Clash in friendship

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Fantastical creation of Moon and Cloud's relationship with a girl from earth and because of her their friendship breaks....

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



'Is that she watching me with those cold eyes?'
'Oh cover me in your shawl, quick, be wise!'
The moon got afraid & called for Cloud's help urgently
'That girl on Earth is eating me super gent-ly!'
'How can I help YOU and leave her?'
'Look at that pretty face and yours too blur!'
'Eww! Am not I prettier? So rude!'
'Stay calm and find the reason dude!'
'Oh! A water drop has trickled down her cheek 
She seems so dishearted and so weak!'
The Cloud wiped her tears from the top
She jerked him back, 'oh please stop!'
He then called a meeting in sky's drawing-room
Just to console her and lighten the gloom!
The sky consoled; the moon caressed
But she seemed to-tally depressed!
The Cloud offered his foggy shawl; the moon his lap 
How sweetly the offers seemed to over-lap!
Convinced the Pretty, broke the bars
Threw down to her the stairs of stars!
Bare-feet she stepped on one; her ankles touched by many
Rested herself in moon's lap, did not bother any!
Sitting in his lap her feet dangled and swayed
She lifted her chin up and get herself laid!
The Cloud's eyes fell open like owl's
The moon grinned a tease; poor he stroke inner howls!
The girl's lashes curtained her cheeks red
Went into long long sleep on star's bed!
The moon untied her locks one after another
Trustworthy natural bond they built together!
The Cloud got angry to see the moon being so flattered
He wanted all his dreams to get broken and shattered!
Winked the moon, 'I know what the hell is goin' on in your head man!'
The Cloud got blue in anger and started to think of some plan!
What about the thunder lightening or heavy rain?
That would disappear the moon and cause him pain!
I would wrap her in my arms and take her to the sevens
No one would dare snatch her, not even the heavens!
Fight raged on between the two 
It was unexpected and out of the blue!
The moon got more blur and Cloud's head and nose bled
Total cut off was the consequence to which it led!
Such was the arrogance that overwhelmed in him 
Moon was from now no more friend of him!
The Cloud went panted and moon sighed in pain
All their love and friendship of centuries went in vain!
One sparrow tore their friendship in no time
Their gone-actions turned out to be maim!
There was darkness all over the sky
Saddest of all was that she broke their tie!
Blurred moon entered her room;
Witnessed her cry in starry gloom!
'Let me go home. I don't belong here!'
'You are mine I can't let you dear!'
'What! Are you mad or out of senses?'
'It is that bloody Cloud that tenses!'
'Don't you get worried I'll talk to Sky soon
He will have to pay for the ruin!'
Jerked the girl and shouted being bound 
No stairs of stars was seen to be found!
The whole atmosphere turned to black 
Everything seemed out of the track!
The matter was taken to Sky to be pondered over
Whole creation listened to her roar!
She was sent to the earth to the love of her life
Her LOVER plunged in hearts of Cloud and Moon a knife!
Two days later the Moon was on walk with stars at night
They went on talking about all that fight!
Some stars whispered some opened the mouths wide
It was all friends... there was nothing as such to hide!
We fought for what was not ours; not a good deed
I am ashamed to hit his face and make him bleed!
A tear glistened his cheek and something foggy wiped it
Don't cry man don't cry actually we lost our wit!
The Moon's face glowed like a bride, 'My mate is back!'
The Cloud smiled and asked him to pick his sack!
'I miss you dude, come to our previous place'
Because there can be no one to fill your space!'
And I am extremely sorry for the pain I gave
You are my man my sky-mate so brave!'
That girl is gone, she was neither yours nor mine
She was that 32 teeth's two ears' one nose's , fine?
Both of them laughed to hell 
On how they fought and how they fell!
Friendship has no end as it keeps on developing strong
There is not even a single thing to stand it wrong!
Though temptation makes people dwell in
Realization soon comes in front of the sin!
Arms open, heart craves for the love to be chersihed for a while
It is for friends though living close or across the mile!


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