Lonely boy

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The story is about a boy tired of living under the very roof where every night his parents argue with each other.

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



The supper was getting cold, but my parents would not stop bickering at each other. They too were tired of hearing themselves shout. I could see on their weary faces that they wanted peace from everything. This would happen every night, the shouting, and the screaming. I never got in the middle of it because I knew the consequences. Though I had no siblings I never wanted any as they would not love this life I am living in. I always thought if I were to have a sibling it would be, a boy--my little brother.

I looked at my parents and saw them ignoring me, but was it ignoring? I was always non existent to them. They either look at me as a mistake or they don’t look at me at all. So I strode off to my room. Shuting the bedroom door so loudly that I thought the wall would come falling in. I sat on my bed thinking to run away from my house. Wow! That sounded odd. Of course it was ridiculous to run away from your own house. But It was not to me—I wanted to leave. I would give anything to not stay in this house, and listen to my parents bicker every single day. If I would leave, it would be relief for my parents and maybe that would get them to stop shouting. But either way I still wanted to leave. I never left this house. I don’t have any friend. I have never been educated before though come to think of it I remember when I was little I tried to read a book but the words were very unmanageable that I never thought of reading again. I had to leave.

I packed up the necessary things that could fit my back pack then opened my bedrooms window, ready to climb off the ladder and away from this house--forever. On my way out I saw my room one last time, saw my pictures hung on the wall, the bright white paint on the wall that was the last thing I saw of my home before I climbed off the ladder and walked away. I decided that I was never going to return back to this life. I vowed never to return.

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Lonely boy

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