a forgotten land

a forgotten land

Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Science Fiction



tiffany is a normal citizen when suddenly disease sweeps through and kills her adopted sister and she is found immune to it along with her best friend by a coincidence. the now corrupted government is chasing them. while on the run tiffany finds out she isn't just a normal citizen and finds away to make the cure effective for the disease wiping out so many lives.
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tiffany is a normal citizen when suddenly disease sweeps through and kills her adopted sister and she is found immune to it along with her best friend by a coincidence. the now corrupted government is chasing them. while on the run tiffany finds out she isn't just a normal citizen and finds away to make the cure effective for the disease wiping out so many lives.

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Submitted: May 26, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 26, 2017




Chapter 1




I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Ugh, time for the hour of exercise I get before I must head to the school district. This morning it was running. I hear banging on my bedroom door, “Tiff.” A voice calls out “come on let’s go!” unfortunately it was my brother.


 “Kay, I’m coming!” I answer back.


 “Then hurry up!” Luke yells back. I climb out of bed and walk over to my closet yank off my sleeping wear and tug on my athletic t-shirt and shorts. I walk to my shoe drawer and grab my running shoes and open the door and walk out to Luke standing right outside my bedroom, already set for the run with his shoes in his hand.


 “Ready yet?” he asks.


 “Yes, I’m ready now, just let me get some water” I reply. Sometimes Luke can be a little impatient. We walk down the stairs and stop at the second to last step to put on our shoes. I tighten the Velcro on my shoes. Then get up and grab a cup and fill it with water. As I take a drink Luke gets up from the step and grabs a drink too.


 “Let’s go” he says.


 “Are we going through the residence district or through the virtual programs on the treadmills?” I ask him.


“How about we go through the residence district so we can drag your wonderful friend Brigham out of bed to run with us.” I hear a voice say behind me. I turn around to see Allison in her running clothes as well. Allison is my adopted sister that is eight years old.


 “And I thought you slept like the dead” I tell her.


“Ha Ha, very funny.” Allison retorted.


“You know what, that doesn’t sound that bad especially considering Brigham tends to oversleep. We should go wake him up.”


Luke says with a devious smile on his face.


I smile back and say, “okay through the residence district it is” as we head out the door. As we go out I type in to the panel at the door that we are going running so it can plan the best fitness plan tomorrow. After we are out the door we step on the hoverboard that will take us to Brigham’s residence level. The pale colors of the residence buildings brighten in the sun, as we go down to level 17. I can see it before we reach it since the upper levels of city 83 are transparent. The actual living space isn’t but the giant hoverboard it’s on is. We finally get down to level 17 we start running at a nice even slow pace. When I look up I can see the higher levels in city 83. We reach our destination Brigham’s house. We stand at the door. I go up to panel on the outside of the door and scan my thumb.


“Can I come in?” I ask Brigham’s mother.


“sure” says a voice from the kitchen. So, I walk down the hallway to Brigham’s doorway.


“Come on let’s go I didn’t decide to drag your but running with us for no reason.” I yell. I hear a groan from the other side of the door.


“Okay, Okay fine, I’m coming!” he yells.


“Hurry I don’t have all day!” I yell back. I hear lots of rustling and shuffling. He finally comes out. I punch him in the arm.


“Ow! What was that for?” he yelps.


“For not waking up at your alarm. Now come on let’s go it’s already 7:15. You can eat breakfast at our residence.” I tell him. Brigham and I walk down, passed the kitchen, and went out the door. Luke and Allison are on the other side.


“What took you so long?” Luke asks me.


“Brigham took forever that’s why” I replied.


“We should take the manual way up to our residence to get more effect from our work out” Luke says.


“Are you trying to get me killed?” Brigham complains to all of us.


“Why yes, yes we are.” Allison replies sarcastically with a smirk on her face. We start running. I make sure that the sound of my feet hitting the plastic-glass substance is a steady rhythm.


“Which way to the manual way up anyway?” I ask Luke with my breath heavy.


“Right over here" he says barely even winded, as he points to the transparent stairs. Ugh, I am going to have sore muscles afterwards. Oh, well. As we reach the bottom of the stairs I turn my head to look at Brigham, Luke, and Allison. Brigham is breathing heavy so is Allison. Luke is still not winded, yet.


