first day outing with my girl

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itz in my point of view

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



I felt very nervous on morning itself.because I promised to my girl for a outing the reason why am getting nervous means in my city maximum people knows me.if they saw me means for sure i ll kick out from my home.suddenly did u planned where we are going?msg from sanjana after seeing this message i really got pissed off.yes i replied in a single word.don't be a girl krish why the hell your gettinf this much fear?she replied.(oh fuck how the girls are  finding our mindsets easily i think god gave some special power to them why god?) who said? come after  finishing lab test ill show how a boy ill be i sended.

Suddenly my phone ringed because of my fear my phone jumped like a bouncing ball I tried to  to catch that it took seventh time to get a catch.  hellow' i said

hey baby i can find some fear in your voice dont be feard man I ll be with you.see you at college.bye love u ummmaaa she cuts the phone she didn't get any response from me she sounded like a anchor like giving break.

hey come' i said .i am coming she said we started a walk from college to busstop.hold my hand baby she said no we are nearby college only i said 

your waste she said but suddenly holded her hand and kissed in her hand she got shocked and started to beat me fradu fradu fradu (i dntknw y the fuck girls are using this word  at the time of beating?)

we were sitting in a bus she holded my hand and started to asking a question every thing she saw from window i gave some weird look but hy boyfriend this is your job to answer my question tell me when she acted like this i saw her rolling eyes itz made me dump whenever I am watching it.

She wore a red color chudithar which looked like red rose i got slapped why ur looking me like this?she asked. your looking gorgeous love u my wife I she became dump  i was started to laugh looking at her.

  Both of us steped down from bus hey okie bye this is the outing a bus travel from college  to bussand i fradu i dreamed lot about outing go to hell bye she said and left from busstand without looking back.I thinked lot to compromise her finally her it come 

hy baby your very very cute when you getting angry and am falling deep love with you 'i sended a message to her .still i am angry on u' sshe replied (when girls are reolying lyk this means they compramise itz true)

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