Pakistanis' Blind Game Against United Diverse India

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It's an analysis on why Pakistanis hates India which forced them to shows up their Frustration..

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



Partition in 1947 not only created two nations Hindu India & Muslim Pakistan but also instigated hostility between Hindus & Muslims causing death of over 1 million innocents. It remembered the glimpse of Asoka’s Kalinga war in 20th century where the river DAYA was flooded with blood. No one had expectation of such type of human crisis during Partition. It was the biggest migration happened ever in the Indian subcontinent.

After Division two nations chose their own paths for their survival. Hindu India (the word ‘Hindu’ which Communist pseudo secular liberals hate to pronounce) constructed the wave of nationalism, secularism & flourished diversity among its people as well as strengthened unity under one umbrella that is Hindustani. India adheres the concept of Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava incarnating the equality of all religions, due to presentence of HINDUs which constitutes 80% of the population, all other communities feel safe here. So, Today’s India, the fastest growing economy leads the world in IT, Pharmaceutical, R&D sector. India is famous for its diverse rich cultural harmonious influential society. starting from FOOD to BOLLYWOOD, EID to DIWALI & now TOLLYWOOD...! RELASING of much hyped movie BAHUBALI – 2 has given a new brand look to India’s soft power as the rest of the world was known to Bollywood not enreached with south Indian film industry. So, sanctity of Santana Dharma which abides peace brought one world under one family. International media’s documentary on India’s historical monuments, festivals & religious harmony influenced world most to know this heaven on the planet earth.  29 states of 29 different cultures, over 1600 mother tongues, land of festivals & birth place of 4 major religion in the world Attracts the World for its flavours in colour, smell, unity & spirituality. From Europe to Australia & USA to Africa, entire world is acknowledged with Indian culture & traditions.The charm can be smelled from The American historian Will Durant’s quote which told “India was the motherland of our race, and Sanskrit the mother of Europe's languages: she was the mother of our philosophy; mother, through the Arabs, of much of our mathematics; mother, through the Buddha, of the ideals embodied in Christianity; mother, through the village community, of self-government and democracy. Mother India is in many ways the mother of us all".  Therefore, India wins heart of the world & world has a romance with India.

But on the other hand, Pakistan adheres the way of islamophobia mindset to dominate on others. It always tries to hurt India for revenge. Pakistan always blames India for the cause of partition, their Hindu hatred mindset & obsession of dreaming to rule Hindu India like as the Moghul & Delhi sultanas were ruling during medival age. this kind of obsession made Pakistan worst state in the world which lacks all human development programmes. Pakistan asymmetric warfare against India started after their president Ayyub khan’s famous remark to bleed India through thousand cuts trapped Pakistanis’ vision in a blind eye complex. That’s why they spend more on defence budget rather than spending on other human resource activities. So, they lag behind India in all sectors. Even the Bangladesh is far better than them. Now-a-days Pakistan is being compared with countries like Somalia, Papua guinea due to its own karma.

Generally, Pakistan is heavily dependent on India for instance, Maximum Pakistanis come to India for medical treatment as they have lack of healthcare facilities in their own country. Pakistan also imports maximum quantity of vegetables, pulses, hardware materials from India as they have null development in agricultural & Manufacturing areas. They import most of the items from India starting from Food waste, animal fodder, Organic chemicals, Plastics, Coffee, tea, spices, Cotton & etc. Products like clothes, DVDs were exported to Pakistan via Dubai route. With the inclusion of 136 new items, the total list of tradeable products with India was increased from 1,837 tariff lines to 1,938.  the total value of India's trade with Pakistan was about $ 2.61 billion in 2015-16. Pakistan’s addiction with Bollywood movies can be seen from the last developments when Pakistani cinema owners suffered heavy revenue losses due to banning of Hindi movies in their theatres,that's why it forced to lift the ban. It also frustrated Pakistan because their own film industry Lollywood is incapable of stand against Bollywood popularity.

But the main problem with Pakistanis is, they want parity with India which has been a major setback for them. Pakistanis realized they were failed to compete with India. During partition, Pakistanis wanted to get the sates of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab & Delhi including J&K to get parity with India in terms of geography which they were unable to do. India’s emerging economy & trending diverse soft power brings the whole world to taste its flavour while blaming Pakistan for feeding, sponsoring &exporting terrorism to hurt its Neighbours. Pakistan lost 4 wars to India which hurts her most. They always play victim card to take loan from USA, CHINA & UAE. Even the situation is so worst that Pakistani citizen hiding their identity in foreign countries in fear of facing discrimination & backslash.

The fact is Pakistanis are unable to understand their own faults. Their news channels & army sponsored anti-India activities has made them more vulnerable in the region. Therefore, it should be changed, otherwise that day isn’t so far when Pakistan will be spilt into 4 states.

To deal with Pakistani hatred & bloody asymmetric warfare, India needs to change its mercy mindset. India should realize that Pakistan is suffering from a phycological disorder & she needs a Treatment either in this way! or that way!

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