Terror and imprisonment

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Its just about control

Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Submitted: May 26, 2017



No blood for the river thus the river dries up
No gold for the slaver and society runs amuck
A brother asks his mother for the father of the lord
The shepherd guides the flock to the slaughter, prayers ignored.

The flashing of the thunder overheads a war call
Calling deaths courtiers payed in currency of killers
How many more souls lost in order to grow figures?
How many more poor souls indebted to the richer?

Pouring out the blood caused by capital from pitchers
Making men to blood banks for sake of bigger picture
Decreasing absolute victims by increasing number of prisoners
Increasing fear of the innocent through media coverage of killers

Who’s the victim? Who’s the victim? The lost souls or new imprisoned?  
Our protectors making prophet via each attack
Screams recorded and played back track after track
Freedom lost as we scream drained out by false facts

False news lost in a news flash
Fearing the foreigners whilst being oppressed by class
I can’t wait to be free from it yet fear the aftermath
The loss of life increased if white but more black

The loss of life increased if dressed in a hijab
The loss of life increased if you’re none of the above
The bigger loss of love as soon as we fight back
The loss of our humanity after each attack

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