Baby I'll come around soon

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This is a small poem of how the breeze feels upon visiting a sobbing child

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



You will be among the stars one day

It ain't far from today

That ain't no hard feat

It will thaw your every defeat

People may mock

They really suck

Your difference is what counts

And that's more than enough

Don't ever loose hope

For iam here for you

To lift your aching heart

I drag myself in really soft

You don't wanna be seen crying

Don't worry I'm not judging

As every one has ups and downs

You'll rise when the morning comes

I blow soft upon your wet cheeks

As I dry the tears that flow

Iam really stunned

As to how much you have grown

You have endured more than you could

Just stay a little longer

For the long run is what matters

Don't let your heart go colder

I see your pain is now relieved

So I'll leave now

My love for you is always free

But Baby please stay put and sound

Till i come around

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