multiple insanities

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Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



I am mentally insane, multiple personalities in my brain, my chains of reality, defy all rationality, I'm slipping away, ending the pain, I listen to the voices, they argue over control, who gets to be me, when I lose myself, now out of my head, im living dead, a zombie to these, fucking insanities, you dont know me, fir I know not myself, im not just one man, im several all in hell, life isn't normal, when you cant remember, who or what or when, you did something, to or with, ask myself have you ever harmed yourself, part of me says yes, part of me says know, all of me shows scars that answer the question, suicide may not be the answer, but a certain I sanity always wants it to be, others however that live inside of me, just make me cut and bleed, others still speak softly and try to get me up, while yet still others constantly cloud my mind so I know not what's right or wrong, I am mentally insane, there are multiple personalities in my brain

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