The generation of rags wearers

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Summer time is here with us and everybody is wearing rags. Young folks, teenagers, even old ladies are all in rags.The rags tightening their shapeless bottom. it is kind of debasing when a woman expose her body to somebody who is not her husband. The body of a woman is a diamond. It must be cherished only by the person who love and cares for you, but when you now wear a short bikini and expose your breasts and legs with your body abashed with tattoos, it show how degenerate our society has descended and as writer we have a right to educate the incoming generation not follow the footsteps of the rags wearers. This is an epic book that must be read by all.

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



Chapter One

I’m writing this book from the streets of Brooklyn, New York City. Specifically at Coney Island. The summer begins,the heat is getting everyone sweating. But the fun is getting overboard. Like everything we do in America, it is all about overdo. If you walk in the streets you have to keep your eyes safe. Because you will see things, shapeless bottoms, legs, breasts, hands, chest of ladies engraved with tattoos., you could almost see their virgina.  In the olden days our mothers are discreet, they wear clothe that covered the whole of their body. But not any more.  Nobody cares anymore, You can literally see walking the street to depth of hell.  If you see me in the street, you will be surprise to hearing me shouting and causing on  streets  for what we are seeing. I’m naïve, no apology but if what is going on here is what civilization is about I want to say to all kids don’t have anything to do with it. All the dressing you see where the ladies exposing their bodies are  pervertion and immoral debasement. Dont grow up to thhink that is how you should dress. What you see them wearing are rags, these are the generation of rags wearers.
As I’m writing now, I can see so many of the teenage girls walking naked on the street. I tried to turn my face on the other side, but what I saw was worse than what I was running away from. They are naked from head to toe with just small rags to cover their breasts which also came out from the rags.
Their shapeless bottoms are lapping over the others. Tattoos from head to toe; tattoos on forehead, back of bottom, legs, neck ,top of breast, hands, everywhere in their bodies. The images drawn of the tattoos are scorpions, horns, horrified images of death and Satan. The tattoos are licking with pores, which mean infections have entered in their bodies.
All the teenage girls have an earring fastened to their chord. Many earrings in both ears and some in their tongues, eyes brows, noses and every part of their bodies. Demons have invaded this land.

Welcome to the generation of rags wearers. It is a corrupt generation with value for decency and anything that is inspiring. The rag wearers.Lets get deeper tomorrow in chapter two.

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