“Race you!” I say as I start jogging up the unforgiving stairs.


“Oh, it is on!” Brigham replies enthusiastically. I can tell he is determined to beat me.


“I’m going to beat both of you!” Luke claims.


 Allison answers. But I don’t think she has a chance. We are all running up the stairs now. The further up we go the slower my pace gets and the harder my breathing. I look around and see that it is happening to everyone else as well. Good. Because I don’t want to be the only one getting tired out. We are now 1 flight of stairs away from my residence level. I start speeding up and my muscles are protesting but I don’t care. I look to my left and see Brigham doing the same, determined to beat me. I look to my right and see Luke is increasing his speed steadily. Allison is right behind Luke keeping his pace. Brigham starts to tire so do I Luke is still going at a steady pace but slows down a little bit. Probably so Allison doesn’t complain that she is too slow, I realized. The only sound that can be heard is feet hitting the stairs. I finally reach the top of the stairs with Brigham a spilt second behind me. Allison beat Luke to the top but only because he let her. After I had caught my breath I turn to Brigham,


“Ha! I beat you!” I say with a smile on my face.


“Next time I’ll be the one first. I’ll make sure of it.” He says with a devious grin.


“Does that mean you’ll actually try to develop some muscles and stamina?” Luke asks Brigham trying to look innocent.


“Hey, at least I wasn’t last” Brigham retorts back.


“Well at least I have muscles and stamina, unlike some.” Luke says back. Oh, Luke got him good because Brigham was speechless. I knew Brigham was going to work on his stamina and muscles probably all month so by next month he’d have something to show off.


“Okay, Okay let’s go eat food.” I say to break the tension. Now we are all walking back to my unit. We pass the other living units on my level, they all look similar the only difference is that some are bigger than others to house more people. I press my thumb to the panel and walk in.


  Allison calls out.


“Breakfast is on the counter.” Miss Sarah calls back. Miss Sarah is my adopted mother.


“Miss Sarah, do you have and extra plate for Brigham?” I yell. She is walking down the hallway.


“I figured he’d be over this morning so yes.” Miss Sarah answers.


“Thank you, Miss Sarah!” Brigham says politely.


“You’re Welcome, Brigham” Miss Sarah says. Our unit layout is a little different but I like it. The kitchen is in the center of our space. Right next to our kitchen is the entertainment area. On the other side of the kitchen is our five-person office. It has 5 separate desks. Then the hallway from the entertainment area leads down to our exercising area. Then the hallway down from our office leads down to the bedrooms. We have 5 bedrooms one for Luke, me, Allison, Allison’s parents, and then we have an extra bedroom but it doesn’t have a shower. There is also another short hallway from the door to the kitchen. We walk to the kitchen and see Luke and Allison already eating. Four places are set with one bowl of oatmeal and a multi-vitamin. The vitamins at Luke and Allison’s place are missing. I sit down next to Brigham and we each pop the vitamin into our mouths and swallow. I start eating my oatmeal kind of quickly because I know that we only have 10 minutes left before we must catch the hover transportation. Everyone else is doing the same. Except for Miss Sarah but I assume she already has eaten and is getting ready for her job. Luke and Allison got up and put their dishes into the sanitizer and went to their bedrooms to take a shower. I did the same. Brigham was still eating. I walked down the hallway to my bedroom and took a quick two- minute shower and changed into school clothes. Then I brush my teeth and walk back out to find Brigham standing just outside my doorway. He is still in his athletic clothing.


“Oh sorry” I say as I realize he hasn’t had the chance to shower or change. “You can use the shower in my room and I will transport you a pair of clothes and set it down outside the bathroom door.” I continue.


“Thank you” he says politely.


“Any time” I reply. I walk down to the office and go to the transporter. I order to have clothes transported immediately. As soon as the clothes materialize completely I take them back to my bedroom. I enter the room and set them down right in front of the door to the shower room. Then I walk down to the kitchen and sit down at the counter next to Luke. Brigham comes out of the hallway with his dark brown hair nicely combed.


“I uh, borrowed your comb.” He said.


“I noticed. You look good. Any special occasion?” I say.


