chase excellence, not perfection

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I reveal if a perfect person exists, or to be more precise, how far can one go?

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



Do you know of that talented student who excels in many things? He seemingly does well in everything you have seen him do. He tops his cohort, achieved countless amount of sports medals, has looks out of this world and is very well-off. And then, you think, “Wow, how can someone be so Perfect?”

In the midst of our thoughts, we fail to realize something simple, one that deep in our hearts we understand but choose to stubbornly ignore.

That same person who seems perfect in your eyes spends the same amount of time each day, 24 hours, just like everybody else. Each hour he consumes to study, to excel further in his athletic ability, another person spends it crafting and refining their knowledge and skills in ways that person who is perfect to you could have never thought of.

Yes, he might even be able to play the piano well. But each hour he uses to get better at playing the piano, someone else uses that same hour to get better at playing the Violin.

This neverending cycle inevitably leads to the failure of achieving perfection. Of course, we can be the best and excel at a certain something, but one can never be the best in everything.

Thus, a perfect person simply does not exist.


“You don’t have to be able to do the same thing someone else can, for you too can do something he can’t.”

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