the purpose of fire

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a man questions his purpose.
will he be able to return to the time before he knew?

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



Green grass glides as the winter wind sets in. Ruptured rocks jutting out of the earth litter the steppes as scars on the land’s surface. Atop the highest stone sits a man in pain, questioning the world around him, lost and confused.

“This world. I can't remember how long I've been here. What is this pain I feel burning through me?”

The sun slowly sets across the sky. The man waits in one place unable to move for his mind is going around in circles asking why? Why he can't remember why the pain he feels burns so deep.

“God. God in the sky if you hear me, I beg that you answer me! Why am I here, lost and alone with no home?”

Looking up to the stars he makes one final call begging “please God, answer me!”

A fire burned brightly in the sky, rivalling the light of the stars it outshines. From the fire came a voice, scattered, but precise, heard in absolute detail, communicated without consistent sound.

“I shall answer your prays if you do me one thing.”

“What is this thing your needing?”

“I heard your pleading, and the pleading of others. A village lies south from here, go there and bring this fire to them.”

“God I cannot without reason.”

“Treason. They defy me and their own people. They attack those they deem unworthy. They deliver death unto many, thus I shall deliver death unto them all. Should you do this, I shall answer your pleading.”

“I will go there.”

The fire burned brightly then faded. The voice gone. The man walked south, plagued with doubt. Could he take a life? Was this his purpose? To take life in the name of God?

The sun rose as he walked, following him every step of the way.

The sound of galloping horses came in like a thunder storm, loud and chaotic. Then the searing pain ran through the body of the man. He had been struck by a weapon Unknown.

He lay flat on the floor looking up to the sky, the sun greeting his gaze and burning his eyes. The horsemen came back. Standing overhead the man, spear in hand ready to take the life of a man he did not know. The horseman pulled back his spear about to strike. A loud boom in the distance saved the man’s life. The horse became startled and began to flail around uncontrollably. The spear was flung from the horseman’s hand landing behind him. The horseman held onto to the horse’s reigns clinging for support.

A cloud passed over the sun blocking out the light.

Once the light had returned, the horse was nowhere in sight. The man held the spear in his hand, whilst the horseman plead for mercy. The man remembered only moments ago, where he could not even ask the question posed. He drove the spear down into the horseman’s heart.

He continued walking south.

The sun set overhead, the doubt that once plagued the man was gone. His heart had been close too death, he had fought to survive, and lived. His pain carried on and he wanted it to stop. He prayed to God, and saw the sky lit up, that same loud boom in the distance, but now he saw the source.

The village he was meant to burn and the fireworks overhead. The fire lit the sky outshining any star’s light. This was a sign. His purpose becoming clear.

He walked south, the sun began to rise above the horizon.

Sneaking into the village the man found the fireworks. Grabbing a flame he set them alight and the village burned bright. The screams of the victims drowned out by the booming sound and the fire that raged on.

“God. I have done your work, now answer me my question. Why am I here, lost and alone, with no home?”

The fire burned brightly in the sky one last time. The precise yet scattered voice spoke again.

“Because you killed them.”


“You were a soldier yes, but not of me, of them. That was your home, and inside was your wife, inside was daughter, and you burned them alive. It was your job to protect them, and you did for a time. You died defending them from one of the many men I have resurrected. As did the horseman you killed earlier. I resurrected you to live as my will. You did a fine job, soldier of God.”

The fireworks stopped. From the burning buildings one scream could still be heard, loud and chaotic. “Pa! Father! Dad!” She screamed as she burned alive. “Save me! Save me from the fire!”

The sun set over the father.

The buildings had stopped burning.

Nothing remained but scattered piles of ash scaring the face of the land.

He looked at each of these hardened piles, jutting out from the earth.

He sat atop where he heard his daughter’s screams calling for her father. He called out to his.

“God. Why would you do such a thing? That I would be left lost alone with no home?”

He looked up to sky, to see the sun that burnt his eyes. He called out and he cried.

“Why, God why?”

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