another young girl screaming in pain next to me, and a man bending over me, laughing. I screamed, along with the girl next to me. There was also a boy there, about my age. Then the images just stopped. I stood up shakily. I turned to Tranton and asked, “Do you know who Xavier Chang is?” He paled, falling onto the couch. “Yes, he is wanted by U.A.  for injecting innocent  kids with Jellicoe. You, for example.” “There were two other kids with me. A boy about my age and a younger girl.” He sat up straight.

“Did you catch their names?”  he asked, alert. I looked at him in exasperation. “Yes, I did. Their names were Joe and Charlotte.” I said with sarcasm. He raised his eyebrows. “No, I did not catch their names.” He sighed and shook his head.  “I need to make a call.” he said, shaking his head as he left the room.  I rolled my eyes behind his back.  I turned back to my family, who were staring at me like a weird science experiment. I stared right back at them. I picked up my knives from around the couch, and from the bodies littering the floor. My parents eyes widened as I calmly pulled the knives out of the bodies. “What?” I asked. “Yasemin?” they started. “Nope. Its’ Satan now.” “Ok,” they said shakily. “What's your job?” I looked at them. I am a private investigator and a trained assassin.” I said seriously.  My younger brother stood up. “Really? That’s so cool!”  I nodded and smiled at him. Then I got a terrible headache.  I fell on my knees, panting, onto the floor, groaning with pain. I got flashes of the boy, groaning right along with me.  I saw a bracelet tattoo on his wrist. He grabbed his head, screaming with pain. Then the image was gone. I grappled for it, but it was lost.

“Tranton!” I called. He came running back into the room,  a panicked look on his face. “What?” “I have a clue about who the boy is.” “OK, wait.” said my father behind me.  He pointed at me. “We need to talk.” “About what?” I asked calmly, meeting his eye. “Your job. You are such a disappointment.” He said, scolding me. “Dad, I was always a disappointment to you. You never cared about me, always looking for something to be wrong with me. But guess what, dad? I don’t care about your opinion anymore. And I guarantee you don’t care about mine, cause all you care about is pointing out the flaws in me. That's all you ever did with me. So, dad, I honestly don’t care.” He looked at me in shock. I must have had a dangerous gleam in my eye, because he took a step back. “Anyway, I saw a tattoo on the mystery guys wrist.  It was a braclet. And I said, Tranton, on it.”

I said, raising my eyebrows. His eye’s widened. Then he sighed. “Yeah, thats me. I can’t believe you figured it out so fast, though.”  I raised my eyebrows. “But I guess you are good at figuring things out.” I shrugged. “Yeah, I guess I am.” As I flipped an agent that was trying to sneak up on me.


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