A Stranger

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We are like seeds,the more you water the
beautiful and healthier we'd grow.

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



A stranger (My inspiration) May 9th, 2017

As I woke up early and started my daily routine, and then dropped off my 2-year-old to kindergarten, I got all dressed up and headed towards town, walking with confidence like I owned the universe. I walked without an earphone in my ears because I wanted to hear the beautiful birds singing, and the wind blowing. Our new generation is pretty much built around technologies, which is a wonderful thing because it helps us research things that are unknown to us, but some of us are so hooked on it that we miss the most important moments in our lives. We forget to stop and love and appreciate just how beautiful mother nature truly is. I am no expert, but I think the reason why some of us spend majority of our time on our devices is because of certain personal problems that we might be ashamed to tell the people we call “ Family” because we are afraid we might be misunderstood or judged by our families or our so called perfect society, and I personally don't blame anyone because the society that we now live in is so messed up that We as human beings have to look or dress certain ways in order to be cool and accepted by people who don't pay our bills or solve our problems. When I said I walked with confidence like I owned the universe, that's because even though I am a 25 years old mother with imperfect body figure, and problems of my own, I am far from perfect, but yet still confident with the way I look, therefore I don't need people that We are so different, two galaxies apart giving their unasked opinions. Because our society as a whole has its own demons/ problems that need to be solved. As for me I can say that life is extremely hard, it's not butter and bread, and some of us weren't born with silver spoons in our mouths, but even the richest people in the world have difficulties- some are struggling with wives/husbands/ children, and the slowest and deadliest one, depression/ suicidal thoughts, this sickness that people fail to acknowledge until something terrible happens, needs to be taken extremely seriously, I know that it's sometimes treatable, but only if we show and care for one another the way that we love and cherry our beautiful eyes. I said “ eyes” because it's the most valuable thing on our body compared to other body parts. None of our friends, family members/ children, our human race should commit suicide without God- our creator calling them home to rest in paradise. I know it's difficult to stop and say hi to a total stranger or strike a conversation with your next door neighbor without having to look all silly or desperate, but I did on May 9th, 2017. I like communicating with people, but it's sometimes hard getting that side of me out without people raising their eyebrows with suspicious (Ha-ha)

MAY 9th 2017-On my way back home I met a man, he seemed much older than me, it wasn't my intention to meet him or even stop to smile at him, but something made me stop and both our eyes met, we then quickly looked away, and continue our journey, not knowing we were heading the same way, but this time around he slowly said Hey (in Norwegian) I said hi back and smiled
This man wasn't the perfect looking socially accepted type of person (not to be offensive) and by this I mean, he looked all junkie. Of course, it didn't bother me, but my mind was running with questions. The man then asked if I had few minutes to talk with him, I actually didn't, but not that I had anything extremely important to do at home apart from cleaning my apartment. He commented that he just wanted to chat with another human being, but people rarely stop because of his appearance Which I wasn't surprised to hear. He then continues to tell me how he sometimes wishes he was dead because he has made peace with himself, and accepted the fact that he no longer belonged in this world anymore.  He added: I struggled with drugs addiction for years, I lost a sense of my life and reality. I couldn't relate to his drugs addiction problems, but I could relate to him losing his sense of reality. The world isn't a cruel place like we all think it is, but mankind has made it seems like a true Hell on earth. Life is a beautiful thing, and living itself is an indescribable feeling. I mean, just imagine waking up in the morning, and looking through your windows to see the beautiful plants, houses, and cars driving by. And looking at both your hands and feet and your beautiful face and being thankful for another day alive. I know There are struggles, frustration, and temptation that makes us feel like giving up, but our problems shouldn't be the reason for us to take a life that was given to us. It should be OUR challenges to make us stronger for the next coming days/weeks/months and years. Because if we kill ourselves then our memories of the world and our smiles will all be wiped away, leaving the people we once knew in distress and unanswered questions and mind full of guilt. I'm sure we have all heard the saying: “There's light even in the darkest places” but because we let our problems take control of us instead of us continue fighting, we somehow forget to understand the true meaning of this powerful saying. Determination- Don't give up! We see women, men and children on the news in other countries fighting for their lives, fighting for food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to lay their heads at night. We should appreciate our life If we have all of these things no matter where we are or what we may be going through. And remember that in order to be a true survivor, we first need to be a fighter/warrior, and God our savior.


It opened my eyes and mind, it gave me a different aspect of life. We all have problems, but sometimes hearing someone else's helps us appreciate our life even more, not that we are better than those people, but it encourages us to be strong for ourselves and those around us. Life is like the different stages of a baby's life, during the first development stage, babies' bodies and brains learn to live in the outside world. And after months babies then start to learn to crawl, walk and talk, it goes to show that everything in life takes time and patience. GOD knows we are exhausted, but he wants us to be good to our self, and to others. So let's try to live, love and enjoy life.  It is delicious.

Written May 11th, 2017
10:20 pm


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