“Does there need to be a special occasion for me to comb my hair?” he asks me.


“Well you usually don’t but oh well.” I reply. I turn to Luke and ask, “What classes are you taking today?”


“I am taking an engineering class and an army class.” Luke replied.


“Why do you take such a variety of classes anyway?” I ask with lots of curiosity. My brother takes a huge variety of classes. Once he took a medical class I don’t know why though.


“I like to be prepared for anything that I can prepare for.” Luke answers with a serious tone.


“That’s a good idea actually” Brigham interrupts.


“You wouldn’t ask very long doing the extensive education time.” Luke tells Brigham.


“And how would you know?” Brigham retorts with displeasure displayed across his features and in his tone.


Allison walks in luckily before the tension can grow into anything worse.


“Are you coming?” Allison says to all of us.


I look at my transporter bracelet it is almost 6:50. The time that we must catch the hover transport. I look back up to Brigham and Luke.


“Okay how about we sort this out later so we can be on time for school.” I say a little rushed.


“Agreed.” Brigham says, as he walks past Luke and stands in the doorway waiting for me. I look a Luke and give him a hard stare. Luke’s eyes widen as he shrugs his shoulders.


“And yes, we are going to talk about this later.” I tell him quietly so Brigham can’t hear.


I turn around to go meet Brigham at the door. I wish Brigham and Luke would get along. I walk out the door with Brigham. I look behind me, Luke is with Allison. We walk down the mag-lev street to the hover elevator. We get on it almost completely silent. Nobody says anything as we hover down to ground level. I get annoyed by the silence.


“Alli what classes are you learning lately?” Allison is in grade 6.


“I am starting to learn basic physics and I am doing well in algebra.” Allison replies.


“Awesome. That’s good I remember struggling a little with algebra.” I say.


“You actually struggle with something? Who knew.” Brigham interjects with a sarcastic tone tinted with surprise. I never told him that I used to struggle with math.


“Used to. Now I’m an expert.” I tell Brigham.


We finally reach ground level. In city unit 83 we have 25 different levels. Each is basically a hovering neighborhood. Then there are about 30 houses on each level that sit on a very strong plastic type material that is transparent and dissolves very easily for adding another room to a house because of a new family member. I step off the elevator with Brigham. Luke does the same with Allison. We must walk over a couple platforms. Platforms are the areas where levels start. As we walk down the edge of the residence district there is little conversation between Luke and Allison. Which is good because the silence was worse. They were too far back for me to catch what they were saying. Brigham and I are silent. The hover transport station comes into my line of vision. The hover transport glows pale blue. I realize that if we are on time the hover transport isn’t even at the station yet. We are running late today.


“Hurry we’re going to be late!” I yell so Luke and Alli can hear.


 We all pick up our pace to a fast jog as we hurry to catch the transport. We make it to the station and step on to the hover transport. My muscles put up a weak protest from the run but I don’t care. We walk past a couple of rows of seats. Then Brigham takes a seat by the window and I sit down next to him. Alli takes the seat by the wall on the row across from us and Luke takes the aisle seat. The transport starts moving. The silence is filled with the quiet humming of the engine. It is approximately a three-minute ride to our education building. We are in the education district.


“What classes are you currently dealing with?” I ask Brigham.


“Today I have reading ancient texts class and Biology. And then of course the core curriculum.” Brigham responds. “What classes do you have today?” Brigham asks.


“Today I am taking Biology and the extra bio-history unit.” I say back.


 Once you reach grade seven you can take control of what classes you take the core curriculum stays the same but you can shuffle it around a bit to make room for other advanced classes. We arrive at our school building. I stand up Brigham, Luke, and Allison do the same. We get off the transport. We only have a couple minutes to get to our classes before school starts.


“Will I see you at lunch?” I turn and ask Brigham.


“You can count on it.” He responds.


Luke and Allison have a different schedule. They also go to a different section of the building and eat lunch in a different area. The school building is made up of the same transparent plastic type substance. The only difference is that instead of the floors being transparent the walls are. If you think about it, it would be weird if the class above you was staring at you. My class in the opposite direction of Brigham’s. I am walking to first class Ancient texts which I forgot to mention Brigham.
















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