When Will it end

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This poem is about the reality of everyday life

Submitted: May 27, 2017

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Submitted: May 27, 2017



too much in this world has gone to waste wearing a undignified face to seek what we all fear that one day people would disappear


Their hearts turned and withered away creating visions of the plague scandal is as well as greed would leave our hearts and mind to bleed


and in the wake we seek destruction without the love we barely function instead we hate to justify actions to build our ego of satisfaction 


with shattered dreams and broken lies mainpulated thoughts as well as our minds brainwahed into thinking we may be right that we use words to cause a fight


I know too well where this might lead but deep down really you won't succeed destory the world for unfair gain use self control to conflict pain


use rejection as a tool to think your great and really cool but I have seen you underneath your mask will slip while your asleep it will not last the tears invade  you have on one to pass the blame  


words aren't weapons to contradict and up and coming conflict  benathe your eyes I see your fears indigested for many years  


bad emotions eat away you often find it comes to play a messed up life will cause more tension and guaranteed hypertension


immortalize your inner strength to define life if that makes sense intergity does not support out dated opinions that will extort the way that we all ingergate while misconceptions seal our fate  


sparking fear it's nationwide expressing things we cannot hide the dark ages are back in fashion suddnley this is our passion we expect negativity to rein but all I feel is solid shame


why do people contrive a war when you say no they just want more to seperate you from them does not fair equal you will defend an individual cast as side a troubled soul as some how died  


I often question my own life with self doubt raised has caused me strive I soon become what I did not forgotten I guess that says alot


the world as twisted and it's turned but most of us will one day learn that we the defenceless raise our arms to not cause conflict or alarm


to heal oursleves repair the damage  and finding other ways to manage to tolerate what comes my way and not feel like I am to blame but try to help those in need to be a good person and succeed


to not hold negativity in my heart where it can force your life apart and try at times to overcome the way of life that makes me numb


to heel the pain that I do seek  to not feel like I am weak I know one day my heart will mend i'm that much closer to the end and all my fears that troubled me would one day learn to set me free,

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