To Me, From Me

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This is a letter to me in Grade 12. It's now been improved.

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



Dear Brighton Hugg in grade 12,

Hi, me! How’s grade twelve? Did you finally learn how to study? Did you keep up with getting good grades? Well, I hope the answer to both of those is yes. As you might remember, I currently have good grades, and great friends. My life is awesome. It’s perfect. Do you still have as positive of an outcome as I do? Is life still perfect? Do you perceive it to be that way? Well, you should, because it’s probably as close as you’ll ever get to perfect. And I’m pretty close as it stands at this moment. I feel above average at so many things. Did you keep your skill set up to date? Are you still above average? Does Yesterday News still exist? I worked hard for that, so it should still exist. If it does, is it going well? If it doesn’t, when did it die? Was there a funeral? There should have been. As a matter of fact, once you’re done reading this, you should help Yesterday News in at least one way. Maybe post an article on Booksie, maybe go on the website, or maybe even… Make another issue? Speaking of Booksie, am I still obsessed with it? It I get my lucky break, and along with that, some fame? Are you, dare I ask, at 30 000 reads yet? Or at least 20 000? If you don’t, you should be ashamed of yourself. Right now, I have 8 800, You should have over double that. Writing, right now, is my career choice. I don’t care if it changed for you, but right now I’m really considering it. In fact, I was going to publish a book. If you didn’t publish that book, you need to. In fact, just publish three. Do me a favour, and get more money on selling books than Robert has on YouTube. Oh, yeah. And keep writing a hobbie. Publish more books the future, maybe as a side career. A hobbie career? I don’t know, just please don’t stop writing. Did you win any of those awards I wanted you to win? The leadership award? Please win one of those fancy trophies for me. How was graduation? I hope the grad party was awesome. Did you think about CIS at all? And please don’t get drunk at the party. Sure, you’ll be old enough to drink, and you’ll most likely be in Canada, but please limit your stupidity. Avoid drugs at all cost. I don’t really think that it’s necessary to say this, but please. Don’t do drugs. How about a sample of my writing? Here’s a random story: I didn't want to get out of bed. I was, well, too lazy. There was no point, anyway. On an evening such as this, it's hard to tell if I exist, you know? I rolled over, got up, and then walked into the living room. Or so I thought. I was imagining all of that, and was kind of disappointed. I had to get up at some point. I sat up, for real this time, and stepped on the ground. Suddenly, a hand from under the bed grabbed my ankles. I looked down. It had no skin, it was pure tendon and bones. I tried to scream as it started to violently pull me under the bed. I searched the room dizzily and desperately, trying to find something, anything that could help me. Suddenly, another hand grabbed my other leg. They pulled aggressively one last time, sending me aggressively to the ground with a thud. I reached out and grabbed the leg of the desk with all of my strength. The mysterious hands were stronger. Using my desperation and adrenaline, I pulled myself further out from under the bed, fighting for my life. I got a rush of loneliness as I realised that no one was going to help me, and no one would be there for my last moments except that thing. I lost grip of the desk leg with one hand, and could feel my own legs getting scratched and obliterated. I fumbled with one hand on my night table, knocking various souvenirs and things like that down, as I searched for my holy water. I grabbed the holy water, opened the lid, and sprayed the hands. They sizzled, then bubbled, then dissolved. The hands went back under my bed, and released me. I stood up and went to eat breakfast. The end.  I hope you enjoyed the story, have fun in university, wait until marriage, and make me famous!


Brighton Hugg


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